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I've been trying to figure this out for a while and I finally found exactly how to do this (Thanks to sleepy for the FLIPS application). There's no tutorials around that explain this in written steps, so here's a basic one, that will tell you exactly what you need, where to get it, and most importantly, how to do it.

Game Super Mario World - 1990 (YouTube Gaming)Category Gaming; Suggested by UMG Avicii - Broken Arrows; Song Madonna vs. Avicii – Girl Gone Wild (AVICII's UMF Mix).

Firstly, you need these 3 things:
- An Emulator (I recommend ZSNES, but it is up to you.)
- A Clean SMW ROM
- The Hack you want to patch (Example: Squishy Rex World)
Now, ROMs are illegal, so I can't hand anyone a copy, however, I can direct you to one in a sense. Type into Google 'Super Mario World smc file' and that will bring up the result you'll want. The site I got mine from was Google Code. It should be the top result if you search exactly what I told you.
1. Download the ROM. ^
Smw2. Download the Hack you want and a SNES Emulator if you haven't already.
3. Open the Hack's folder once downloaded and copy the ROM you downloaded into it.
It should have the hack as an LIPS file or an FLIPS file, either are fine as I have found.

Smw Rom Download

4. Rename the Hack (IPS file) to the exact name as the ROM which if downloaded from ^ it will be called 'Super Mario World.smc'. The ROM is now patched.

Smb3 Mario Adventure

5. Now you have the ROM and the Hack IPS under the exact same name. (like adding custom graphics to SMBX basically) Open your emulator and run the patched ROM, it should now load the Hack.
* LIPS = Lunar IPS
Super mario iron on patch* FLIPs = Floating Lunar IPS
Both do the same job, however if the above method does not work, download the 'FLIPS' patch program from SMWC to manually patch the ROM.
With that said, happy gaming!