Medieval 2 1.2 Patch Download Rar

Community Join our Discord Server Join our Weekly Q&A Thread. Could anyone provide a link to download the 3.2 patch of Third Age mod for M2TW? I'm already downloading the 3.0 version on torrent. I have the 3.2 patch on my desktop, i could upload it to mega if you want.


version: v.1.2 - v.1.3 ENG

Medieval II: Total War v1.3 fixes :

Medieval 2 1.2 Patch Download Rar

Core Medieval II settlement data updated to function correctly with Medieval II: Kingdoms.

Fixes some instances of floating settlements in Medieval II: TW and Medieval II: Kingdoms.

This patch is valid for the English (US as well as UK), French, Italian, German, and Spanish editions of the game.

Medieval 2 1.2 Patch Download Rare Earth

Report problems with download to [email protected]

Medieval 2 1.2 Patch






7 days

Medieval II: Total War - v.1.2 ENGpatch613.3 MB5/7/200718.9K64
Medieval II: Total War - v.1.2 - v.1.3 ENGpatch521 MB9/5/200721.1K49
Medieval II: Total War - Hyrule: Total War v.4.6amod2589.2 MB6/5/201918.5K22
Medieval II: Total War - Medieval: Total War Redux v.1007betamod273.9 MB11/3/20171.7K21
Medieval II: Total War - Golddemo639.9 MB10/27/200632.5K21
Medieval II: Total War - Red Falcon - Medieval Campaign Version v.2016mod228.3 MB5/13/201613.9K20
Medieval II: Total War - Egypt Rising Mod v.18042019mod147.4 MB5/2/201919016
Medieval II: Total War - Saxon unlocked M2:TW v.0.5bmod19.1 KB5/6/201881915