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Game mods really are an amazing thing. They allow creative people to alter a number of aspects of a game - from the graphics to the gameplay - and come up with something totally different, and often better, than the original product. This can lead to the development of entirely new titles that become more popular than the base games they spawned from, like the way Defense of the Ancients did with Warcraft III. Mods can also keep a game looking fresh for years after its release date by adding new graphical updates; Skyrim, for example, has had its visuals updated frequently by modders since its 2011 release. Modding is a truly wonderful thing.

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And, of course, it’s often used to take video game characters' clothes off.

Yes, it may be seen as a bit seedy, but a lot of mods do revolve around getting people in games (usually females, let's be honest) naked. Whatever your thoughts on this matter, you have to applaud these modders' technical skills, imagination, and ability draw a massive pair of boobs.

Seed Of The Dead Uncensored Patch Download

So, whether you’re here for research purposes, to laugh at others, to download these mods, or to show utter disdain at the fact that this kind of thing goes on, here are the 10 best NSFW nude mods ever made.

10. Catwoman nude mod for Batman: Arkham City

If you’re the kind of person who looks at Catwoman’s sexy catsuit in Batman: Arkham City and thinks: “Niiiiice. But is there any chance we can remove the chest, ass and crotch parts?” Then this very, very graphic mod will be right up your alley.

If you look closely, you can see it’s a just a simple texture change, but it certainly makes for a pretty 'detailed' effect. Install this mod and the opportunity to make countless p***y jokes and will be yours - as well as being able to see Catwoman’s bits, of course. You pervert.

You can download the nude Catwoman mod at Nudepatch.

Seed Of The Dead Video

9. Dead or Alive 5 nude mod

The thing about Dead or Alive 5 is that the female characters in it are flashing a fair bit of flesh as it is. But that’s just not enough for some people, especially those who want to see these ladies fighting au natural.

Seed Of The Dead Download

Luckily for those gamers who want to see more of Momiji, Ayane, Marie Rose, and Kasumi, a series of nude mods are available that will make concentrating on fighting all the more difficult.

Surely these outfits are massively impractical for hand-to-hand combat?

Find the various nude character mods at this Game Vixen Zone.

8. Fallout 3 nude Hi-Rez patch

Few things get the blood pumping to the nether regions like the thought of mutated creatures, death by radiation poisoning and a bleak, post-apocalyptic society - which obviously makes Fallout 3 a damn sexy game. But if that’s not enough for you, then there’s a whole slew of mods out there that gives Bethesda’s RPG a more... porny feel.

Out of all these mods, it’s this ‘nude patch Hi-Rez’ one that’s considered the best - and by best I mean dirtiest. Basically stripping every female character in the game of their clothing, the mod can be made all the more sinister by utilizing V.A.T.S to have a long, lurky look at them. How do they manage to find so many razors in the wasteland?

Want more nudity in Fallout 3? Then download the mod from Nudemod.

7. Half-Life 2 Naked Alyx Vance mod

With Alyx Vance, Valve showed how to make a strong, smart female character without putting her in a bikini and a pair of glasses. She was the cool girl-next-door who you wanted as a girlfriend, the kind of lady you could bring home to meet your mother – then the Internet came along and decided she would be better off without clothes.

If you’d like to see Alyx strutting around wearing nothing but her birthday suit, then download the mod below. I’ll have you know I only did it for research purposes, you dirty, dirty people.


See Alyx sans clothing by downloading the mod from File Planet.

6. Skyrim Better Males mod

Seeing as every other mod on this list is based on women losing their clothes, here’s something where the gender being stripped bare is male.

Taken from the insanely popular Sex and Violence: The top 10 Best NSFW Skyrim mods list, the ‘Better males mod’ lets the testosterone-fuelled beefcakes of Skyrim walk around like they can’t even feel the biting cold. You even get the option have your men smooth skinned or seventies-style hairy monsters, now that’s some attention to detail.

See the naked men of Skyrim strut their stuff by downloading the mod from the Nexus Mods website.

5. The Sims naked mods

The problem with ‘life-simulator’ The Sims is that it doesn’t represent every aspect of real life - like walking around naked or dressing up as if you’re on the set of a Ron Jeremy movie. Now, thanks to the magic of modding, you can add some harsh, jiggly reality to your Sim’s existence.

There are numerous mods available for the Sims 2, 3, and 4. They range from dressing your tiny avatars up like they’ve just escaped from a S&M dungeon, to having them walk around completely butt-naked. If, like me, you want to justify your filthy actions by telling yourself it adds realism, then only download the mod that removes the shower mosaic grid.

You can download this and a whole host of other naughty Sims mods from the Sims2xsims website.

Or download a nude mod directly from File Planet here.

4. Mass Effect mods

The Mass Effect series is not only the greatest game trilogy of all time, but it shows that intergalactic sexual relations with aliens can be a very beautiful thing - something I’ve argued for years. Unfortunately, many believe the one area where the game is lacking is when it comes to showing off some alien (and human) boobage. Time for the modders to step up and make things right.

There are a selection of nude mods on offer here, including a particularly impressive naked female Shepherd one - holding humanity’s fate in her hands while running round like she’s at a nudist colony makes for an interesting juxtaposition. There are also several other mods which ‘improve’ the romantic cutscenes and give the female characters a variety of outfits that wouldn’t be suitable for wearing to church.

Get yourself a selection of naked Mass Effect characters from Girl Plays Game.

3. Adult Borderlands 2 texture mod

Most people know that if you type ‘video game sexy images’ into a search engine, half the results you’ll get back will be of Borderlands’ Mad Moxxi in various stages of undress, usually manipulating a variety of...things.

This mod shows more imagination than merely revealing more of Moxxi’s already fairly exposed chest; instead, it replaces a number of the textures around Pandora with content of a more ‘adult’ nature. This includes plastering vending machines, signs, posters and walls with things such as sex cards, adverts for adult toys, naughty graffiti and, naturally, pictures of Moxxi’s fully exposed boobs.

Make Pandora that little more dirtier by downloading the mod from this Nudemod page.

2. Saints Row 4 naked mod

Considering that Saints Row 4 featured the mighty Dildo Bat (aka the Penetrator), it’s a bit surprising that there wasn’t a nudity option already included in the base game. For those who prefer to carry out their open-world shenanigans in the guise of a totally naked, large-large breasted woman, then check out the mod below.

There’s also a link to the YouTube video showing the mod in action. If you watch it (not at work, remember), you’ll notice that it’s actually very well done. Rather than have her body resembling various textures that have obviously been overlaid onto clothes, the lady in question does really look like a naked character designed by the game-makers. I watched the video several times and paused it often, just to make sure.

Get the Saints Row 4 nudity mod from this Deposit Files link.

Or just watch the YouTube video of the mod here

1. HDoom mod

You know what I always thought would make Doom better? Turning it into a hentai-like sex game that featured tons of naked female demonic creatures, a dildo-equipped chainsaw and a load of human-on-demon interspecies humping. If only someone would make a mod that could do that...

What? Someone actually did? Awesome! Yes, HDoom really does bring those dodgy anime sexy-demon fantasies to life. The mod’s actually a very impressive piece of work, technically, as it overhauls the whole game. There's plenty of new (usually sex-based) weaponry and a whole host of big-breasted monsters to kill and/or make love to. Be warned – this is pretty graphic, even with the low-res visuals.

HDoom gets the number one spot because it's so imaginative, the creator has obviously put loads of work into it, and it's very, very filthy.

Download HDoom from creator hdoomguy's official blog.

Or see some of HDoom in action on this YouTube video (NSFW, obviously).

Have you used any of the mods on our list? Which mods would you add? Let us know in the comments!

Published Oct. 2nd 2015