Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Download For Mac

Microsoft office starter 2010 free download for mac

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Microsoft Office Starter 2010 gives home users who are buying preloaded PCs the ability to perform the most common and basic productivity tasks right out of the box. Office Starter consists of Microsoft Word Starter 2010 and Microsoft Excel Starter 2010 only, reduced functionality versions of Microsoft Word and Excel with advertising.

This version only works on 32-bit Windows machines.

Office Starter consists of Word Starter and Excel Starter only, reduced functionality versions of Microsoft Word and Excel with advertising. It does not contain Microsoft PowerPoint, OneNote, or Outlook.

Word Starter and Excel Starter are reduced functionality versions of the full versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Word Starter and Excel Starter include features for basic authoring and editing, but lack more powerful features like the ability to track comments and changes in your documents; password protect your documents; create tables of contents, footnotes, citations or bibliographies; perform advanced data analysis such as with pivot tables; and the ability to customize the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar.

Office Starter has the same file support as full Office 2010. You will be able to easily send documents back and forth from Office Starter to other people using the full versions of Word and Excel and vice versa. Starter provides full fidelity viewing, so people who are using Office Starter will still be able to see features that are not included in Office Starter.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Starter edition is a free, ad-supported version of Office 2010 meant to be included on new PCs. It only includes Word and Excel with a subset of features—but it does let you make a portable version. Here’s how to do it.

Update: looks like the link is dead.

Note: The download link provided in the following article is not exactly a “Microsoft Approved” link and may stop working at any time. Still, the Starter version of Office is meant to be ad-supported freeware, and they haven’t pulled the download despite widespread use of it online.

Creating Your Portable Office

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Download For Mac Mac

The first thing you will have to do is grab a copy of Office 2010 Starter from this link. Once the download has finished, double-click on the file to launch the installation. The installer will attempt to download the actual files needed to install Office. Once it’s completed downloading, it will go through the installation—it’s really a very quick process.

Now that Office Starter is installed, head to the Start Menu, go to All Programs and open the Microsoft Office 2010 Tools folder, and then launch the Microsoft Office Starter To-Go Device Manager 2010—or you could just search for it in the Start Menu search box.


Again Office will now download more files.

Microsoft Office For Mac Pro

Once downloaded you will be asked which drive you would like to install Office on.

Office will now be installed to your USB.

Microsoft Office For Mac 2011

Once you see that the installation is complete your USB is ready to go.

If you open explorer you will see that your USB with Office on it has a nice new icon.

Office To-Go has a launch application on the root of the drive called Office.exe from which you can launch Word and Excel.

That’s all there is to it guys, enjoy your portable installation of Office 2010 Starter.


Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Download For Mac Windows 10

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