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A modder has created an entirely new – and nude – game model for Zoey form Left 4 Dead. They’re censored but it might be. Read moreL4D Nude Zoey Patch. Left 4 Dead PC Download Full You should also consider playing Left 4 Dead 2, the sequel. Other shooting games mixed up with zombies include Dead Island 2, H1Z1 and DayZ.

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  2. Memang untuk alur cerita left 4 dead 2 download tergolong mirip dengan pendahulunya, tetapi untuk masalah setting tempat dan desain grafis sudah jelas sangatlah menawan dibanding Left 4 Dead 1.Ada banyak sekali efek-efek baru, tempat baru, dan desain grafis baru lainnya, seakan visual game satu ini semakin sempurna dan nyata dari pada versi sebelumnya.
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How to use the trainer:
In very simple terms, download the trainer, use WinRAR to open the file, extract the .exe file (which is the trainer of course). Start the game, then press ALT + Tab on your keyboard to minimize the game window, now go to where you extracted the trainer exe, double click it, when the trainer starts you will be presented with the options such as unlimited ammo, god mode, no reload etc. Each one of these options will have a 'Hotkey' associated with it, this HotKey or keyboard key is the keyboard key you must press when in game to activate and use this particular option, so click back into the game by clicking on the game tab in the task bar, when back in the game press the Hotkey to activate one of the options. Always read the .nfo / readme that comes with a trainer (or by clicking the Info button when you run the trainer) to check if there any special instructions.

Common problems when using a trainer:
- False virus/trojan alerts:
It rarely happens, but if your Antivirus program gives a warning, it is a FALSE POSITIVE! The file is NOT a virus or trojan, because of the way a trainer operates, by running in the games memory and the trainer using hotkeys often a virus scanner detects this as suspicious activity and flags it as a virus or trojan that will harm your PC. It is harmless! E-mailing me and abusing me that files on the site are viruses/trojans is wasting both your time and my time, why would I upload viruses and trojans when these same files reside on my own computer, this would be a bit risky for me wouldn't you think? If your virus scanner gives a warning for a trainer and your still not sure, don't use the trainer, using any of the files from GamePatchPlanet is done so at your own risk as stated in the Disclaimer.

- Compatibility problems: Trainers that were made for older games that ran under Windows 95/Windows 98/Windows 2000 etc. will often not run when your using a newer version of Windows OS. To fix this, right click the trainer .exe and choose Properties, then change the compatibility mode.
Some trainers only work when you are running Windows as admin.

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- Game & Trainer versions: When looking for a trainer please take note that the trainer version must match your game version, patch updates will alter memory addresses and will make a trainer redundant for that version more often than not. Usually when someone complains a trainer is not working for them 99% of the time it is as simple as the trainer version being different to their game version.

- Trainer options confusion: Some people often say that they count the trainer as having 8 options but itis only listed as a +6 trainer on the site or by the author, the reason for thisis quite simple and also a scene standard for some time, having an option that simply turns off or returns a value to normal is not included, the same applies for ateleportation system, e.g. Save Position, Teleport, Undo Teleport, because theyare the same option they are only listed as 1 option. Long ago however every single option was included, even if it was a turn on/turn off option, that's why you will see trainers for some older games being listed with more options.

- Additional trainer information: When game trainers first started appearing they consisted of only a few Bytes of data, this gradually grew to a few KB and then a few hundred KB as the trainer GUI became more visually appealing and trainer makers incorporated images into the trainers GUI. However, in recent years game trainer sizes have increased into several MB of size and people are not often sure why such a small program is in the several MB of size, naturally people are suspicious of its contents believing something nasty is packed in there (which can happen if you download from a non-reputable site) the reason they are larger in size is because people began stealing other peoples trainer contents and repacking it as their own, so trainer makers started using DRM to protect their work and prevent trainer theft.

A modder has created an entirely new – and nude – game model for Zoey form Left 4 Dead.

They’re censored but it might be a bad idea to click the images if you are at work.

Having previously created a nude patch/mod for Age of Conan, Zaigo has done more than most modders do with nude patches: It’s not a new skin, it’s a completely new model for Zoey.”She has some clothes on, but hardly enough to cover anything at all,” he wrote.”You will also notice that her “lovelies” bounce when she runs or walks and Francis, Louis and Bill can’t stop staring.”

“She also has one extra nice little feature I’ll leave to you to find out,” he wrote.

Facial expressions are not implemented, and it seems unlikely they will be, as Zaigo expressed it’s “not like she has focused dialogue.”

You can read more in the entry about the mod at L4Dmods.com, read or comment in their forum thread, download the mod, or visit the artist’s blog.

Left 4 Dead 1 Patch Download

Please note that using this mod might be against the EULA, and you could possibly be suspended from playing online if found using it. This mod has nothing to do with Valve or EA, unlike the MGO Bikini patch which is an official patch by the developer Konami.