Why Is Bf1 Patch Download Slow

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Slow PS4 Download Speeds Possibly Explained by One Tech-Savvy User. September 11, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan. If you have a good internet connection but still sometimes run into the issue of. Uplay not downloading/working. When I re-installed Steam I did not have to re-download any of my 569 games. Why Uplay wants me to re-download games already in my Uplay/Games. Why is my update download so slow? First BioWare Post. Page 1 of 3: 1: 2 3 > SimonANT. If you are be the only one to download the patch, you will get your 120mbit/s speed. But what happened if there is 100 people trying to download simultaneously?

Why Is Bf1 Patch Download Slow

Since the newest patch I've been running into a few weird issues. Firstly all the internet related aspects of the main menu seem extremely slow. The 'Connecting' part of the opening screen takes much longer than before and when you reach the landing page itself the pictures for each of the 'boxes' (ie. Welcome to battlefest) take 2 minutes or so to appear. If you change to any other tab it resets these and they have to load again.

Bf1 Download Pc

Interesting once I get into a game the network performance is fine, ping is normal. However my frame rate is proper fucked. I have a 980ti and before the patch it was locked at 60 at all times. Now it goes between 40 and 50 and it's a nightmare. No one on the BF1 reddit seems to be talking about it and reinstalling the game (that was a fun 20 hour download) didn't make any difference.

Edit: Oh and the game won't quit. Hitting quit goes to the black screen with a spinning circle and in the time it took me to type all this out and make this edit it has still not shut so I will likely be force to use the task manager.

Is this happening to anyone else? Anyone found a fix?

World Of Warcraft Patch Download

So I had to reinstall watchdogs this morning due to an issue with a update not triggering properly and I have been instantly reminded of the thing I hate the most in this new generation, installation. both machines seem to take forever to install games from discs. Its been 3 hours and I'm only up to 17% installed on watchdogs, fuck this shit... Its says I can play but we all know that its just the very beginning of the game that's playable and I wont be able to access my save till the install is complete

Does anyone know why this is? Are bluray drives super slow? I mean last gen games seemed to take about 5 to 10 minutes to install and they were about a quarter of the size (6 gig or so when compared to 17- 25 gigs) I expected an install time of maybe an hour. Why the fuck does it take so goddamned long.

Why Is Bf1 Patch Download Slow


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All this gen seems to be so far is waiting, waiting on installs waiting on patches waiting on DLC waiting on actual fucking releases...