Stockfish Chess Download For Mac Free

Stockfish is a chess analysis utility developed for professional players. With its help, you can practice your chess playing skills and test new gameplay strategies for your upcoming competitions or tournaments.

Stockfish Chess Download For Mac Free Download

From Tord Romstad:Download
Strong free chess program.Features:* Free, but much stronger than most commercial iPhone chess apps!* Plays aggressive and dynamic chess, and is not afraid of sacrificing material for initiative or attacking chances.* Adjustable playing strength.* Choose between several styles of play: 'Passive', 'Solid', 'Active', 'Aggressive' or 'Suicidal'.* Big, deep and varied opening book. Choose between three levels of book variety.* Displays book moves and engine analysis, including search depth, evaluations and main lines.* Allows you to easily set up board positions.* Able to think during the opponent's time, for maximum playing strength (disabled by default, in order to save battery life).* Supports saving and loading games to PGN files, sending games by e-mail, and transferring PGN files between your device and your computer. * Play against the machine, or play both sides, with or without book moves and engine analysis displayed on the screen.* Choose from nine piece sets and eight color schemes.* Complete source code available under the GNU General Public License.

Stockfish Chess

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