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I recently got a new mac running OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 so I installed WoW. The first time it installed perfectly well but then whilst trying to patch I was getting incredibly slow download speeds. A powerful website in which lets you view the Patch Notes and Versions of all the games that Blizzard Entertainment has on! Like what we do? Support us on Patreon. World of Warcraft. Blog Tracker; Forums Tracker. Retail Client. Public Test Client. Americas » Updated. Starter Edition.

Update: If you are here in search of lag issues on World of Warcraft’s latest expansion Battle for Azeroth then we have a separate lag fix guide for it that you should definitely look into. However, if you are here for Legion lag then you are at the right place.

  1. I have created a set of fixes for patch 8.0. You will have to download the updates from here. You will need to rename the directory to 'Grid' and place it inside of your 'World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns' folder. If there are any problems with downloading and installing the application, please post the issue here. Otherwise, please.
  2. It seems the next expansion is already preparing to be unleashed on beta servers as there was a brief moment around half an hour ago that the beta servers were flagged for patch!
  3. Sep 11, 2011  A Short Tutorial About How To Increase Download Speed When Downloading WOW Patches. Please Favourite, Like, And Subscribe If You Found.

I’d probably enjoy #worldofwarcraft more if Legion didn’t freeze, lag, or dc constantly. Wow, but not in a good way. Other zones=fine. 😕

— Lisha Forrester (@ElishaForrester) February 3, 2017

this happens sometimes when new things come out. WoW was HELL when legion dropped. Lag for days.

Wow 8.0 Patch Download Slow

— 🍩 (@honeyrust) November 7, 2016

Blizzard’s Response on WoW Legion Lag

It is good to know that Blizzard isn’t turning a blind eye to it and is doing their part to come up with a solution. Blizzard knows that players are facing lag problems in Legion and tweaks have become part of their updates they roll out every now and then.

However, another point to note is that Blizzard is already too plagued with threats as they have faced many DDoS attacks as of recent. Apart from that, the engine that designed World of Warcraft is quite old and adjusting it accordingly becomes difficult.

It is why many players even with their GTX 1080s and RX 480s aren’t able to fully utilize their GPUs and in turn face FPS drops and WoW Legion Lag. This was also pointed out among one of the threads regarding WoW Legion Lag fix which kind of makes sense why there are so many players facing the issue.

Blizzard in this regards also posted something on the official forum enlightening players of the possible problems that players might face during the pre-patch release. But the lengthy post still didn’t include each and every problem and is why Blizzard also mentioned that “the list does not include every issue that we know about, but a majority that we feel will impact you the most.”

WoW Legion Lag Fix

So as part of our efforts to provide gamers the liberty of playing their favorite games with an enhanced experience, we would be putting through a few steps that will help you solve WoW Legion lag problems and hopefully allow a smoother gameplay.

Step 1: Turn down your graphic settings

If your WoW legion lag is related to FPS drops then lower your graphical settings as per the aspects defined below. Yes, even though you have the best computer in the world, giving this a try is still worthy. As described above, since the game’s engine being outdated, it does not utilize computers the way it should. As a result, even having high-end PCs don’t let you play WoW legion lag free.

  • Take down Anti-Aliasing to zero or minimum
  • Reduce Draw Distance
  • Reduce Shadow Quality

Furthermore, there are also some significant tweaks that are recommended if the above ones don’t seem to help.

  • Disable all add-ons (Trust me this helps in 90% of the cases)
  • Set Render Scale to 100%
  • Turn off Vsync and Triple Buffering. If you have a good GPU and Monitor turning on Gsync will give you the same graphical results without compromising any FPS.

Step 2: Prioritize the game over other processes

Since WoW doesn’t fully utilize the capabilities of a computer, in many cases, this can be the source of the issue. The game does not consume all the cores of a PC the way it should and in return can cause WoW Legion lag. Forcing high priority to the game has solved the problem in many cases. DO NOT, however, set the game to Real-Time priority as it may crash your computer. We hope you know how to do it, but if you don’t you can find the pictorial representation below;

Step 3: Reset Game Settings

A good way to make sure your WoW Legion lag isn’t because of inappropriate game files is to scan and repair them through Blizzard’s utility. Those who have been playing the game in the past would probably know how to do it. As for those who are new to the MMORPG the points below will let you know how to do it.

  • In the app click on World of Warcraft and go to options. The options button is located right in the front and looks like this.
  • Click Scan and Repair.
  • The utility will check all game files for World of Warcraft: Legion and automatically repair them if deemed necessary.

Start the game and observe the changes. If it helped, you would be able to see a significant decrease in WoW Legion lag and at the least, you will experience an FPS increase for the game. In case no detrimental changes were observed, one should also reset the World of Warcraft UI as the game add-ons can also be the culprit behind the problem.

  • Simply locate the World of Warcraft folder in your computer
  • Look for folders named WTF, Interface and Cache
  • Rename them with WTFOld, InterfaceOld and CacheOld respectively
  • Relaunch the game and it will automatically reset your game UI to the default settings
  • You can later copy your desired addons from the Old folder

Step 4: Improving Internet Connection

While this may sound strange but bad internet connections are one of the main reasons why one might be facing WoW Legion lag. The game is very network demanding, and if your internet isn’t up to the task, chances are you will never be able to solve the problem.

While an internet connection of 2MBPS is recommended, we advise you to upgrade it to at least a 4MBPS connection. It’s because of the huge amount of game data that is required to play the game in a smooth environment. Roaming freely in the world you won’t notice anything, but in PvP and PvE scenarios you will clearly be able to see a lackluster performance.


In the case of PvE scenarios where DPS is considered the only difference between a good and bad raider, pings above 100ms will apparently put you on the back foot. It’s something that can greatly felt by Hunters whose primary damage output is by standing and throwing out your arrows.

In PvP cases, each and every second counts. Split second decisions can be the difference between a match won or lost, and you are greatly relying on coordination and timings to get the upper hand. Your teammate expects the same for you, and if you mess up your timings then most likely you are as good as dead.

Step 5: Using a lag reducer

Wow Patch 8.0 Patch Notes

We are not boasting about how awesome we are at reducing lag but truth be told, we have our success story to back up the statement. Blizzard’s FPS Overwatch in its Beta stage and even after the official release faced similar troubles. We asked players to give Kill Ping a try and it worked wonders for them.

We already support Warlords of Draenor and ever since Legion’s pre-release Kill Ping’s main focus was to support the new expansion as well. Thankfully, the homework is done and Kill Ping now fully backs World of Warcraft: Legion. Therefore, along with the tweaks described above, the best thing you can do to reduce WoW: Legion lag is to use Kill Ping.

Above, you will find a video of a user who used Kill Ping to reduce WoW: Legion lag and was satisfied, to say the least.

Wow 8.0 Patch Download Slow

Below are the results of one of another user who has been playing since Vanilla WoW. In the past, the pre-release patch was just unplayable for him but now with the help of Kill Ping, he can play it in much smoother settings.
This is why we recommend you to try Kill Ping and see the difference. Hopefully, you will be able to get rid of WoW Legion lag and witness and much enhanced online gaming experience.

Wow 8.0 Patch Download Slow Windows 7

Patch 8.0 Wow

So this tutorial isn't going to be a deep networking tutorial, or how to fix problems with your internet connection, nope. This tutorial will be aimed towards problems that can happen with the actual client itself that can cause the actual client itself to fail to download a patch or the entire game itself.
So lets look at some options we have within the settings in the client itself

So looking at the image you can see we have a few few options for when we exit or open a game through their client
First nothing to special here we see when I click X at the top of the window do this 'choose choice from drop down menu. I would recommend exit so you don't have the service always running on your PC.
The 2nd part you can see the option for When I launch a game, by default it sets it as keep the window open, I personally would choose exit completely. You will still be able to use the play button to launch the game and automatically log into your account without the need for authentication. Some people question if the game still downloads in the background if you close BNET and the answer to that question is yes.
Now just some optional things under the security tab there is an option to clear saved emails. If you are on a family computer where you are really the only person who plays the game and don't really have anyone in your household to hide anything from you don't need to clear the saved emails whenever you exit the client or game. Now keep me logged in and save email address this also will depend if you are playing wow on a system that you do not own which I think it doesn't take to much thought to rule out never leave yourself logged into a system that you do not own. If you are at home I wouldn't recommend it either, but do it at your own risk.
The 2nd tab doesn't really affect anything so lets move onto the 3rd

So this is the way I have my client configured in the Friend and chat tab
What a lot of people don't get is every little additional thing adds bandwidth like let others know when I'm typing well when you are typing the client is constantly sending a requesting saying is this user typing anything to any of his friends? I gotta keep checking and adding additional bandwidth to see if he is typing anything so his friends know he is typing.
So the next tab we see is called game install and update which is one the tabs which actually can cause your connection to lag in other apps and fail to apply updates. There are other bigger things but I don't want to spoil that right now.
So I took 2 screenshots here because it's one of the larger tabs
So lets go over the options in this first screenshot

So until about the first red arrow I don't recommend messing with anything.
But if you look under Scan for games you don't really need to scan for new games that have been installed every time you launch it. Like a good example of this being used or useful is if say you take your Program files x86 world of Warcraft directory from an old pc and just store it on a device and copy and paste it back over to the x86 folder. Now scanning for games would find that install, heck when I did that onto my new ssd it kept my old add-ons as well. But I would only recommend doing it once or once in a great while as needed.
Now games updates
You have two options
Pause updates when I launch a game
Notify me when games automatically begin updating.
Pause updates when I launch a game is a no brainier to be honest, your game still will download the core files everything but high res textures etc so basically anything that isn't really needed for you to get it up and running. But if you have it unchecked it won't play nice and it simply will try to use most of your bandwidth to download the rest of the files.
The notify thing is completely up to you, I like to know when something is updating itself in my system so yeah I leave that box checked.
Onto the 2nd screenshot of this tab.

So now lets start looking at the automatic updates.
For me personally I have a high speed internet connection and my download is about 120mbps so automatic updates don't bother me to much. But lets say you are a person with a slow DSL connection that is 1.5mbps or less and having something like and automatic update really could slow your whole network down, or even worse you have a internet provider that knocks you down to 2g speeds once you hit your cap. Well I would check the never automatically apply updates option. Now in general security updates may help patch bugs or vulnerabilities in code but since a bug in a game simply might men user X can hit you with ability x more times then intended or user x can go through this wall if standing in the correct spot. So bugs in games just make things not very fair right? not exactly a vulnerability or something that could breach security to the players of the game. But what a game like wow does since it is online it makes you update as soon as you try to launch the client if you aren't up to date on the most current patches on their going completely live date.
The apply latest updates will do just that it just won't apply future patch data which is the real bandwidth waster or out the 4 options.
The game specific settings I think is self explanatory.
Network bandwidth
With latest updates by default it will be set to 0 as you can see in the screenshot Setting maximum download rate to 0 = unlimited bandwidth while downloading current patch data. This is completely up to you for the current one. Like maybe you do something that uses a lot of your internet connections bandwidth so while you love to play wow you still would like to be able to multitask or whatever else. So this is up to you and your current ISP's limitation for speed. If your connection is lets say 30,000kbps or 60,000kbps maybe you know giving it half or a third of it for current patch data would be optimal.
Future patch data is completely up to you, In my previous section I talked about never automatically applying updates so both of these would be N/A by default if you chose that option. but applying latest updates would N/A the future patch data limit. For most people 100kbps is okay, but I really don't think future patch data is really a good thing to have running. Maybe enable, go to bed with your pc still running return to it being completed next day, swap back to your old settings.
Now that part just talked about configuring the actual client itself, but now lets talk about the number one reason why your download may be failing.
So like most people if something fails to start to download what do we do? we exit out of the client and we try again. Well by doing this you are adding more and more crap that will cause your client to pretty much crap on itself being completely confused and wait for the other processes to be completed before it can start downloading again.
So the process that causes this to happen is called ('Agent.exe *32'). So everything you exit the bnet client while it tries to download something you are basically saying here you aren't working, so here have some more crap so it takes even longer for you to recover.
So this what the process looks like,

Now depending on however many times you exited out of it that will be the amount of those processes that you will have.
Close all of the agent processes that you see and your download client should no longer be looking for something that doesn't exist to finish installing.
Other common things
Just to slow of an internet connection, give it an hour and wait and see if it gets anything
VPN or proxies Disable all of these if the download won't start
Administrative permissions on the system like the client can't open ports etc ... so the updates can pass through your firewall.
This is aimed towards the everyday user, not a super technical tutorial on fixing these issues.
If anyone wants me to create another one going into more technical detail about network issues etc with the client please PM me your suggestions.