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Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Last updated 16 July 2018 6:44AM. Added JK's Skyrim compatibility patch. Replaced BUG #1 second quest file fix with quest files reset dialogue option. Version 3.0c. The intention of this patch is only to fix bugs in the mod, not to add new content. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Enchantment value bug fix?' The Amazing World of Bikini Armour V.1.7. T.A.W.o.B.A UUNP Bodyslide Tiny Fix 4 - Fixed: Falmer Heavy Boots. Real great thing the nexus has got going there, with mods bending over backwards and all but banning a content creator to appease thin-skinned leeches. This section contains bugs related to Ebony Blade (Skyrim). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following: Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following: Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.

Remember back in March when we informed you about an unofficial patch for Skyrim? Well, it seems that the team responsible for it had released its beta form back then. The patch saw two additional beta releases (1.02 and 1.03) and a couple of days ago, the team decided to release its RC version. In case you are unaware of, this is a patch made by dedicated community members and modders to fix Skyrim into what it should’ve been in the first place. It already fixes THOUSANDS of bugs (an understatement) and if you install this, most of the major quest bugs and gameplay problems of Skyrim will be gone. In other words, this is an essential mod for all Skyrim players.
Below you’ll find a small part of the changelog for this patch. Those interested can read the complete changelog here, and you can download this patch from here.
Skyrim Unofficial Patch Changelog:

Skyrim Bug Fix Patch


Skyrim Banning Bug Fix Patch Download Free

-NPCs will no longer drop weapons or shields as separate objects, as these are never cleaned up which greatly adds to save bloating and litters the gameworld (the items will still appear to be dropped, but will access the corpse’s inventory to be taken and be cleaned up with the corpse if left)
-Ash Piles, Ghostly Remains, Ice Piles and Wisp Cores will no longer permanently remain and bloat the save file (they will either disappear on exit of the cell or when the cell resets)
-The torches on sconce activators will no longer duplicate-in-place (also adding slightly to bloat) when their cells respawn; the duplicate(s) would remain when the player picked up the newest torch (note that this fix is not retroactive for existing duplicate torches; simply open the console, click any duplicate torch and enter delete to get rid of it and no new ones will appear)
-The Absorb Spells effect of the Atronach sign, Atronach perk (Alteration tree) and Breton Dragonskin ability will no longer cause the player’s own conjuration spells to fail
-Casting a Flame, Frost or Shock Cloak spell will no longer cause most conjured allies to disappear for no apparent reason
-Flame, Frost and Shock Cloaks and Runes will now be properly augmented by their relevant Augmented perks in the Destruction tree
-Being too overencumbered to run or fast-travel (except mounted) will no longer stop carriages from working
-The Purity (Alchemy) perk now has the correct pre-requisite of Snakeblood, instead of Experimenter
-The Matching Set perks (both Light and Heavy variants) will now apply properly to Ebony, Imperial Light, Guild Master’s and Linwe’s armors which had been overlooked
-The Ancient Knowledge perk’s 25% bonus when wearing full-Dwemer armor and 15% faster skill increase in Smithing will now work as indicated, rather than increasing all armor rating by 25% and adding 15 to the Smithing skill
-Argonian players (who have permanent Water Breathing) will no longer gasp for air when surfacing
-Fixed the missing Well Rested message and duplicated Well Rested and Rested bonuses appearing when the player slept in their home
-The player will now receive the Well Rested bonus from sleeping in the Winterhold College Arch Mage’s quarters if they are the Arch Mage
-The Windhelm Barracks now has the correct music type (castle rather than dungeon) and followers won’t react as though in a dungeon or cave
-Fixed the lever (7CFE7) in BlackreachArena (3,0) so that it will turn off the Dwemer spinning blade trap on the arena platform, as well as turning it on again (was also slightly seethrough-underside but this wasn’t noticeable)
Quest Fixes
-Riftweald Manor, Mercer Frey’s house in Riften, will no longer be accessible before the Thieves Guild quest The Pursuit without console commands, as accessing it earlier and picking up his plans would cause the Hard Answers quest to not start and break the questline (removed a barrel 3FFE6 from RiftenWorld RiftenCityEast 43,-24 that allowed early access)
-The Thieves Guild quest “The Litany of Larceny” will no longer terminate immediately when the last item is obtained, rather then when it’s returned to Delvin Mallory, which left the quest unfinishable
-The Thieves Guild ongoing job quest “The Numbers Job” will now correctly target the ledger in Haelga’s Bunkhouse (Riften) rather than a static crate that left the job unfinishable (won’t fix it if occurring currently; just cancel the job with Delvin and it won’t reoccur)
-If the player quits or fails a job in the Thieves Guild ongoing job quest “The Fishing Job” this will no longer remove the target item type from the player even if it wasn’t acquired from the mark yet
-If the player quits or fails a job in the Thieves Guild ongoing job quest “The Burglary Job” without having acquired the target item, it will be removed from the target location, as otherwise it couldn’t be picked up and future Burglary Job items at that location would overlap it
-If the player finds all 24 Unusual Gems before talking to Vex in the quest “No Stone Unturned” this will no longer make the quest unfinishable
-Vekel The Man’s (Riften Thieves Guild) quest to retrieve Arondil’s Journals will now pay the player the intended reward, will properly remove the items at quest end, and if the player finds the journals prior to getting the quest Vekel will have appopriate dialog rather than dialog that only makes sense if he gave the quest first
-Fixed Karliah going to Snow Veil Sanctum instead of returning to live at Nightingale Hall (which then didn’t get restored; her dialog would also indicate she was in Nightingale Hall when she wasn’t) at the conclusion of the Thieves Guild main questline (Darkness Returns)
-After the Thieves Guild initiation quest “A Chance Arrangment”, Brand-Shei will no longer remain permanently in the Riften jail; he was intended to be released in just over two minutes of real time, but a bug prevented this
-Imperial Legates and Stormcloak Commanders in camps throughout Skyrim will no longer remain unnecessarily essential after the Civil War questline is completed
-Farkas will no longer lose his Skyforge Steel Greatsword during the Companions quest Proving Honor and then be reassigned an incorrect Iron Greatsword he’s stuck with thereafter
-If the player finds Leifnarr’s corpse in Broken Helm Hollow before receiving the objective to do so from his wife Grosta, the objective to report his death to her will now have a quest target, and the dialog option will be available so that the quest can be completed
-Find Red Eagle’s Sword will no longer restart if it’s already completed by re-reading the book “The Legend of Red Eagle”
-At the conclusion of Tending the Flames (Solitude Bards College), Viarmo will no longer tap the effigy of King Olaf with a mysterious hammer that appears from nowhere and then be stuck holding a torch permanently afterwards (note that due to bugged idle handling he still may have his hand in the holding position after the festival though), and the effigy’s fire will now have its missing sound effect and flicker
-In Tending the Flames, when Viarmo presents the rewritten Olaf verse to Jarl Elisif, he will now read the correct line if the player chose “Olaf sacked it in dragon form (Persuade)” for verse 4
-Fixed Pantea Ateia’s Tending the Flames festival greeting confusingly linking into her own quest’s dialog
-After the Bards College Rjorn’s Drum quest is complete, Giraud Gemane will no longer have the “I found Rjorn’s Drum” option (he would repeat the same dialog again, although not provide the reward again; this bug was introduced with the 1.4 patch)
-If the three Bards College instruments are found before their related quests (Finn’s Lute, Pantea’s Flute and Rjorn’s Drum) the misc. quest objectives to find them will no longer remain permanently incomplete after the quest ends
-If the player finds the Fine-Cut Void Salts and returns them to Captain Wayfinder before being given the quest to do so, his quest-initiating dialog will no longer take the Void Salts quest item away and put it back where it was originally found
-The player will no longer be able to return further (non-quest-item) Void Salts to Captain Wayfinder after the quest is complete and receive the reward each time
-Esbern’s misc. quest objective “Bring a Dragon Scale and a Dragon Bone to Esbern” will now complete properly when this is done
-The Dawnstar bounty misc. quest objectives “Collect Bounty from Skald” and “Collect Bounty from Brina Merilis” will now complete properly when the reward is collected from the Jarl
-The misc. quest to return Roggvir’s Amulet of Talos to Greta (Solitude) and convince her to return to the Temple will now remove the Amulet and complete properly
-The misc. quest objective “Visit Proudspire Manor, your new home” will properly clear if the player first enters from a door other than the front door
-Alessandra will now properly give the reward for the quest to bring her dagger to her father Andurs in Whiterun
-The misc. quest (Favor110) to bring a copy of The Mirror to Captain Aldis, and the misc. quest (SolitudeFreeform01) from Angeline Morrard to ask Captain Aldis about her daughter will both now terminate properly if he’s removed from the gameworld by the Stormcloaks capturing Solitude
-The misc. quest (FreeFormMorthalB) to deliver Gorm’s letter to to Captain Aldis will now terminate properly if he’s removed from the gameworld by the Stormcloaks capturing Solitude, and will display its quest objective and target
-An unfinishable misc. quest “Investigate the Bards College” objective will no longer be added if the player talks to one of several bards throughout Skyrim and has already visited the College and started the Tending the Flames quest
-An unfinishable misc. quest “Speak to Verulus about the Hall of the Dead” objective will no longer be added if the player talks to Kleppr or Frabbi and has already started the quest by talking to Brother Verulus
-An unfinishable misc. quest “Speak to Degaine” objective will no longer be added if the player talks to Kleppr and has already started the quest to steal the statue of Dibella by talking to Degaine
-The unfinishable misc. quest “Speak to Degaine” objective will be also now be removed if the player starts the Heart of Dibella by talking to Hamal directly
-An unfinishable misc. quest “Visit the Shrine of Azura” objective will no longer be added if the player talks to innkeepers or wandering pilgrim Faldrus and has already started the quest The Black Star by visiting the shrine
-The mini-quest that can occur when the player assaults an NPC will now work properly: removed a leftover debug message, fixed quest objectives displaying script code and the quest letter will now properly advance the quest when read
-Tolfdir’s (Winterhold College) mini-quest to find his Alembic will now have journal objectives
-J’zargo’s Experiment (Winterhold College) will no longer break if more than three undead are destroyed with J’zargo’s Flame Cloak Scrolls (the quest objective was to test them on three, but it’s easy to go over this)
-In “Revealing the Unseen” (Winterhold College) the Mzulft map marker will now be added as was intended but misconfigured
-Urag gro-Shub’s (Winterhold College) book finding quests will no longer break if the player has already found the book before starting the quest
-After the Restoration Ritual Spell quest, Colette Marence will offer the spell Guardian Circle for sale as she was supposed to
-After the quest “The Blessings of Nature” if the player chooses the sapling option, the dead Gildergreen tree (Whiterun) will be properly removed
-The Attunement Sphere (3532C) and Runed Lexicon (3A3DD) will no longer remain as undroppable quest items when the Discerning the Transmundane quest is completed
-The Strange Amulet (D2328) will no longer remain as an undroppable quest item when the Blood on the Ice quest is completed
-Haelga’s Statue of Dibella (21EA3) will no longer be an undroppable quest item if the player steals it after clearing her debt by other means in the Thieves Guild quest “Taking Care of Business”
-Gallus’s Encoded Journal (CEDA6) will now be removed properly from the player when Enthir takes it at the conclusion of the Thieves Guild quest “Hard Answers,” and no longer remain in inventory as an undroppable quest item
-The spiders in Redbelly Mine will no longer respawn there after the quest to get rid of them has been completed (otherwise they would be found roaming around while the miners were working whereas the quest indicated the mine was closed as soon as they were seen, and the player could kill them and finish the quest again; the mine will also be cleaned of spider detritus which may have been intended as it was already linked to an enable parent that was then never referenced)
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Skyrim VR is released and the developers state that they will not support mods for it. The user base uses the mods anyway. The developer of the biggest mod for the game, Arthmoor comes out as having no intention of supporting the VR version. The mod initially 'kinda' works but the latest update addresses an issue in the old version of Skyrim that breaks functionality in the VR version. The userbase becomes hostile. The developer becomes hostile. Popcorn abounds.

Arthmoor [takes it personally] (

Someone opens a new post to provide an upload location for an older working version. Arthmoor says uploading old mod versions is piracy

The hostilities continue

Best summary of the situation 'I feel like two different circles of my close friends have met and it's not going well.'

Lots of juicy slapfighting to be had.

Update: Arthmoor deletes fucking everything. One of the biggest mods on nexus (Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch), gone.

Update2: Looks like USSEP is back up again, for now.