Sims 4 February 2016 Patch Download

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8-MAY-2015: Potential fix for a reported bug. Also removed an unneeded ITUN from the package.
20-SEP-2014: Italian translation added (by Sim mania, thanks)
26-JUL-2014: Made a proper interaction for sims to eat inside during bad weather instead of using the original eat in interaction which sometimes causes pop ups to appear when inactive sims performed it.Sims 4 patch download
11-JUL-2014: Menu should no longer pop up when active sims autonomously eat out on their own free will.

Zee Tv Meri Saasu Maa 4 February 2016

17-JUN-2014: Fix for no interactions appearing on diners and bistros in Japanese versions of the game with this mod installed. (Thanks to juna for the report)
14-JUN-2014: Realized that sims would no longer autonomously dine outside with the version before this so had to reverse some of the changes I made then. (Sorry to those who downloaded that version) Also made it much more likely for inactive sims to autonomously dine outside instead of inside rabbitholes now.
13-JUN-2014: To those who downloaded this version please download the very latest version available insteadPossible fix for no interactions showing up on restaurant rabbitholes reported by some players. For those also using the Eiffel Tower mod you'll need the latest version of that mod for the Eat Outside interactions to appear on the Eiffel Tower now.:
13-MAY-2014: Changed the ITUNs so sims are no longer blocked from eating outside when there is snow on the ground. Added Chinese/Taiwanese translations (by westmirror, thanks )