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While working with Ionic and PhoneGap or let’s say anything related to Cordova, I ran into an error requiring Java JDK 1.8 which is required to run the build command. It took a bit of searching to find a concise explanation of how this is done on Mac OSx High Sierra.

The Steps

Xampp Download For Mac High Sierra Download

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First find the proper Java Development Kit which is a little confusing because the original error referred to installing JDK 1.8 which which is actually JDK8. Install the following through the standard .dmg method. I found the download here:


Next you want to see which version(s) of Java you have available, you can do this with the following command which returned the two versions listed below for me. By default I was using the 9.0.4 version.

Once we have these listed, we can use the following to install the version we want to use. Notice the use of the version listed above. Also notice that the statement uses the back tick not a single quote (found with the tilde).

Now we can run the following command to see which Java version is running on our system.

Which should return something like this:


Again, it seems pretty straight forward and it is but before some research it was still a little unclear. This will last until you reboot your computer and will revert back to the default Java version. I think this is good practice so that anything using the default version can use it and I can switch the version when I’m in code mode developing apps.

Feel free to ask questions or offer comments below!

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I try to install xdebug with php 7.2 on my mac and I just can't get it installed. I have followed several guides and nothing worked.

Things I have tried:

  • brew install php72-xdebug which no longer works according to Can't install xdebug on Mac with Homebrew
  • pecl install xdebug
  • downloading the binaries and run
    • phpize
    • ./configure
    • make

The main errors I get come in the make-step (when run manually as well as when run by pecl).

Then I looked into having a docker instance of xdebug running, but I don't have enough experience with docker.

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This is bothering me for weeks now, I can't see it anymore - please help :)

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1 Answer

I have been struggling with installing xdebug for use with XAMPP and I have seen this type of output in one of my earlier tries. I don't know if this applies, but I thought I'd add in my two cents.

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From the error outputs, it looks like you unpacked the xdebug in the downloads folder. The xdebug wizard instructions say to unpack it in the /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/ folder. This helps a little because you should be running the phpize, ./configure, etc... from the /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/xdebug-2.6.1/ folder.

One other thing I had to do to get the ./configure to work was to place the /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/bin in the path BEFORE everything else so that the correct phpize command is called. After that, the ./configure ran (I think) without any problems. I am however, stuck at the 'make' instruction from the wizard. In fact, I'm composing a question now to that issue when I came across your post. Hope this helps.

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