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Oct 28, 2016  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition; Unofficial Patch deleted itself? User Info: Hammertoes1. Hammertoes1 1 year ago #1. So I saw that there was an update for the unofficial patch. I went to download the update, and at the end it said 'operation could not be completed'. I checked my load order and the unofficial patch wasn't there.

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Me and /u/Arthmoor have agreed to close this thread and have reconciled. I made the first step but really he was the one who really apologized first and I respect this a whole lot. I was in that situation way to often and never really apologized. So, I am sorry as well for some of the shit I wrote.

Mods, please close this here.





Before presenting my side of the story, I want to explain why I feel the need to post here in the first place:

The Skyrim VR community is IMO opinion in dept to a lot of modders that came forward supporting the game. The team of SKSE released an official version even though to my knowledge they don't even have an headset. The author of ENB has to my knowledge required an VR headset just to provide his official version. The author of Frostfall / Campfire has announced that he is working on a port of his mods. And many other authors of smaller mods have come forward and provided support in one way or another to us.

With the Nexus page of Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch being down the drama that has (and w/o me still being part of it still is) happened will ultimately get known in the wider Skyrim community, shining a very bad light onto /r/SkyrimVR. I made this post to make my reasoning known and to take full responsibility in my part of what happened. My first post after seeing /u/Arthmoor threatening people over alleged piracy could have been way more civil, but wasn't. I personally stand to everything I said to him and don't feel like I owe him an apology, but that doesn't mean I should have said it.

So instead, I want to apologize to both the Skyrim community as well as /r/SkyrimVR.

And I also want to assure everybody outside of /r/SkyrimVR that our community does indeed very much respect a modders decision to not actively support Skyrim VR. I refuse to believe that people in our community think that modders own us anything in any way or should be forced to use their free time for our enjoyment.

Also keep in mind, most of the Skyrim VR community has nothing to do with this and played no part in what happened what so ever.

So, here is what happened: .

Yesterday (German time) I saw a post in the /r/skyrimvr subreddit stating that USSEP is officially not support Skyrim VR and what implementations that could have for modding of the VR version in the future. That post also noted that the previously working version of USSEP was removed from Nexus and the newer update wouldn't be compatible with Skyrim VR.

There was also a statement by the author of USSEP, /u/Arthmoor:

'We are aware that Skyrim VR for PC has been released. Bethesda has made it clear that the VR versions of the game do not support the use of mods. As a result, this mod will not be supported for anyone attempting to use it on a VR version of the game. You do so at your own risk and any incompatibilities, breakages, or other issues are entirely out of our control. Take note that even if Bethesda later changes their mind on this, VR equipment is too expensive to justify the purchase just for the sake of making sure the mod works with it. Also, the data files on the VR version are not identical so we cannot guarantee compatibility with any of it.

Please do not ask about this subject in the comments as all such comments from this point forward will be deleted.'

I personally don't see what Bethesda supporting mods with the VR version per se has to do with this, but the authors other reasoning is perfectly sound and of course no mod author should feel pressured to support future versions of Skyrim if they don't want to.

I found another thread in which the /u/arthmoor personally interacted with the Skyrim VR community:

I honestly found his tone utterly disturbing, attacking users left and right and putting stuff into their mouth that they never said.

...we aren't going to give a rats ass about VR users trying to shoehorn in something that clearly won't work just because you guys are set in stone on ignoring the facts here. The only dickwad move was expecting someone wouldn't tell me people are being jerks behind my back like this.

This was in response to an user that mistakenly thought that the USSEP team had on purpose deleted the older version of the mod (which isn't really a common thing to do on Nexus when a new version gets released) and asking if that isn't a dick move. A bit of an overreaction IMO, but its happens. One post later he called VR users that had contacted him 'spoiled entitled brats'.

On another occasion, he straight up putting words in the mouth of people:

I joined in on the conversation, not with the goal to convince him to support Skyrim VR (he made it clear he won't and I respected that) but tried to convince him to put the old version back up for download under the old files section of the site as well as make clear why the community reacted so strongly to his stated reasoning as well as asking if its still ok for another team to work on an additional patch to make future USSEP versions compatible with Skyrim VR. While I can't agree with everything he said I found the conversation constructive and upvoted his last post.

4 hours later

I go back on reddit to see that /u/arthmoor was now threatening users because they were linking to the deleted file on Nexus (they found the link via Google Cache).

Oh great, I should have expected this. So you guys are so fucking hard up to push this that you'll resort to piracy now?

You are singlehandedly doing a severe disservice to the entire VR community by resorting to illegal activities to try and force our hand. FFS, if I knew what your Nexus account was I'd have you reported for stealing mods there.

I found this completely disgusting for two reasons. First he previously stated that he removes old versions in general to make sure users don't mistakenly install them instead of the new version, not to harm the VR community. And second, his own permission statement on Nexus stated that hosting his files on other sites would be completely ok as long as those are unaltered with the documentation included.

I previously already documented this here to show other users that we would still have access to the old version going forward:

You may upload unmodified versions of the patch to any website of your choosing so long as the documentation is retained as-is. All credits must be properly maintained.

As you can see, this was posted by me 13 hours ago and never edited.

EDIT: Google Cache version


This was what /u/Arthmoor actually wrote to the user posting the link:

Oh great, I should have expected this. So you guys are so fucking hard up to push this that you'll resort to piracy now?

You are singlehandedly doing a severe disservice to the entire VR community by resorting to illegal activities to try and force our hand. FFS, if I knew what your Nexus account was I'd have you reported for stealing mods there.

I was utterly shocked and responded in kind, calling him out for his general rudeness, threatening people and reacting anti social. I admit I wasn't exactly nice about it either:

His responds:

Going to tell you the same thing I told the other guy since I'm fed up with dealing with you assholes: FUCK OFF.

My responds:

I again tell him that his own page says we can rehost the file, he is ignoring this.

If you really want to be known as the guy who helped kill any chance of proper support for VR, be my guest. A whole lot of reasonable people are contacting me to apologize for you and your friend's behavior in all of this. No skin off my ass if you're ok with being a thief though. Go right ahead. If I ever find out what your Nexus account is and find out you've commented in any of my threads, count on being blocked forever. I do not tolerate thieves.

I haven't gotten any PM's about this and all his post were downvoted, mine upvoted. I doubt that really happened.

I respond:

He responds:

Have you read the image you're linking at all? No? I didn't think so.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Download

In any case, consider yourself lucky that you don't appear to have commented in any of my threads, but you likely knew that anyway. Don't let me see you in one or I'll certainly do it. As I said, I do not tolerate thieves or their supporters AT ALL.

And yes, the Nexus sites permission statement at that point was altered forbidden the use of his mod for Skyrim VR. Again, has my post above hopefully shows, this wasn't the case a few hours earlier and therefor at the time the older version of USSEP was available on the download page.

I rechecked the mod page, but the mod wasn't available at all on Nexus anymore. Instead only this could be found there:

Hidden file

This mod has been set to hidden by its author

The reason given by the author is: Temporarily offline while we update the mod and deal with putting out piracy fires in rogue communities.


Last I checked, /u/Arthmoor is still threatening members of our community:

You may find out otherwise if you decide to press your luck. Plus it'll pretty much seal the fate of the VR community and word will spread that you're all willing to resort to theft, blackmail, and threats to get what you want when not even the XB1 users took things that far and they're vilified among most PC mod authors.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Download Torrent

He also upgraded from saying we are pirating his IP to claiming we are blackmailing him:

Paraphrasing, but: 'Put 4.1.2 back up or we'll pirate your mod' counts as blackmail to me. This community is disgusting as fuck if this is considered acceptable behavior here.


Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch

Edit: I wanna say thanks to both people that gave me gold... I hope you understand that I won't go into any more details to not escalate things further. Still though, much appreciated :-)