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Get the newest patch for the game Legend of Grimrock Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawling role playing game with oldschool gameplay. The game features highly tactical real-time combat and grid-based movement, devious hidden switches and secrets as well as deadly traps and horrible monsters. The 1.3.1 cumulative patch for Legend of Grimrock. Follow Report Profile. Platforms Windows, Mac, iOS, iPad. Developer Almost Human Ltd. Engine Custom. Contact Send Message. Homepage Grimrock.net. Release date Released 2012. Downloads 6,511 Downloads Today 0 New Add file. Popular Files.

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Legend of Grimrock Free Download for PC is a fantasy themed action role-playing game from Finnish indie video game developer «Almost Human». The video game is a 3D grid-based, real-time dungeon crawler based on the classic 1987 action fantasy role-playing game Dungeon Master. The Legend of Grimrock authors also mention other games as inspiration for the remake, including Eye of the Beholder and Ultima Underworld. It was released on 11 April 2012 for Microsoft Windows, for Mac and Linux in December 2012, and for iPad in May 2015.

Legend of Grimrock is the debut game of Almost Human, a four-man indie development team formed in February 2011, which self-financed the title's development. A sequel, Legend of Grimrock II, was released in October 2014. Legend of Grimrock download free. full Version.


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v. 2.2.4


– optimized performance of the graphics engine

– added max draw distance option to grimrock.cfg

– optimized input latency especially when frame rate drops below 60 fps

– added touchscreen mode to game options (enables attacking with left mouse button)

– improved dynamic lighting effects when using low quality rendering mode

– bug fix: tomb of guardians puzzle could end up in an incorrect state

– bug fix: projectiles don’t pass through open cemetery gate

– bug fix: a monster standing in a monster blocker square can’t be melee attacked

Legend Of Grimrock Patch Download

– bug fix: skeleton archers can be poisoned

– bug fix: projectiles stuck in a fire elemental are lost when the elemental hits the party and explodes

– bug fix: snakes inside force fields can be hit with projectiles

– bug fix: knockback can move the party while falling

– bug fix: spell panel remains open when using bare hands to cast and items are equipped into mage’s hands

– bug fix: loot dropped by monsters is sometimes (very rarely) spawned in wrong square

– bug fix: non-stackable throwing items stack when auto-picked up

– bug fix: removed “invisible” energy potion in shipwreck beach

– bug fix: click zones of menu options in main menu and pause menu are slightly off


– improved error handling of illegal object references in scripts

Legend Of Grimrock Free Download


– video *.ivf files are now automatically exported to mods

– added support for drawing portraits using the gui context

– added defineCondition function for creating custom conditions

Grimrock 3

– added 35 new scripting functions and hooks

Legend Of Grimrock Patch Download Windows 7

– ItemComponent:setGameEffect() now accepts nil parameter

– bug fix: FirearmAttackComponent:setBaseDamageStats() has an incorrect argument type

– bug fix: ProjectileComponent:setCastByChampion() has an incorrect argument type

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– bug fix: MaterialEx:setTexture() does not work for standard textures (diffuseMap, specularMap, normalMap, emissiveMap)

The Legend Of Grimrock

– bug fix: calling setDoorState() after the level has been loaded does not work

– bug fix: TeleporterComponent:getTeleportTarget() and StairComponent:getTeleportTarget() do not support multiple return values

Legend Of Grimrock Patch Download Full

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