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Gog oder Steam Ordner> Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire PillarsOfEternityII_Data Sodass in den Unterordnern exported localized, laxa_exported localized, laxb_exported localized, laxc_exported localized usw. Jeweils der Ordner de_patch entsteht. Und der override Ordner geht direkt in den Data Ordner. Download Pillars Of Eternity (Linux) (Latest With 2.0 Patch) (GOG) torrent or any other torrent from Games > Other Direct download via magnet link.

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Pillars of Eternity. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Don't know if anyone else has this problem, but since this patch my Mind Wave (cypher) cone of effect always originates from the cypher himself, rather than the target creature. The effect still seems to occur in the correct location (I see people. Pillars of Eternity: The White March – Part I is a large sprawling expansion pack with hours of gameplay integrated into the main adventure. Along with the new quests and area content, the team at Obsidian continues to support and make improvements to the entire game, including the additions of Player Party AI and Enhanced Enemy AI.


From Hetman (Gog.com team) on the Gog PoE forum:

Hi everyone,

Version of Pillars of Eternity is now available on your gameshelves for Windows (new patch + all-in-one installer), Mac (new patch), and Linux (new tarball archive).

This is the latest version that includes hotfixes which fixed a problem with adventurer hall-created companions not being able to unlock doors or chests and also fixed an issue where people were unable to open certain doors due to the Fog of War.

If you missed the 1.03 update, the full changelog can be found here: http://www.gog.com/forum/pillars_of_eternity/pillars_of_eternity_has_been_updated_to_version_103/page1

Thanks and enjoy!

Pillars Of Eternity Gog Patch Download

This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

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Lore Friendly Memorials
Unnamed Backers
Wooden HUD Texture and Buttons

Pillars Of Eternity Ps4 Patch

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Author's instructions

This mod is open source. It uses the Patchwork assembly modification framework. You can find all the details here: https://github.com/GregRos/IEMod.pw
The mod is distributed under CC-BY-SA, and the framework it uses is distributed under the MIT license. You are encouraged to use the framework and/or any parts of IE Mod to make your own mods, and you are encouraged to include them in the 'IE Mod', as long as you make them optional.

Pillars Of Eternity Gog Patch Download

File credits

Bester, Sensuki, Karkarov, Bman654, Pacman7654, jcoerin, Dan Chieffallo, zero29, Springwight, tjayharvey, Alakabon

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Pillars Of Eternity Gog Torrent

  • Version

  • Version

    • Compatible with game version: 3.07.0 1280
    • Definitive Edition PX1 PX2 PX4
    • Added Mod: Playable CampingSupplies
  • Version 5.2.2

    • Compatible with game version: 3.06.0 1254
    • The White March - Part II (±PX1 or PX2) (ALL OS)
  • Version 5.0.5

    • -Fixed hostiles being considered friendlies when Target Turned Enemies was off.
      -Fixed charmed enemies not considered hostile when Target Turned Enemies was on.
      -Added Speed and Status Effect manipulation to ability XML.
  • Version 5.0.4

    • Fixed healing with Friendly Fire on
      Fixed Combat Triage
      Fixed bug with targeting causing traps in Cliant Lis to be less deadly than intended
      Fixed Obsidian 2.01 bug where caster-focused spells (i.e. Returning Storm) are only castable by AI script.
      Added new console command - 'UnlockSoulbound'. Requires you to specify a character (using the same format as most other console commands). Unlocks one level of the soulbound weapon they are currently wielding.
      Added new mod for Max Number of Adventures Created.
      Added initial framework for users to apply modifications to abilities/spells (more details forthcoming).
  • Version 5.0.3beta

    • Updated to game version 2.01
    • Fixed a cosmetic bug where the game would tell your non-casters that their spells were now encounter only
  • Version 5.0.2beta

    • Fixed issues with Friendly Fire Mod not working with some spells.
      Partial fix to issues with the Combat Only Mod
      Fix to issues with the Autosave Mod (it didn't work at all)
      Fix to issue with the UI customization mod where the customization interface may not work sometimes
      Fix to issue with the UI customization checkbox where you needed to exit the game to fully disable customization
      Fixed BSC command (it didn't work at all)
      Fixed ReenableAchievements (it didn't work at all)
      Changed text in a few places
  • Version 5.0.1beta

    • Same as 5.0.0-beta, except that versions for every operating system are available.
  • Version 5.0.0beta

    • Updated for game version 2.0.0706. Too many changes to list.
  • Version 4_30

    • Made a fix for a wizard's grimoire being blank when loading a game where the wizard has more than 4 spells prepared in his or her grimoire.
  • Version 4_29

    • Fixed Missing GUI messages when changing languages in the options menu and when in game. They should be resolved now!
      This version also adds a new mod for allowing wizards to prepare extra spells in his or her grimoire.
  • Version 4_25

    • Reworked and added dropdown for per encounter spells mod. Now it works with wizards created with ChangeClass and there is a delay in the spell regeneration as with normal per encounter abilities.
      ChangeClass now allows simple name arguments (e.g. ChangeClass Calisca Wizard).
  • Version 4_24

    • Per-Encounter mod added. When enabled, makes all spells per encounter. (This is for caster solo runs mostly. I found myself abusing the Rest console command in my wizard solo run. At least with this you still need to ration health, fatigue, abilities, figurines, and spell binds.)
      Bonus Spells Mod added. Calculates Bonus Spells Per Rest based on a caster's Intellect. The formula for at least one bonus spell per rest of a specified level is: 10 + Spell Level + 4. For each 4 points the caster's intellect exceeds beyond that, the caster receives an additional bonus spell per rest.
  • Version 4_23

    • All custom textures updated for 1.0.5 (big thanks to zero29).
    • fixed bug with combat-only checkbox.
    • toggle walk can now be bound to mouse buttons.
    • ChangeClass should be smarter about not removing innate talents/abilities. Added Effigy's Resentment talents to the protected list.
    • ChangeClass fixed to not take away level 2 skill points.
  • Version 4_21

    • Added mod to remove Combat-Only restrictions for spells and abilities.
  • Version 4_20

    • Added Game Speed Mod. When enabled, holding ctrl when activating fast/slow mode will use more extreme speeds.
  • Version 4_19

    • Added Loot Shuffler mod. When enabled, random loot will change on every reload, instead of requiring a game day to pass.
    • Gift from the Machine will no longer be removed when using ChangeClass.
  • Version 4_18

    • Updated Disable Friendly Fire mod so that players can still be affected by enemy traps.
    • Updated Disable Friendly Fire mod: Fixed an issue with Holy Radiance creating an infinite loop of sorts when a damage component was added to the ability (Brilliant Radiance, in particular).
  • Version 4_17

  • Version 4_16

    • Option to enable NPC priests/paladins to receive disposition bonuses/penalties just like main player receives
  • Version 4_15

  • Version 4_14

    • Added No Autosave option
    • Added Autosave every 30 minutes option
    • Merged all Autosave options into single dropdown
    • Nerfed XP mod changed - It now requires exactly 50% more XP per level
  • Version 4_13

    • Added Nerfed XP Table option by Pacman7654 (slows level advancement roughly in half)
  • Version 4_12

    • Support for new POE patch
    • Improved AI - some improvements to enemy weapon targeting (not spell targeting)
    • Improved AI - enemy pathfinding improvements - hopefully they no longer stand around doing nothing or running in circles
  • Version 4_11

    • Added option to Autosave at most once every 15 minutes
    • Added 'Improved AI' option
    • Improved AI - enemies more likely to switch targets instead of circling looking for a way to reach current target
  • Version 4_10

    • Fix bug where Chant window will come up when walk mode is toggled
    • Remove on-screen message when walk mode toggled
    • Fixed ENTER not working on Console (.NET version issue)
  • Version 4.51

    • 4.5 -> 4.51
      - Fixed a bug, where the 6th portrait highlight would always be on.
      - Fixed a bug in the ChangeClass console command.
      - Added a console command 'ForceAA number'. As you may know, you can set the Anti-Aliasing through the Msaa command, but the game doesn't remember this setting and resets it every time you transition to another area. By using ForceAA, the game will remember your desired setting. Accepted parameters are: 0, 2, 4, 8. Default is 4.
      - Added a console command 'DisableBackerDialogues true/false'. It must be used in conjunction with the 'Rename Backers' mod. It takes effect after you transition or reload a savegame.
      - Added a checkbox in Options -> IE Mod for people who wanted to see all tooltips when pressing TAB.
      About ChangeClass.
      It now removes all talents and abilities, except racial ones and except Watcher's abilities, but that last part is not entirely true. I haven't progressed deep enough into the story to find all Watcher abilities, so it only makes an exception for Crucible_of_the_Soul. I will include others as I discover them, but for now you will lose them if you're going to respec your main character. You can get them back through the AddAbility console command, so it's not a problem. Note that you will also lose your abilities gained through equipment, but you will regain them as soon as you reload your save.
  • Version 4.9

    • Replace Walking Mode option with Toggle Walk/Run keybinding (you can configure in the game's key binding window)
  • Version 4.8

    • Brandon Wallace (bwallace) made two additional mods that you can find in the Options -> IE Mod tab.
      One allows you to run in stealth (instead of slowly walking).
      Another one allows you to walk when out of combat (instead of always running).
      Be sure to give them a try, and a big shout-out to Brandon!
  • Version 4.7

    • Fixed two issues: when people respecced into a Cleric or a Paladin, they reported they couldn't select a God or an Order.
      Fixed a minor bug.
      Two console commands were quickly written, but not tested. Give them a try:
      AssignClericalGod charname godName
      Charname should be used like in the IERemove method and not like in Obsidian standard commands.
      Possible values for godame: None, Berath Eothas, Magran, Skaen, Wael.
      AssignPaladinOrder charname orderName
      Charname should be used like in the IERemove method and not like in Obsidian standard commands.
      Possible values for ordername: None, BleakWalkers, DarcozziPaladini, GoldpactKnights, KindWayfarers, ShieldbearersOfStElcga, FrermasMesCancSuolias.
  • Version 4.6b

    • 4.6 to 4.6b
      Updated the mod to be compatible with
      Fixed Obsidian's bug where Skill console command didn't carry its results through saves.
      Added 2 Watcher abilities not to be removed for a respec, as well as dozen of talents gained as quest rewards.
      Removed console commands: RemoveAbility and RemoveTalent because Obsidian actually already made those two, added a IERemove instead (see console commands).
  • Version 4.6

    • 4.51 to 4.6
      - Memorial entries were exposed for you to rewrite them. If an enthusiast decides to edit them in order to make them more lore-friendly, all he has to do is the following: Type ExtractMemorials in the console. A new file will appear at Managed/iemod/MemorialEntries.xml. You can then edit it. Once you're done, you can then share it with other people and the IEMod will automatically use this file if it's placed in the /iemod/ folder. If you want to remove certain memorial entries, you can just leave their title and/or text empty, the mod will automatically hide the entry in game.
      - Fixed a bug: backer npcs weren't always renamed (again...)
      - Upon respec, Kana doesn't lose his racial talent.
      - Upon respec, Sagani doesn't lose Itumaak even if she respecs into a completely different class. More on that below.
      - Upon respec, the Watcher doesn't lose 'Speaker to the Restless' ability.
      - Added console command: CheckAchievements - this checks whether you have accidentally disabled achievements for this playthrough or not. The only way you could've done it is by typing iroll20s, by the way.
      - Added console command: ReenableAchievements - for people who disabled them accidentally.
      - Added console command: SetDefaultZoom value. If you
      - Console command ForceAA removed, because Obs introduced a slider. Slider's max value is equal to 8 AA, mid value is 4 AA, lowest value is 0 AA.
      - Added console command: RemoveAbility name ability. The name to use can be found via FindCharacter as usual. The ability should use underscores instead of spaces, but doesn't have to be complete. For instance if you want to remove 'Crucible of the Soul', you can type in Crucible_of_the_Soul or Crucible or Crucible_of_the. For some abilities, instead of using underscores, you'll have to use no characters at all, such as CompanionBearSomething.
      - Added console command: RemoveTalent name talent. Same instructions as with RemoveAbility.
      - Added console command: SwitchPOTD - changes your game difficulty to Path of the Damned. Or if it's already at POTD, changes it back to Hard.
      Now about respecing Sagani.
      If you respec her into any other class, no further actions are necessary, you're all good.
      However, if you respec her into Ranger, you will be promoted to pick an animal companion by the game. It's just a formality, so pick any. When you're done, Sagani will still keep her Itumaak. However, another action is required now.
      You need to type FixSagani id. It's the same id you used in the ChangeClass command.
      So if you did ChangeClass Companion_Sagani(Clone)_2 Ranger, now you have to do FixSagani Companion_Sagani(Clone)_2
      Respecing Hivarias is still not fixed, because I haven't encountered him yet.
  • Version 3.03.2

    • Added cheat keys similar to the old IE games.
    • UnlockSoulBound command now working as intended
    • Disable Autosave tweaked