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SWTOR is a game that requires efficient system support, as does every MMORPG of its mass and scale. Many subscribers to the game have complained of latency and low FPS, even more so after the most recent patch. Even with a top-notch computer, you could still be facing issues such as latency and a low framerate. BioWare is currently working on these issues along with many others, so it's quite possible that none of the resolutions below will fix the problems you may be having at the moment. These are simple adjustments that may improve the playability of SWTOR, at least until BioWare addresses the issues themselves.

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Europe missed pretty much a whole day in SWTOR:) Along with the extended delay of the maintenance, the Referral system has also been turned off now. On the main topic, though, Bioware’s Tait Watson alerted us to NOT RUSH and download the patch before the servers are back online or at least until the developer team finishes investigating the. I have 600kbps download speed and on client speed jumping from 512 to 1024KB/s. This is typical: SWTOR tends to round to the nearest 1/2 MB (or 512 KB.) Download speeds can burst upwards at various times. The patch is about 3 GB big. 40 mins of downloading at about 512 MB/s is about 1.2 GB. This is a large patch. Ignore the% complete. In this tutorial I show you how to fix the slow download speed! Star Wars The Old Republic Download Speed Fix EliaZ GmoD. Unsubscribe from EliaZ GmoD?

Before reading the tips below, make sure you meet the Minimum System Requirements.

Check SWTOR's Video Settings[edit]


These can be checked by visiting the 'Settings' menu on either the character selection screen or while in-game and scrolling down toward 'Video'. Anti-Aliasing is an option that was just recently added, and can easily slow down the performance of many computers, especially those whose video cards have less than 1GB of memory. Also check to make sure the resolution you're playing at isn't an issue.

Disable Windows Aero[edit]

Windows Aero eats up a large chunk of your computer's performance. Note that this is only an option if you are running either the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system. To shut this feature off, simply right-click your desktop background, click the option on the very bottom that says 'Personalize' and switch to one of the many 'Basic and High Contrast Themes'. This will slightly improve your performance in-game.

Shutdown Background Programs[edit]

Running programs in the background could easily be the issue causing SWTOR to run so slowly. Even simple programs like Internet Explorer and Firefox could be causing the problem. Simply exit these problems, then attempt to run SWTOR again.

Defrag Files[edit]

Windows files should be in a compact form. You can use the defraging tool that comes built into PCs by clicking 'Start' going down to the 'Accessories' file, clicking 'System Tools', and then 'Disk Defragmenter'. You can also choose to use a free registry defrag tool such as Defraggler. This can provide slight improvements to your framerate depending on how frequently it's done.

Apply Extreme Gaming Profile Feature[edit]

There are certain system utilities that are known for increasing game performance. One such tool is RegInOut which provides an extreme gaming profile feature. This features tames down the unwanted services running at the computer background at the time when you are playing the game.

Check Port Requirement[edit]

The port numbers that are required are 8995, 12000-12999 and 20000-30000 (TCP).

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Swtor Patch Download

I am a returning SWTOR player, and I attempted to reinstall SWTOR using the streaming launcher. The launcher was horrendously slow, therefore I searched around a bit on the web and found out how to use the non-streaming launcher, and I got to it. But still, it's downloading at a mere 2mb/s, and it's been four and a half hours, not even 50% through, and it's been on 'Main Assets 254', for two hours now. I am very frustrated, but I do not want to quit on this game. My storage is at 860GB out of 960GB, so there's no problem there, but is it my Internet? Perhaps the game has too many files, and this is normal? Someone please help.

Swtor Patch Not Downloading