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Zoids Saga Fuzors (English Patch) Another chapter of the Zoids Saga, an adventure where you eventually drive mecha robots in the shape of Animals. Play Free Download Zoid Saga Fuzors Gba English Patch Games Online - Play Free Download Zoid Saga Fuzors Gba English Patch Video Game Roms - Retro Game Room.

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ROMs » Nintendo Gameboy Advance » Z » Zoids - Legacy (U)(Venom)

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Genre: Role-Playing
Rating: ESRB: E
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Zoids Saga Fuzors English Patch Download Free

Game Description & Reviews:

Pochaka rates this game: 5/5

Here are some cheats of the game:
# Description Code
1E Enable Code (Must Be On) 000075F0 000A
10092604 0007
1 Infinite G 820282E8 FFFF
2 Max G 820282E8 E0FF
820282EA 05F5
3 Have All Commands 420282DF FFFF
00000005 0002
4 Have All Items 420217F6 6363
00000004 0002
5 Have All Weapons 32028219 0063
4202821A 6363
0000002A 0002
32028273 0063
42028274 6363
00000004 0002
3202827D 0063
4202827E 6363
0000000B 0002
32028298 0063
4202829A 6363
00000013 0002
6 Have All Zoid Cores 420217FE 6363
0000000E 0002
3202181A 0063
7 Have All Zoid Data 42021858 FFFF
00000009 0002
3202186A 00FF
8 Have All Zoid Parts 42021826 6363
00000011 0002
32021825 0063
9 1-Hit Win 42035ED2 0000
00000006 0270
10 Quick Exp Gain 8203EBBC FFFF
11 Max Exp Gained 8203EBBC E0FF
8203EBBE 05F5
12 Have All Database Entries 42021798 FFFF
0000002E 0002
13 No Random Battles 320324A8 0000

Rayken rates this game: 5/5

Es de loas mejores versiones del juego que ha alido para la gba tanto en los graficos de todos los zoids, como la jugabilidad y la historia; mas las batallas extras. Es una pena que no haya l opcion de mapa para crear batallas, pvp o combate 1 vs 20 jajajaj muy bueno

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Download Zoids - Legacy (U)(Venom) (4.6M)
(Nintendo Gameboy Advance Release #1647)

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Zoids Saga Fuzors Rom English

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