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Developer website: Brian Olsen and Nigel Graham

MetaZ is an MP4 metadata editor for OS X.

It started its life when another great metadata editor, MetaX, stopped getting updated. Some of the web services it used changed in ways that broke functionality and it had some really annoying (to us at least) little missing things like no proper window resizing. This lead to us starting MetaZ as a reimplementation of MetaX with a few ideas of our own sprinkled in there.

What's New in MetaZ

  • Based on Java, this tool runs in an easy-to-use graphical interface with lost customization options while scanning. Supported platforms and download: Maltego security tool is available for Windows.
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Version 1.0.beta-49:
  • Fix tokens in .travis-ci.yml
  • Write to log when fetching TheTVDB series fails
  • Add all scripts to Xcode
  • Make new encryption key
  • Merge branch ‘better-load-errors’ into develop
  • Show the actual read error from AtomicParsley
  • Updated xib file version
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Injection molding is extremely important for manufacturing industry and like most other processes it can also be automated using injection molding software effectively. Many of such software is available in the market. However, a designer or entrepreneur would like to have the best software. Learning about the top injection molding simulation software can be very useful for these people. Software that provides maximum benefits, as well as productivity, should be the target. Such software can also reduce the manufacturing cost. Have a look at these 6+ best injection molding software which would help you to select the right one.



Liquid Injection Molding

Liquid Molding Software has a Windows version that is restricted to 2500 nodes mesh. It contains principles of composite manufacturing as a guide. This can also be used as the injection molding simulation software. You can test the demo version and if satisfied go for the complete version. There are many additional tools also that can be used with LIMS for better performance.


ProMax comes with a suite of free injection molding engineering as well as management apps from the provider. This application helps to define the mold configuration, cycle time and part cost calculation, and review tool designs among other. They render the product into injection molding simulation software with varied functionalities. For guidance, the manufacturer offers injection molding case studies in the software application suite.


MoldFlow is a plastic injection molding simulation software. It is extensively used by engineers, analysts, as well as designers in manufacturing processes. Important task accomplished by the software is providing solutions for critical design questions and thereby reduce the overhead expenses. It also helps evaluation of multiple options in mold designing before settling the one that best suits your purpose.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding enables the designers and entrepreneurs to communicate online with others in the forum to get innovative and qualitative resources for the process of molding. Using the software it becomes easier designing mold for any type and size of machine parts conveniently. The provider also offers all types of tools for processing molds.

Other Platforms

While initially most of the injection molding software were designed for a particular operating system like LIMS for Linux or ProMax for Mac, these days most of these software are coming up with versions compatibility with different operating systems. Still, there are some functions with a specific operating system but the use of smartphones and tablets are inspiring producers of the injection molding simulation software to make them compatible with Android, iOs, and Windows Phone among others.

Injection Molding for Mac

Injection Molding for Mac is a free injection molding software that helps the engineers, designers, and analysts to design high-quality mold from plastic and polymer materials. The latest version is 2.1.0 and its size is 7.2 MB. Though the software is designed for Mac it is also compatible with Apple iOS version 8.0 or later and can work on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as well.

Sim Mold for Windows

Rootz Simple Injector Download For Mac

SimMold is an injection molding simulation software that Is primarily designed for Windows users. The program executable file is MOLD.exe and the popular version is 1.0. It helps designers, engineers, and analysts in devising innovative and qualitative mold designs for manufacturing industry. The software is available in 2D and 3D modules.

Plastic Injection Molding Software – Most Popular Software

Plastic Injection Modeling Software is the most popular in the industry owing to its efficiency, speed, and accuracy. With integrated EDI it can handle multi-cavity molds. The software used to estimate cycle time, track production and lot tracking for managing, purchasing and receiving among others. It supports ISO/QS 9000 quality control and can handle repetitive work orders as well as production plans. In addition; it calculates tools and maintenance costs, payroll and HR, and accounting among others.

What is Injection Molding Software?

Injection molding is the process of manufacturing parts from thermoplastic as well as thermosetting plastic materials. These materials are put inside the heated barrel. Thereafter the materials are mixed and converted into the mold cavity which cools and hardens to the desired configuration. Molds are usually created using the mold maker using metals. Commonly used metals for this purpose are steel and aluminum that are precision machines in order to design the targeted machine parts.

Injection molding is indispensable for the manufacturing industry. It is used to design parts of all types and sizes from smallest to the largest. Instead of performing the task manually, designers and enterprises use injection molding software to automate the process using information technology. You can also see DLL Injector Software

Downloader For Mac

Injection molding is indispensable for the manufacturing industry as molds are essential for manufacturing machine parts. It is effectively possible by automating the process using software. The best injection molding software can generate the best results for the designer, engineer, or analyst. Their task is cut out by choosing the right one.

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