Mugen 3v3 4v4 Patch Download

XvX [MUGEN 4v4 and 3v3 PATCH] By: Logich - In: Pc Games, Software/Application - 2 komentar This application allow you to play 3v3 and 4v4 in mugen 1.0 version.


Mugen 3v3 4v4 Patch Download Pc

AI (Artificial intelligence)
AI patches to increase the difficulty of a character in Arcade Mode808
Graphics patches


Sprite packs
For intros, endings, credits, etc...675
Sound packs
For sound effects packs, voice packs, snd patches, etc...
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Mugen 3v3 4v4 Patch Download Download


Mugen 1.0 4v4 Patch Download

FileDate / DownloadsComments
Super Smash Bros System Mugen 1.1 (K.Y-Shanxi) : ssbfm11b1 :huh: https: // =85xMCHmemow Note : this is more than a skin as it alters the game system, that's why it requires a manual modification (piece of code to paste)... ... [more] (11.80 MB) 19th February 201515458 / 1,86346
Random Mugen Effects (LordeGhoul) : CREDITS TO THE CREATOR OF THESE EFFECTS!! :D Whoever it is! lol I found this by searching the internet for a bit, and I figured I'd share it here. What's included: Mostly hitspark... ... [more] (1.42 MB) 29th July 2019213 / 240
3D Android 17 & 18 patch (Colosse) : Quick CNS & AIR file patch for Android 17 & 18 character from DBZ 3D chars section. Now effects & some colisions boxes are more adapted to character's sprites ^^ (46.9 KB) 24th July 2019247 / 70
Mugen Blood MK Style Patch (Gui Santos) : English: Blood Mortal Kombat style for your mugen, just replace the files 'fightfx.air' and 'fightfx.sff' in the 'Data' folder and voilà this patch is already installed. Spanish: S angre estilo... ... [more] (2.07 MB) 26th June 2019275 / 541
MKP Code for Chars (???) : :smile::smile:../data/MKP / (79.0 KB) 21st June 2019137 / 250
Galaxy Hyper Background (SUPERFERNANDOXT) : https://images-wixmp-ed30 a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixm 6-a1f9-5aac689d48e7/dd5yg 9q-5a9fe72c-be57-4393-855 e-75420b0c6137.gif?token= eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciO... ... [more] (4.79 MB) 2nd May 2019314 / 320
[18+] tohnno shiki cmd (OUTDATED) (d♥♥♥y128) : :uhuh:OUTDATED For The Day:mega_shock: (5.4 KB) 2nd May 20191040 / 747
M.I.C.A. Screenpack 11094 Slots (Gokinero) : original screenpack author=OLDGAM ER https://oldgamermug screenpack.html I just edit for getting more slots you can hold about 11,904 chars ( You can instert hidden... ... [more] (6.63 MB) 24th April 2019410 / 5610
[18+] Strip Fighter 5 chars patch (Dissidia) : Adds some 18+ compatibility to these characters: Yuki Kura sawa (+ common1.cns without afterimage) Tina (13.60 MB) 15th April 20193485 / 3934
Thanos (Edit) HOTFIX (Kaiser phoenix) : There was a bug that was causing the Super Move 'Deviant Star' not to work properly in both Mugen versions (1.0 and 1.1). This is a quick fix for the bug in both Mugen versions. If you find anymore... ... [more] (115.4 KB) 11th April 2019770 / 789
PM Counters for Smash Mod (The Rocking Goomba...) : These are edited counter's for K.Y-Shanxi's Smash Mod, that make them resemble Project M's lifebars. These don't work with Tag Team mode, so be aware of that. I'm not 100% sure if these belong... ... [more] (161.7 KB) 30th March 2019280 / 270
Amaterasu UMvC3 Beta: Anim Patch (shanri (patch by...) : Amaterasu Beta: Animation Patch (March 8, 2019). Char link: forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=109216-umvc3-a materasu-beta-shanri T his patch speeds up most of Ammy's... ... [more] (13.28 MB) 14th March 2019571 / 815
KitanaiNinjya-T Patch (warpstar) : SFF patch that significantly reduces the character file size (~36 MB difference). For character version 1.1 (have not tested on 1.2) Character link: (79.95 MB) 3rd March 2019161 / 20
Patches by Yamabe Yuji (Yamabe Yuji) : Includes patches for the following characters: BocoBoco by Tokinokuni-kei (arrange mode) Jibber by Tamago Kanten (arrange mode) Hory Marlu by Taruse (bug fix) (730.6 KB) 2nd March 2019130 / 20
Ika Musume Patch (warpstar) : AIR and SFF Patch that reduces the character's file size. Character link: forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=13951-ika-musu me-drowin (1.12 MB) 28th February 2019337 / 551
Miu Kurosaki Effect Patch (Doruzi) : AI Patch that adds hitsparks and hitsounds. Character link (will overwrite the newer AI patch): forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=100886-miu-kur osaki-ai-patched-memuu (2.67 MB) 26th February 2019246 / 200
DOS conversion patches by Ayustat (Ayustat) : Set of conversion patches for DOS-exclusive characters to work on newer Mugen versions. Gradriel by KEITARO Yagumo by KEITARO Athena Asamiya '97 by KEITARO Apocalypse by overlander Mech-Gouki... ... [more] (2.27 MB) 26th February 2019140 / 60
Command patch for minoo's chars (ikusabe) : Set of CMD patches that changes the commands of minoo's Touhou characters from 6-button gameplay to one that is more accurate to Touhou Hisouten (without the spell card system) Due to the vast... ... [more] (88.1 KB) 23rd February 2019149 / 70
Super V Dash lifebar icons edits (Dreamstalker Games) : Super V Dash: Rainbow Edition Lifebars: battle icons set. Super V Dash: Rainbow Edition Lifebars: Íconos de batalla. You can use these image files to make your char look part of the game. ... ... [more] (39.5 KB) 23rd February 2019172 / 120
Shion Grappler patch (エス) : Patch for Juke Kisaragi's Shion that gives compatibilty with Grappler Shiki's moves when paired with in simul mode. Shion character link: forums/downloads.php?do=f... ... [more] (33.4 KB) 19th February 2019152 / 90
Mega-Emperor Patch (hahya5) : Patch for Mega-Emperor that gives it the following properties: · Change life to 4500 · Change power to 5000 · Intro addition at the start of arcade mode · Add color palette ... [more] (1.56 MB) 14th February 2019144 / 80
Shin Tank-Reimu patch (hahya5) : Patch for otto's Tank-Reimu that makes it even cheaper (add as tank-reimu/tank-reimu_S.d ef) Character link: forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=22400-tank-rei mu-otto (934.5 KB) 14th February 2019111 / 30
Destroyed K.O (gearoid97) : It just replaces k.o with destroyed. (425.3 KB) 13th February 2019257 / 131
Ikemen plus select edit (MetalMusicMusicAweso...) : This is a patch for the Select for Ikemen Plus by Suehiro and heres the link: forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=75493-ikemen-p lus-suehiro this will help you put more... ... [more] (3.0 KB) 4th February 20191207 / 1741
SvC SND for Vyn's Terry (MightyKombat) : Author's comments: Includes slightly altered state files, new SND and 2 extra ports. One's a winport you can use with Jesuszilla's MFJ screenpack. Uploader's comments: I didn't see this on the... ... [more] (2.26 MB) 2nd February 2019143 / 60
MightyKombat's patch for POTS Geese (MightyKombat) : Author's comments: 'This one takes me back. It was my old patch for POTS' Geese that changes his voice to the one from SNK vs Capcom: Chaos. I had a soft spot for that for some reason. I also... ... [more] (3.26 MB) 2nd February 2019204 / 110
Peluchin Entertainment (File Fixed) (TheSucmbagLeeEverett) : Fixes the .Def File that fixes the error of can't open the character. (I mean this error massage) ----- error massage ----- Could not open file: kfm.cns Error loading chars/Peluchin... ... [more] (701 Bytes) 27th January 2019625 / 458
Uz_Reimu_patch (MK) : Uz_Reimu_patch by MK enjoy. For your collection. (28.7 KB) 20th January 2019132 / 132
Piccolo (CMD patch) (Pioupiou) : For this char: forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=105604-piccolo -pioupiou (18.4 KB) 17th January 2019193 / 180
F_HEAT_CLIMAX (ryun & kousa) : Update patch F_HEAT_CLIMAX by ryun & kousa enjoy. For your collection. (172.7 KB) 16th January 2019239 / 281
[+18] HAM v.90 patch for Mugen 1.0 (rparedes84) : Patch for HAM for use in mugen 1.0 extract the files and copy in the char https://mugenarch php?do=file&id=105079 --18-ham-v-90-for-mugen-1 -1-rparedes84 have... (18.1 KB) 9th January 20191365 / 2192
Sailor Neptune patch (Tanicfan22) : A patch that adds an ending plus palette fix for Sailor Neptune from 'Sailor Moon SuperS: Zenin Sanka! Shuyaku Soudatsusen?!'. (9.15 MB) 8th January 2019288 / 170
GGX Fightfx (AOAO) : Extracted using JPEG Direct Annex. (1.22 MB) 2nd January 2019310 / 320
Captain Cold Portrait (AlexDusk) : For the new brand Ahmed's Captain Cold, as the char, an Injustice inspired one. (9.7 KB) 23rd December 2018294 / 302
Guest 666 1.0_Patch (CoolAkramTV, patch...) : Here it is. The Guest 666 M.U.G.E.N 1.0 patch. It wasn't really long to patch. I changed all the glitch coding to %f and removed all the commas off of the params. I added other pallete numbers to get... ... [more] (Unknown Size) 19th December 2018557 / 1088
MUGEN 1.0 Default Addon (Wani_Shimamura) : Addon that allows more slots for your default Mugen 1.0, as well as changing the aspect ratio to 4:3 (1280x960) system1.def (select1.def) = 104 slots system2.def (select2.def) = 354 slots... ... [more] (724.1 KB) 15th December 2018687 / 1612
Flamimo Edit (FIX) (TheMockery) : Replace the CNS file with this. (7.7 KB) 9th December 2018188 / 251
D-Super Mario (patch) (ShinRyoga &...) : Forgot the Patch, better late then never :smile:, have fun. For your collection. D-Super Mario ver.1.7 or Dynamic Super Mario by ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH https://mugena ... [more] (37.1 KB) 6th December 2018448 / 760
Selection cells sheet (Ryugami) : This is a selection sheet ONLY for the Mugen fighting Jam 1.1 where you can have more selection cells making more easy to use this mugen with a lot of chars. Hope you like it:smile: (220.4 KB) 4th December 2018147 / 111
Avengers EMH intro (buffysummers) : atch?v=qU7qDXNEGnY (47.28 MB) 29th November 2018264 / 130