Tera Online 7th June 2018 Patch Download Torrent

Hi der Patch ist nicht von mir von daher bitte keine Fragen ^^

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'Hello all!
As i'v announced before, i was looking into community help to run Korean to English translation of basic game elements.
As i realized now, work and effort amount is way too big even for community-driven translation.
So, i'v preferred this work to be done by mighty Google robots.
Beware, results are REALLY crazy and hard to read and understand. But its better than nothing.
Tera Online 7th June 2018 Patch Download TorrentAS-IS
I bear no responsibility for any loss/damage/misuse or anything else caused by this.
Modification of client files can lead to account bans, game crashed, stability issues and so on.
You've been warned!
Always check client's SrcRegVer against translation patch. Updates to game client can lead to total incompatibility between updated original and outdated patched datacenter files. Results will be a client instability or immediate crushes upon loading. Game is in the beta state, so frequent updates are inevitable.

Printable June 2018

This is a first version of translation, so only a little or all data was translated through Google Translate.
Next goal is to handle Skills and Items, but thats too much of abuse for Translate service. I hope i'll be able to handle that in near future.
I do know about, hm, 'questionable', translation quality, but i its as-is for now. No major quality improvements are expected, only extension of text covered by the patch.
Assume you have client installed in blablaTERA_HG folder.
1. Go to download link and check SrcRegVer there and in your client: blablaTERA_HGBinariesReleaseRevision.txt
If your revision number is more that in download link, think twice before downloading. Files could be incompatible.
2. Download the file and copy it ( DataCenter_Final_mod.dat) to blablaTERA_HGS1GameS1Data

July 2018

3. Start the game by TERA_Invoker or in some other correct way.
4. Login into the system in loader and wait for big 'StartGame'-type button (OF GAME's LOADER, not website!) to activate.
5. Go to blablaTERA_HGS1GameS1Data and:
- rename DataCenter_Final.dat to DataCenter_Final_original.dat
- rename DataCenter_Final_mod.dat to DataCenter_Final.dat
6. Press big button to start the game.
7. Play and have fun.
8. Upon client exit or crush go to blablaTERA_HGS1GameS1Data once again and rename files back:
- rename DataCenter_Final.dat to DataCenter_Final_mod.dat
- rename DataCenter_Final_original.dat to DataCenter_Final.dat
Why its so complicated?
Game's launcher is able to notice changes in datacenter file even in a fast check by the size difference. So you need to substitute the file after all checks are done. You can write a .bat file to make renames easier.
SrcRegVer: 152655, Trans.ver.1

June 2018 Calendar Printable

*Please make sure you check that your Ver is correct via the guide. If it isn't, then the patch will not work.*
Have fun.
*Use this at your own risk. I am currently using it and am okay with the risks. I hope you are as well, but still you should use it if you would like.

Tera Online 7th June 2018 Patch Download Torrent Free

May 2018

v.2 Is going to come out later and will translate things like skills and what not. I'm trying to get ahold of the maker to try and join their team and get a ton more translations in. I did other projects for some other games. ^^ Anyway.. Enjoy!