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Lightroom presets free download - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, Aperture Presets, and many more programs. AVG AntiVirus for Mac. View all Mac. We have put together all the best Adobe Lightroom Presets for you to Download - Includes Collections & Bundles for Different Styles of Photography for 2019. Get 5 Months Free & 30% Off All Plans. Click the coupon code to copy and open the link ».

How to install Lightroom presets on a Mac computer. We have screenshots and free instructions here: We finally have the option to install Lightroom presets from a zipped archive. This means that when you download any of the Lightroom presets from my site ( free collection or paid products), you do not have to unzip them. Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Mac free. Bring out the best in your photographs.

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Download these universal Lightroom Wedding Presets to improve your images and make them beautiful and stunning in just several clicks. You can use these original wedding filters in the full Lightroom desktop version as well as for LR Mobile. Download this package of 10 Lightroom Wedding Presets free of charge and your image editing workflow will become easier and twice faster.

Wedding Lightroom Presets Collection Includes:

450 Free Lightroom Wedding Presets Bundle Includes:

We offer you a set of 450 Lightroom Wedding Presets. It is possible to apply these filters to various wedding images (engagement, couple, wedding party, etc.) and fix color, lighting, and other problems connected with overexposure. All Lr presets are universal and can be easily adjusted for your photographs. Enhance your wedding pictures, get rid of small light flaws in just a few clicks with these amazing Lightroom Presets.

Lightroom Presets Wedding #1 'Cold Wind'
Need to do something with too dark shots that spoil the whole impression of the wedding day? Try this wedding preset, which costs nothing, to make images look more vivid and bright. Not suitable for studio photos.
Wedding Lightroom Presets #2 'Sunny Day'
Photos lack some warm colors? Make them look softer using one of free wedding Lightroom presets. It is a great solution for images with too much brightness. This preset will fill them with tenderness and delicacy.
Free Wedding Lightroom Presets #3 'Contrast'
For images with poor contrast level, this Lightroom wedding preset free is a great tool to cope with the problem. It will make photos look sharper and brighter, and will enhance their details.
Wedding Presets #4 'Cloudy'
This is one of the best free Lightroom presets for wedding photographers. Its special technique of highlighting will turn even an amateur shot into a top-notch photo with balanced colors and shadows.
Free Lr Wedding Presets #5 'Matte Effect'
In case your shots suffer from being too sharp and lack softer lines, download these wedding presets with a matte effect. It is especially good for bridal portraits as it makes them look more delicate.
Wedding Presets #6 'Matte Dream'
These Premium Lightroom wedding presets will let you experiment with the photos applying various kinds of matte effects. There are up to 70 presets you can use to make the wedding images look gorgeous and elegant.
Free Lr Presets Wedding Photography #7 'Soft'
Use this wonderful filter if your models’ skin requires some smoothing. This free wedding preset makes your pictures lighter and softer. Your bride’s skin texture will become soft and pinkish in several clicks.
Wedding Lightroom Presets Free #8 'Greenery'
You need a filter to cope with the dull light and poor color saturation. Avoid using it with studio photos. A soft yellowish tint will give your bridal and couple images warmth and softness.
Wedding Presets #9 'Wedding Classic'
This is one of the best wedding Lightroom presets set that mutes bright colors. There are 30 various filters to enhance images adding a special atmosphere of celebration and excitement.
Wedding Preset #10 'Black and White'
Bring your photos a light touch of the old black&white classic style. With this wedding preset your images will get elegant and sophisticated look capturing one of the best life moments.
Free Wedding Presets #11 'Vintage Style'
Why not add to wedding photos a stylish look with vintage touch using one of the following Lightroom wedding presets free. Light brownish tints will be a perfect suit for wedding photos taken somewhere by the lake or sea.
Wedding Presets for Lr #12 'Warm Filter'
Looking for some great filters to reach tender warmth in the wedding photos? Try one of the wedding Lightroom presets free. This filter will take care of image softness and clear tones.

Free Wedding Lightroom Presets for Bridal Portraits

These are the best presets for Lightroom, which are usually used by professional retouchers during the portrait enhancing. They soften the lines, lighten the saturated colors and give a gentle look to your portraits. Highly recommended for bridal portraits and baby photographs.

Free Wedding Preset #13 'Contrast'
Add some contrast to wedding images or balance its saturation with this set of Lightroom wedding presets. Note that it is a perfect choice for bridal studio portraits as it provides shots with soft lines and balanced light.
Free Wedding Preset #14 'Saturation'
Got wedding images in blue tones? This is one of the most suitable Lightroom wedding presets to enhance their quality. It will also underline the unique tones of the shots.
Free Wedding Preset #15 'B&W'Free
If you want to make an accent on the bride’s emotions, then this wedding preset for portrait photos is the best way to do it. Take colors off to show sheer feelings.
Free Lightroom Wedding Presets #16 'Wind'
The yellow-green tone provided by this preset will make the photos more vivid and bright. Choose this wedding preset to add more colors to the shots.
Free Wedding Preset #17 'Sun Flares'
To make the wedding images look warmer and sunnier, you need one of these wedding Lightroom presets. The “Sun Flares” filer will keep the photos clear while playing with the colors and contrast.
Free Lightroom Wedding Preset #18 'Matte'
This is one of the best free wedding Lightroom presets to experiment with colors and tones. It will boost saturation and is perfect for wedding shots taken somewhere outside.
Free Wedding Presets #19 'Cold Shadows'
Photos taken in rain will get excellent editing with this Lightroom wedding preset free. Cold tones will add a special atmosphere to the shots making them look really unique.
Free Lightroom Wedding Preset #20 'Old Style'
Make portrait shots look gorgeous using this wedding preset. “Old Style” filter draws special attention to the emotional side of the photo. It’s an excellent choice for wedding close-ups.
Lightroom Wedding Presets #21 'Cinematic'
In case you need moody photos, try this “Cinematic” filter. It is one of the best wedding Lightroom presets for shots taken against the architecture background. This filter will also save photos taken in dull weather.
Lightroom Presets Wedding #22 'Nature'
Wedding photos must look gorgeous. One of the best ways to do this is to use such Lightroom wedding preset free as “Nature”. It enhances the skin look and saves the warmth of the shots.
Wedding Lightroom Presets #23 'Fall'
Fall is one of the most beloved periods for wedding photography. With this wedding preset you will get an ideal balance of red, orange and yellow colors, as well as get beautiful shades without losing natural tones.
Instagram Preset for Lr #24 'Vintage'
Retro photos have a unique dramatic effect which takes you to the past. Wedding shots with such vintage touch are especially emotionally-colored. Try this wedding preset and see how it works.
Lightroom Presets Weddings #25 'Color POP'
It is definitely one of the most effective free wedding Lightroom presets to enhance backlit portraits. Get the colors slightly washed out to make the images look more elegant and sophisticated.
Wedding Presets Lightroom #26 'Sharpening'
To show full details of the photos use this wedding preset. It will take care of the image sharpness getting rid of blurs. It will be a great choice for close-ups.
Lightroom Wedding Presets Free #27 'Pure'
Start working with your images using this Lightroom wedding preset free. It will be a great beginning for further color correction. This “Pure” preset will be great both for outdoor and studio shots.
Free Lightroom Wedding Presets #28 'Fashion'
Make photos look trendy using this 'Fashion' filter. It is one of the free wedding Lightroom presets which can be used to add some glamorous effect to the images turning them into the covers of the fashion magazines.
Wedding Filters #29 'Brighten'
To save phots with too many dark areas and shades use the Lightroom wedding preset free. It makes the images look more lifelike and vivid without changing the general color background or texture.
Wedding Preset #30 'Pink Glasses'
This filter is an excellent choice for portrait in cold colors. This wedding preset will make the images look a bit surreal and unusual without any blurs, keeping all subjects clear.
Wedding Lightroom Presets Free #31 'Best'
There is no need to change colors to improve image quality and this wedding preset can prove this. Use “Best” and see how natural beauty can become even more exciting.
Wedding Lr Presets Free #32 'Brighten'
Download this wedding preset to enhance your wedding pictures that you’re going to post in Instagram. It is inspired by organic tones and gives your outdoor wedding photos a film effect in several clicks.
Wedding Presets Lightroom Free #33 'Darken'
If you like experiments with dark colors then this is one of the best free wedding Lightroom presets to start with. Just be careful not to make the images too dark as they will lose their vivid look.

Get the Best Lightroom Presets created by FixThePhoto

Would you like to have extra Free Lightroom Presets? Find out what we offer. By applying these Lightroom wedding presets you can emphasize the couple’s beauty and complete the image. It is a great choice for the photos with insufficient contrast and vibration. Be careful and do not apply these filters with bright and saturated images.

Free Portrait Lightroom Presets #34
These wedding presets Lightroom will boost image quality just in a few seconds. The set of 40 filters for portrait photos is a great tool to correct color balance, experiment with cold shadows, add matte effect, etc.
Best Free Lightroom Presets Wedding #35
To make the wedding images really gorgeous, try free wedding Lightroom presets which will help you cope with dim lights, poor colors or low contrast level. Select the best filters to get the most impressive results.
Best Free Lr Presets 2019 #36
These wedding presets are aimed to make event images look trendy and stylish. Get this bundle to make editing more effective and less time-consuming.
Free Lightroom HDR Presets #37
These wedding presets will be a great tool for editing landscape and architecture photos taken at the wedding ceremony. Balanced lights and excellent color tones are guaranteed.
Free Lr Presets for Landscapes #38
Got wedding images taken somewhere in the mountains and need free Lightroom presets wedding to make them look perfect? These Lr filters will add some vivid tones to group photos making them look more lifelike.
Free Street Photography Lr Presets #39
Wedding shots taken in the busy city streets are full of life. Make them look even more exciting with this bundle of wedding presets for street photography adjusting color settings and contrast level in several clicks.
Lightroom Black and White Presets Free #40
Get top-notch black & white wedding shots with this filter. It’s one of the most popular filter among Lightroom wedding presets. Note that this bundle comes with 10 different filters to reach the best results.
Free Film Presets for Lightroom #41
Why not add some film look to your images with one of the free wedding Lightroom presets? Enhance the photo quality preserving their natural look.
Free Matte Lightroom Presets #42
Sometimes to make the photos look perfect you need to add a light matte effect. You can do this with free matte wedding presets for Lightroom and get impressive results just in several minutes.

Lightroom For Free Mac

Free Sunrise Lightroom Presets #43
Sunrise can be one of the most romantic periods for wedding shots. These Lightroom wedding presets free are one of the best tools to enhance images taken at the Golden Hour.
Free Sunset Presets for Lightroom #44
Wedding shots taken during sunset are incredible. To edit such images you need special wedding presets. These free filters will help you save the warmth of the shots boosting their quality.
Free Glow Lightroom Presets #45
Want to provide images with a Fuji Film Simulation effect just in a few seconds? Then this bundle of free wedding Lightroom presets was designed for you.

We recommend applying this type of Lightroom presets weddings for the images that have problems with white balance. This Lr filter influences on the dark areas of the picture. If white colors dominate in the photo then you should not use this plugin. These cool wedding Lightroom presets will help you correct flaws in the photos taken on the overcast day or in dim light. The Lr filter adds some light shades and saturates green tones. But it is not suitable for the wedding images taken on a bright sunny day.

Why Should you Use Free Lightroom Wedding Presets

Even after the most successful wedding shootings, photographers need much time to enhance the photographs – make photo culling, color correction, and basic photo editing. To reduce the time you spend on picture editing, we have prepared for you a special bundle of Free Lightroom Presets Wedding. You can find the Lr plugins that are perfect for your photographs. They can fix any problem practically in no time. The bundle consists of LR presets for outdoor and indoor photos, a black and white plugin, Lightroom presets VSCO, LR vintage filters and more. The process of wedding picture editing is complex and some photographers don’t believe in the power of LR filters.

Features of Presets Lightroom Wedding Free

  • 10 Lightroom Wedding Presets
  • Compatible with all versions of Adobe LR including LR Mobile
  • Suitable for editing JPEG and RAW images
  • Mac and PC
  • They are fully customizable
  • XMP files inluded

If you are still hesitating, check out the pros of professional wedding Lightroom presets we provide:

  • Saves time. By using LR plugin you can immediately make your image 85-90% edited. Sometimes using presets is enough to give your photo a professional look and turn it into a stunning masterpiece!
  • Variety. Wedding presets will provide you creative possibilities that will let you lay on various styles and see which is suitable for a particular picture or the entire photo shoot.
  • Full customization. All the filters can be easily customized and the changes happen just in few seconds.
  • Batch image editing. The ability to edit several photos at the same time by using synchronization is one of the most significant advantages of LR. The combined use of ready-made Lightroom wedding presets and batch editing allows you to speed up the process of photo color correction and achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.

Classic b&w presets are very popular among wedding and portrait photographers. This Lr filter allows you not only to focus on the newlyweds but it will make the image more emotional and touching especially in harsh light. It won’t suit night pictures as they will get too dark. Vintage Style Lightroom preset works great with the photos taken near water or against a blue sky. It adds a bit of brown and yellow shades that give the photos a trendy vintage look.

This Lr filter affects the values of shadows and highlights as a result of which you get a clear image with excellent contrast. This wedding Lr preset is awesome for outdoor photos taken in dim sunlight. Try this amazing filter and get impressive results.

How to Install Lr Presets

You've installed our Lightroom presets but have some questions about them? Read our complete guides to How to Add Presets to Lightroom and How to Use Lightroom Presets for fast photo editing. Find all the answers in these articles to start professional image color correction right now.



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