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Posted byPrey Community Manager1 year ago

The latest patch for Prey, update 1.05, not only fixes a number of smaller crashes and bugs across all platforms, but fixes PS4 performance problems.

  1. Prey update version 1.06 is out now on the PS4, and it should roll out for other platforms throughout the rest of the day. The full patch notes for this update can be viewed below.
  2. Assassin's Creed III Patch v1.06 (Retail/Digital Download) July 5, 2013 - 4:09pm What's new in Assassin's Creed III Patch 1.06: ABILITIES: • Loss streaks now work as intended.

We’re so excited to introduce three brand new modes to Prey in a free update: New Game+, Story Mode, and Survival mode! We've also worked on a lot of other issues in this update, and a full list of patch notes for this latest update can be viewed below.

If you run into any issues or have any further feedback, please let us know by commenting here or posting in our official forums:

Prey Update 1.06 Patch Notes

  • Turret health bar remains upon saving, recycling, and then loading the save

  • Turret pickups are now transparent while in low gravity

  • Austin Cool no longer briefly displays detection meter after saving and loading in Cargo Bay

  • Fix to Morgan’s locker after reloading a save

  • December’s corpse will no longer be duplicated upon transitioning out of Neuromod Division

  • Tizzy’s corpse is no longer missing from Crew Quarters

  • Improvements to Telepath combat

  • Improvements to Corrupted Operator navigation

  • Miscellaneous VFX fixes

  • Fix for crash related to using Electrostatic Burst on Mikhaila before giving her her medicine

  • Prevented Mimics from mimicking certain assets

  • Alex will no longer move to his office after being rescued from the Apex

  • Miscellaneous fixes to gameplay and video options

  • Fix for POI markers upon reentering GUTs through Shuttle Bay, Cargo Bay, or Arboretum

  • Loading an autosave while auto-examining a note will no longer result in other items looted from containers and bodies to float in air

  • Fix for crash related to loading a save with grenades on turrets

  • Give Medicine prompt no longer appears after the objective has failed during Assist Mikhaila quest

  • Improvements to Weaver combat

  • Improvements to Looking Glass lighting in Morgan’s Office

  • Voltaic Phantoms no longer trigger recycler traps before the player meets the Cook

  • GLOO Cannon, TS-QPB-S11 Quasiparticle Beam, and Disruptor Stun Gun now produce audio when disabled by EMP

  • Alex’s pistol no longer remains floating upon triggering self-destruct sequence before Alex finishes speaking to January

  • The Cook's recycle charge traps now deal damage to the player when activated

  • Mimics now properly participate in the Behavioral Biometrics experiment in Psychotronics

  • Mimics and Phantoms no longer slide when distracted by a moving Lure Grenade

  • Player now able to sit in Captain’s Chair after level transition

  • One mind-controlled human dying no longer triggers negative comment from Danielle in Life Review

  • Josh Dalton is now easier to find

  • Player can no longer kill KASPAR prior to start of Ultimatum timer

  • Fixes to prevent the Player from becoming stuck in certain circumstances

  • Pistol ammo in Guest Suite in Crew Quarters now accessible

  • Cargo hold doors in Dahl’s shuttle no longer remain open when player boards to leave

  • Radiation status symbols no longer appear in HUD while mimicked

  • Fix for crash related to loading a save and Phantom Genesis

  • Elite phantoms can no longer shift while stunned to avoid thrown charges

  • Simmons no longer repeats a VO line every time the player presses a hotkey

  • The Mimics in Annalise Gallegos’ office now properly swarm through the window

  • GLOO Cannon now fires the correct animation when affected by EMP

  • Player can now rebind Favorites Wheel

  • Explosive objects no longer explode upon contact with other items while being picked up

  • MIkhaila's transcribe call after shuttle timer expires no longer plays twice

  • Players no longer able to double loot corpses by turning them into Phantoms

  • An objective marker now appears over Foy's workstation for the last step of the Treasure Hunt quest

  • Charging Wrench while switching weapons no longer prevents use of Favorites Wheel

  • Who is December quest objectives now update properly and are completable when done out of order

  • Phantoms no longer ignore player when distracted by turrets

  • Gathering Echoes objective no longer progresses when listening to the audio log from Danielle Sho's workstation again

  • Players no longer become locked on enemies when rapidly swapping between charged weapons

  • Camera position no longer remains zoomed in when opening the TranScribe while zooming in with the Psychoscope

  • Adjusted order of Alex’s dialogue delivery in Perdition under certain circumstances

  • Quickloot UI no longer remains onscreen if player is not interacting with a container

  • Addressed miscellaneous typos


PC Specific

  • FOV can now correctly be set using a Controller

  • Prey should now call Controller Configuration page in Steam even if booted outside of Big Picture mode

  • Player will no longer sometimes encounter control issues during Life Review while using a PS4 Dualshock Controller

  • Added confirmation prompt after changing FOV

  • Mouse 3 is now a functional keybinding

  • Morgan’s body will no longer become displaced during Helicopter Ride after changing aspect ratios

  • Selecting the ‘back’ option while an Advance Video setting dropdown is active will now properly back out of the current menu

  • Controller inputs and prompts should now always display the active input method

Special Force Patch Download