Real Myst Patch Download

Version 1.1.1: The patch that is included with this read me has been provided to incorporate the use of the ATI Radeon 9000 Pro / Radeon 9000 Mobility video cards and MacPlay's realMyst game. © 2016 Cyan Inc. / Cyan Worlds Inc. All rights reserved. Modified theme from TrueStory by Tee Fouad..cevtavtE b’maryASatEot biv.


Notes from the post in the steam forums:

Myst Patch For Windows Xp

  • Improved performance quite a bit

  • Improved the look of just about everything

  • Improved lighting in many areas

  • Squished tons of nasty bugs

  • Updated to the latest version of Unity engine (much faster, fewer bugs)

  • Replaced the sky system (much faster, fewer bugs)

  • Enhanced the realism of day/night cycles in several Ages

  • Brightened the nighttime lighting just a bit in a couple Ages

  • Cleaned up the initial resolution settings a bit

  • Added lights in a few places for nighttime enhancement

  • Changed “Auto Graphics Quality” option to “off” by default

  • Removed something called the “frame rate limiter'

  • Improved Free Roam - left and right arrow keys changed to rotate (not strafe)

  • Improved Free Roam - single right click toggles in and out of “look mode'

  • Improved Free Roam - invert look option added

  • Re-ordered the graphic options in the advanced list by resource cost

  • Fixed the jerky book falling intro movie

  • Changed to allow relaxing on chairs and beds (sit on Achenar’s bed at your own risk)

  • Adjusted the aspect ratio of all the linking book panels

  • Updated the Help Guide

  • Added Steam Achievements!

Real Myst Patch Download
I've only downloaded the 46MB demo from GameSpot so far- haven't played the real game- but if the game plays like the demo, the control and speed issues mentioned in the review are not a problem at all. I won't really try rating the game itself, but this is my estimate.
I would suggest that others try downloading the demo (if you can handle 46megabyte download :-) ) , and see for yourself.
As noted in another review, even with no manual I quickly figured out that the 'hand' pointer icon changes (thumb disappears, or hand opens) when it is over an object you can manipulate. I never ran into movement problems while trying to manipulate objects, and I didn't seem to hit time problems, I moved pretty quickly through the world & the puzzles. I never had problems turning either. I moved pretty easily w/ the mouse over narrow stairs and walkways etc. (glad Myst doesn't let you fall off & die, like other games!) Only difficulty was sometimes getting caught on the wrong stairs when both up&down were right next to each other etc. but I just backed out and walked more carefully, went fine.
You can also control the brightness (key, for exploring tunnels, dark rooms, and outside at night!!) , with Ctrl-Shift-+ & - (numeric pad + - keys.) Otherwise, it is very dark and difficult to see key items sometimes!!
I have a PIII-800 system, 256MB ram, nVidia-TNT2-pro gfx card, and the graphics were completely smooth and fast even in 1024x768x16bit. They were beautiful! Waves move, raindrops fall (in stereo surround sound), lightning strikes & lights up the roiling clouds, fish swim by underwater, etc.- gorgeous! Use it an expensive screensaver if you don't like the game :-) The Myst world is so beautiful (and beautifully rendered here!), the 3D engine is great as it lets you turn and explore and just sight-see, as the game deserves. I also like just moving through the world like a FPS game- eg walking w/ constant movement- as opposed to the 'click & turn/move' interface of the old game.
I'm looking forward to buying this game, or maybe MystIII:exile, since they share the same 3D engine. I never got around to finish ing the first Myst on my old 040 Mac, these graphics & 3D movement breathe new life into it!