Overwatch Patch Download Speeds Not Correct

Players are also reporting slower than average download speeds, but Blizzard said that’s because of the size of the patch and the amount of players trying to download it at once. Overwatch patch 1.11 is in the PTR right now. If you're on a PC, download the test client and get testing. This patch will probably go live on 23 May - one day before the game's anniversary. I'm going to run through some of the changes the patch will make. Ryzen 3000 series are bringing higher clock speeds and better IPC. Overwatch Patch Notes – February 8, 2018. Fixed a bug that caused airborne heroes to lose speed when changing direction. 'save time when the actual patch goes live' and then patch day comes and you're still downloading a ~400MB patch. The hell did I download the other night, then? If you’re having problems with Battle.Net not loading or Overwatch itself not loading we can help. This guide lists some common fixes that might work. If you’re Running the correct drivers then move on. 2: Are you running the Latest Update for Steam or Overwatch? If you have detected that your download speed is slow or below the.

If you’re experiencing frequent crashes or unexplained slow-down in Overwatch, check out these common (and some not-so-common) fixes and remedies to get Blizzard’s new online-shooter running smoothly. As is common with any massive launch, players are reporting plenty of issues. Thanks to the official technical support guys at Blizzard, we’ve got some answers to help resolve the most common problems experienced so far.

The “No License Found” error is still a problem for some players, as are Intel integrated graphics and certain popular background apps like Discord. Most problems can be solved by either; shutting down all background processes, or by updating all graphics or sound drivers to their most current versions. New Nvidia Drivers just dropped specifically for Overwatch, so try to stay up-to-date with all your devices before jumping over to technical support.

PC Crashes, Bad Performance & Long Loading Fixes

Players are already reporting a number of client-side issues. Blizzard is working on ways to fix these problems, but until patches arrive, here are some stop-gap solutions or methods to test that might help fix one or more of the technical issues detailed below.

Crashes – On Start Up or In-game

  • Background Apps – Turn off background programs or overlays. Programs like Discord, Curse Voice, Overwolf, FRAPs, D3DGear or other applications might be stopping the game from launching. Turn off all third-party or background programs before launching Overwatch, or use Selective Startup.
  • Malware / Antivirus – Malware or antivirus software may be preventing Overwatch from launching. Try using reliable free anti-malware software like Malwarebytes and make sure your antivirus software is up-to-date and that no firewalls are preventing Overwatch from starting. Turn off all antivirus software running in the background if the problem persists.
  • High Latency – The following programs are known to cause issues with the Overwatch Network controller and can slow your connection speed or cause long load times.
    • KillerNic
    • Hamachi VPN
    • ASUS GameFirst III / IV
    • REALTek
    • LAN Optimizer
    • Gigabyte
  • Turn off or uninstall all proxies, VPN or network optimizers to improve latency.
  • Intel / Switchable Graphics Drivers – If you’re using an Intel graphics card, using multiple graphics cards, or using a switchable graphics card rig, make sure all of your cards are up-to-date, especially the Intel card, even if it is not your primary card. Learn how to update your drivers to the latest version here. Or, download generic Intel drivers here.
  • Overclocked BIOS – Altering the BIOS settings and memory clock speeds will always lead to a crash mid-match. Restore BIOS settings / memory clock to default for best results.
  • No Compatible Graphics Hardware Was Found – This error occurs if your system does not meet Blizzard’s minimum system requirement for Overwatch. Find the minimum specs here. Otherwise, download the latest drivers and make sure your computer is fully up-to-date.

While Playing as Mei, Game Crashes When I Left-Click

  • Mei’s in-game left-click attack causes certain out-of-date graphics cards to crash. Learn how to update your drivers to the latest version here.

‘No License Found’ Error

  • On the Battle.net desktop application, change the region above “Play” — then change the region back to your default region. Restart the game and the error should not appear again.

Slow Performance

  • On PCs with 6-core CPUs or LessOverwatch uses only 6 CPU cores at most. Streaming, recording, or running other programs in the background will utilize cores and may cause performance degradation. Turn off all background programs to improve performance.

Download Speeds Mbps

Overwatch download keeps stopping

Sound From One Speaker Only

  • Certain headphones may use software to simulate surround sound. Disable any additional or supplemental audio applications connected to your headphones, or updating drivers for your audio device.

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Overwatch’s open beta is available now in early access for anyone who pre-ordered the new team-based shooter prior to April 29, 2016.


Some of you who purchased the game may be encountering a “No Overwatch License Found” when attempting to download the game. It looks like the error above. This issue seems to be affecting EU gamers the most.

The fix is simple: You need to activate the key provided to you via e-mail from Blizzard at the Overwatch website.

Overwatch Patch Download Speeds Not Correctional

You see, simply purchasing the game won’t provide you with access to the open beta: you have to activate the code provided first. If you’ve given away your codes (you should have two) to somebody else, then you won’t be able to access the game during its early access period whatsoever—so be sure to activate your key even if you already own Overwatch on your Battle.net account.

The title, which comes out on the PS4, Xbox One and PC later this month will have a free open beta period from May 5 to 9 for anyone who hasn’t yet purchased it.