Mw2 Tu8 System Link Patch Download

So before I begin this is only going be the basics and how to fully create your own look.
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This is similar to GSC in some respect but its harder to get things to work like GSC so take your time with this.

Have been asked if there are any Tu8 edits just for bot lobbies well here is the ultimate TU8 MW2 Bots Patch. Credits go to MarsupialLizard. Jan 24, 2015  How To Install Mods On A JTAG/RGH MW2 TU6/TU8 +Download - Duration: 15:32. Moxah - Modding, Trolling, Glitches & Tutorials 12,324 views. Mw2 tu8 all client usb online mods xbox 360 panda mods v 5.2.2013 shared files: Here you can download mw2 tu8 all client usb online mods xbox 360 panda mods v 5.2.2013 shared files that we have found in our database. Just click desired file title and download link will show up! Working.S file for TU8. Discussion in 'Call of Duty: MW2 Modding' started by Xx jAmes t xX. Now to patch the TU8 default_mp.xex so it can run.dll's you will need the XePatcher(download it from the tut above) and a TU8 default_mp.xex. For anyone else who is having an issue just PM me and ill give you a download link to a TU8 xex that.

You will need my Clean TU8 DLL now this is basically Se7enSins JTAG TU8 DLL but its been cleaned up and fixed bugs as well as corrected a few offsets which cause some crashs for some people so Credit to Him for this.Mw2 tu8 system link patch download torrent
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Starting out
  • Firstly Extract the folder some where nice where you wont lose it.
  • Double Click Sheperdebops TU8 Clean DLL.
  • Go through it all, read, take in the information as you will need to remember it in the Future.
  • Build the solution and place the dll_load in your MW2 Folder on your JTAG/RGH make sure it runs
  • Done all that? Your Ready to begin.

So firstly where gonna create a Newsbar and a Typewriter Welcome Message for all clients that come in and join your game, so go to Main.cpp and look for BOOl WINAPI DllMain
where going to create a thread here as this way it wont interfere with any code
After the Sleep add this
Now we need to create the function (Unliked GSC C++ has as define a function before it can call so you have to create this function above it like this)
now that has been created il explain whats going on
the for loop is going from 0 - 18 the reason is its going to loop thought player[0] player[18] so everyone is calling this function basically
'Welcome' is the new function ( i ) and 'i' is the for loop so everyone 20ms Welcome will be Welcome(0) - Welcome(18)
Now lets create our Welcome Function
This will check if the player calling this function has joined the game
if True then it will check if they have been welcomed already using the bool Wel
if its false then it will create a welcome typewriter text and thread them to the newsbar
the newsbar forever loops which is why me made a separate thread.. this way it wont freeze the game allowing you to add more in to the patch.
Now before we go further we need to create some variables and alloc some hud Elems
so to this go to setup.h first
and look for this
this is all the variables that will be declared on a client and reset when they leave or the game ends
so lets add our Bool Wel
The reason there is a a Reset it because its fixes the crash and unexpected handler error in the JTAG system therefore allowing you to just end game and start another.
Now lets create our Shaders and allocate them
go to
and add these elements like this
should look like this
now we need to go to further down to struct Client
look for this bit here
where ive put here you need to allocate your HUD Elems
so add this
This will Allocate each elem to every player NOW back to Main.cpp
now were going to create the movement now in the DLL i have left unlock all Achievements and a float called Movement this Movement its what we use for the Newsbar so you wont need to create a float called Movement
so above our Welcome function add this
you can edit the text to what ever you want but keep the parameters they will set it to the bottom of the screen and its moves at a nice speed very smoothly
Now during this you may of seen alot of this [client] [clientIndex]
well these are parameters remember the for loop i < 18
well that called called welcome like this
just like that basically it checks all 18 clients and tells all 18 clients what there system has to do via the DLL
quite clever really
I will update this over time ive wrote alot and my hands hurt
any problems let me know