War Thunder Patch Download Crash

Posted by Hero of Russian Federation3 years ago


Ever since last week or so when a new update or patch dropped, the War Thunder launcher tried to download it, crashed, and then will consistently refuse to do anything but print 'An Error Occurred' every time I start the launcher.

War Thunder Patch Download Crashes

Recently, when I'm playing War Thunder, the game just crashes and restarts my laptop. There is no warning, just suddenly. Skip to main content. While playing War Thunder game crashes and restarts my laptop Original title: War Thunder crashing. Hi there, I have a Dell Inspiron 7420. Updates are major content patches and changes that are applied to War Thunder regularly throughout the year. These include new Aircraft, Ground Vehicles, Maps, Game mods, Features, Graphical enhancements, Flight and Damage model upgrades, Decal and Skin additions and of course bug fixes.

War thunder patch download

I've tried:

  • Deleting the game entirely twice, and redownloading it. (Same failure)

  • Installing the launcher from the 'latest launcher' link in the launcher's settings and trying to run using that. (Same failure)

  • Fixing/verifying the files using the launcher. (Works, but won't let you launch the game anyways, says you're out of date).

  • Fixing/Verifying file integrity through steam. (Clears, but doesn't affect issue)

  • Downloading the new launcher separately, overwriting the current one and hoping that works (doesn't).

  • Googling for the issue like crazy, all of which yield a couple threads asking the exact same question, but none with a solution or even answers sometimes.

I'll post this here hoping someone knows of or can suggest a fix, but I've pretty much given up hope.

Posted byБывает3 years ago

After the last update I haven't been able to play the game, let alone launch it, without getting a 'FATAL ERROR' message asking 'Would you like to send a crash report'.

I've checked the game files on the launcher and restarted multiple times, but I haven't been able to play the game. Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone know how to fix it?

War thunder patch download crashes

Edit: Thanks for the advice guys, sorry I couldn't reply (I was away for the weekend). When I got back there was a patch that seems to have fixed my issue.

War Thunder Patch 1.81