Void Elsword Manual Patch Download

To play Void Elsword, it is required that you download and install our official client. Simply follow the downloader instructions and run the application.

How ya doin' everyone? This is my very first release of anything here so I hope it can be useful for ya'll.
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So basically this is like an Upgraded version of Shiyumi's and Manuss' voice patchers. The only difference is JPatcher comes with built in sound files downloader for all Languages and it works on all Elsword clients.
It works the same way as Shiyumi's Patcher where it creates a backup of the original updated files and patches the voices in game automatically and applies the backup automatically when you exit the game.
How To Use
1. Download JPatcher Installer.exe provided by the link at the bottom.
Void Elsword Manual Patch Download2. Run it and install in your Elsword main directory.
E.g. 'C:Program FilesKill3rComboElsword'
3. Run 'JPatcher.exe'.
4. 'Select a Language' you want.
5. Press 'Download Language'.
*Note: You only have to download the first time you use that language.*

Void Elsword Manual Patch Download Free

6. When done downloading, press 'Patch to Game' and just wait for the game to start.
Void*Note: If you play Elsword KR, press 'Patch to Game' then login at the website and launch the game.*

Void Elsword Manual Patch Download Download

When done playing, exit game and wait for it to apply the backup.

Elsword Manual Patch Download

Again, this works on any Elsword client for example if you play Elsword DE, just install it in 'C:Program FilesGameforge4DElsword_DE', and it works for those who has 'Program Files (x86)'.
If any anti-virus program detects the Installer as a virus it is because it can access the pc's control panel to add the uninstaller at the Program and Features option. But I assure you it has no virus. I added a link for a manual installer so you can install it manually without detecting any virus or if you have problems installing with the Installer.
Ready for download:
Note: Some of the voices might remain Korean and/or have no sound due to the original Elsword client not being up to date as the one you are playing, I'm sorry but I cannot do anything about it but wait for the original client to update their own files so I could share it with you guys.

It turns out that Elsword NA changed the file format of the sound files from '.wav' to '.ogg', that is why other languages does not work in NA. I am currently converting the language files from '.wav' to '.ogg' it may take some time so bear with me please.
Converting the files that will work on Elsword NA will take a while so I need anyone who reads this to vote what language you would like to be converted and uploaded next.

New (2013-08-25) :
~ Version 1.73 :
• Added Polish voice pack download.
• Added JPatcher for Windows 8.
• Added download confirmation option.

Tutorial Video:

(Updated 2013-08-25)
(Updated 2013-08-25)
(Updated 2013-08-25)
(Updated 2013-08-25)
(Updated 2013-08-25)
(Updated 2013-08-25)
Leave reply if you get any error and I'll try to help. If you can, please provide a screenshot or copy the error message and send it to me, if its in another language other than English please translate it too.
Have Fun Playing!


• Added Polish voice pack download
• Added JPatcher for Windows 8
• Added download confirmation option
• Fixed access denied bug
• Added Ara Haan voice patches
• Added Chinese voice pack download
• Added German voice pack download
• Added Korean voice pack download
• Added Japanese voice pack download
• Fixed client closing error
• Updated language files that will work on Elsword NA and Elsword UK
• .net Framework Error fixed
• Elsword KR client detection fixed
• elsword.exe auto-launch for Elsword KR disabled
• Fixed Download Error
• Added Automatic Patch at Start Up ( a.k.a. Gin-san's idea)
• Added Language Mixing Option
• Made compatible for Elsword KR
• Fixed minor bugs
• Fixed game lag bug
• JPatcher v2 Released
• JPatcher now supports self update system
• Added automatic Korean patch site updater
• Fixed notification icon bug
• Updated Korean update site
• Fixed minor bugs
• Updated Korean update site
• Added Cancel Patch Option
• Added Indonesian Elsword Voice Pack
• Updated Korean update site
• Added patching and backup process status in notification icon
• Removed pop-up message box
• Added Notification System
• Added auto hide window after patching
• Added Korean Patcher
• Removed 'Apply Backup' button
• Added Automatic Backup Applying System
• Release