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Patches and Hotfixes are free updates for the game. Major patches generally have DLCs released alongside them and add new features. Hotfixes generally fix bugs and tweak the balance of the game. They usually do not add new content.

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Version history[edit]

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 281.107 & 281.110 281.107 Extinction Chronicles Increased Player and Dino Level Cap by 1 Added 3 new Explorer Notes Added Corrupted Boots unlockable Fixed Corrupted Helmet colorization Tek Stego (with new breeding line, 5% chance to spawns, 20% higher base level) Be on the lookout for Purple, Blue, Black, and Grey. The latest Tweets from ARK: Survival Evolved (@survivetheark). Official Twitter for Studio Wildcard's open-world dinosaur survival game, ARK: Survival Evolved. Survival Evolved for the Nintendo Switch? Reply to this tweet with your top tips for new ARK players. We'll pick the best tip & the funniest tip to each win a copy! PC Patch v287.

Newest Ark Patch Notes

1.28.304 Feb 20193ba8Patch
1.28.218 Dec 2018d9f4Hotfix
1.28.111 Dec 20184648Hotfix
1.2811 Dec 2018f93727th major patch (aka 'Spain'). Released alongside Golden Century.
1.27.204 Oct 2018f496Hotfix
1.2701 Oct 2018edf926th major patch (aka 'Poland')
1.26.117 Sep 20187513Hotfix
1.2606 Sep 2018619625th major patch (aka 'Mughals'). Released alongside Dharma.
1.25.128 Mar 201839a3Hotfix
1.2520 Mar 20180fb224th major patch (aka 'England'). Released alongside Rule Britannia.
1.24.114 Dec 20170625Hotfix
1.2412 Dec 2017c6bc23rd major patch (aka 'Japan').
1.23.129 Nov 20171dc0Hotfix
1.2316 Nov 20171b5e22nd major patch (aka 'Persia'). Released alongside Cradle of Civilization.
1.22.217 Aug 20177645Hotfix
1.22.120 Jun 20173d00Hotfix
1.2214 Jun 2017b6eb21st major patch (aka 'Russia'). Released alongside Third Rome.
1.21.127 Apr 201763a8Hotfix
1.2125 Apr 2017bbec20th major patch (aka 'Hungary')
1.20.111 Apr 201707f1Hotfix
1.2006 Apr 2017072a19th major patch (aka 'Ming'). Released alongside Mandate of Heaven.
1.19.230 Nov 20167dd8Hotfix
1.1924 Nov 2016fa3718th major patch (aka 'Denmark')
1.18.427 Oct 2016f968Hotfix
1.18.314 Oct 20169198Hotfix
1.18.212 Oct 2016197cHotfix
1.1811 Oct 201617th major patch (aka 'Prussia'). Released alongside Rights of Man.
1.17.109 Jun 20166704Hotfix
1.1711 May 2016f23616th major patch.
1.16.314 Apr 20166227Hotfix
1.16.208 Apr 20163a8eHotfix
1.1605 Apr 201660a915th major patch. Released alongside Mare Nostrum.
1.15.101 Feb 20168ad5Hotfix
1.1527 Jan 2016e5f714th major patch.
1.14.404 Jan 2016e1a1Hotfix
1.14.309 Dec 2015f611Hotfix
1.14.204 Dec 20154c26Hotfix
1.14.103 Dec 2015d7f1Hotfix
1.1401 Dec 2015fb1c13th major patch. Released alongside The Cossacks.
1.13.227 Oct 201504feHotfix
1.13.131 Aug 201513a0Hotfix
1.1327 Aug 201530a212th major patch.
1.12.218 Jun 2015551aHotfix
1.12.112 Jun 2015ae85Hotfix
1.1209 Jun 2015655011th major patch. Released alongside Common Sense.
1.11.423 Mar 201563fdHotfix
1.11.313 Mar 201562b3Hotfix
1.11.211 Mar 20154deeHotfix
1.11.110 Mar 2015547aHotfix
1.1108 Mar 20156f5210th major patch. Released alongside Women in History.
1.10.127 Feb 20151ef5Hotfix
1.1026 Feb 201589ca9th major patch. Released alongside El Dorado.
1.9.211 Dec 2014e938Hotfix
1.9.110 Dec 2014f555Hotfix
1.909 Dec 201468458th major patch. Mostly bugfixes and the disaster system.
1.8.110 Nov 20145d13Hotfix
1.830 Oct 20147d1c7th major patch. Released alongside Art of War.
1.7.331 Jul 20147d7eHotfix
1.716 Jul 2014f2a16th major patch. Released alongside Res Publica.
1.6.204 Jul 2014e98dHotfix
1.6.130 May 20144a16Hotfix
1.629 May 2014d96a5th major patch. Released alongside Wealth of Nations.
1.5.103 Mar 20140ef1Hotfix
1.519 Feb 2014ea3d4th major patch.
1.4.120 Jan 2014ea04Hotfix
1.414 Jan 2014c8143rd major patch. Released alongside Conquest of Paradise.
1.3.222 Nov 2013d2a0Hotfix
1.3.104 Nov 20131683Hotfix
1.329 Oct 201322892nd major patch
1.2.203 Oct 2013fe2bHotfix
1.2.126 Sep 201342e8Hotfix
1.224 Sep 201386c21st major patch. Released with minor DLC
1.1.327 Aug 2013976fHotfix
1.1.222 Aug 2013408bHotfix
1.1.119 Aug 201378f9Hotfix
1.113 Aug 201317dbRelease version
0.900p17 Jul 2013XXXXPre-release (preview) version

Newest Ark Patch Download Pc

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