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What is Kodi?

Kodi has been around for more than a decade now. It has been known to be one of the best reliable media centers for millions of households. The software is available to almost all platforms including but not limited to Kodi for Android, Kodi for iOS, and Kodi for Windows PC.


If you think you already know about all the free multimedia software on the internet but not heard about Kodi, then you are missing something big. But since you are here, let us tell you all you need to know about Kodi and how you can take advantage of all its features.

Download Kodi for Android APK (Official): Kodi application is compatible with all existing operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Linux, etc. Its interface is very user-friendly and also has the options of the remote control to undertake tasks. Safe to Download. This APK is signed by XBMC Foundation and upgrades your existing app. Certificate fingerprints. Add missing libgif.so to the Android package Fix Kodi freezing if no ADSP add-on is present. Show & Movie Manager 46. Google App 8.91.2 beta. Nextdoor - Local neighborhood news & classifieds 2.92.

If you’re an Android owner who wants to start using Kodi, it’s as easy as visiting the Google Play store.Just download it to your Android device, load in a micro card with the files you want. Here is a quick guide on how to install Kodi and also how to use Kodi in order to get the most out of this free media streaming tool. Then go to the Downloads folder and copy the. You can now stream Kodi (XBMC) from your Android phone or table to your Google Chromecast. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to stream movies and TV shows from the Kodi (XBMC) app on your Android device to your Chromecast so you can watch movies on the big screen.

Kodi Runs on Everything

Kodi is cross-platform compatible. It can run on Android, Windows PC or laptop, Windows Phone, Kodi for Roku, iPhone, iPad, Kodi for Mac devices, Raspberry Pi, and Kodi for Linux based distributions.

Basically, if you own any device which can play videos, there is a very good chance that you can download kodi on it.

Awesome Add-ons

There are some awesome Kodi add-ons to choose from. These add-ons can make the software perform more tasks and even customize the overall look and feel.

There are some awesome Kodi add-ons to choose from. These add-ons can make the software perform more tasks and even customize the overall look and feel.

It’s Open Source

The open-source community makes this software free for all to download and use. And with its popularity, many developers are working closely behind this project.

Also, this software receives constant updates that fix present bugs or add more features and functionalities within its core.

Watch Anything and Everything

Kodi can connect to internet servers and websites to stream their content to your device. While this is possible within the Kodi software, some restrictions must still be in effect. Many people like to use best Kodi VPNs.

The XBMC Foundation does not allow media or any content piracy. So user’s discretion is advised.

Play Any Type of Video

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It can play most video formats especially those on H.264. The H.265 has support, but that would require hardware that can render that type of media.

Aside from videos, Kodi can also run music with some of the popular formats such as OGG, MP3, and AAC.

Customize How you Like

Kodi Movie Download Folder Android Free

Speaking of customization, you can organize all your media files according to its genre, alphabetical order, date of release, and even popularity. This makes using the software much easier than most multimedia centers available online.

We are very confident that you will love kodi tv for sure.

Is Kodi Legal?

Kodi in its very core and basic form is legal. The fact that this open-source software is still here and being supported by a huge community says a lot about its integrity. It is as legitimate as any web browser that you know and currently using.

The notion that Kodi is illegal because it is being used as a platform to deliver pirated content is wildly being misinterpreted. As mentioned earlier, Kodi comes as a software and as a multimedia box. You are the one to decide to put and play any media content on this software as much as you like.

But if a user decides to distribute his personal collection of copyrighted videos and music through Kodi, then that turns it into a different story. Like what we have said, Kodi is as legal as any web browser. That means as long as you use your web browser to visit legal sites like Netflix to watch TV shows, then that is legal. But you can also use your web browser to stream pirated videos, and that puts you in control of your decision.

So to the question, if Kodi is legal, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” It only becomes a tool for piracy depending on the user’s actions. If you want Kodi as a legal platform, put legal media content in it. Or use your personal media collection in it and never distribute it for other purposes other than private consumption.

Is Kodi Safe?

Kodi is safe in its original form. Like any other software created to help and improve the lives of its users, the Kodi software is to provide entertainment in its simplest factor with simple controls.

Kodi Movies Download Folder Android

The Kodi software only becomes unsafe when someone modifies it and turns its purpose into a different and ill-intent focus. There are some people that take advantage of the popularity of Kodi and exploit it for their own gain.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you get Kodi from a legit source like from this website. If you download Kodi from shady sites, you could end up with a malware-infested smartphone or something similar to that.

What Can Kodi Do?

Kodi had evolved a lot from when it was just a part of an Xbox device’s media manager back in 2002. It has turned into a simple media center into a full-fledged all-around media station.

To give you a better view of how much you can do on a Kodi environment, we have listed some of its most popular usages. See if some of these uses and functionalities fit on your needs.

  • Kodi, as a basic media center, can organize all your media content from your device. It is like a gallery on your smartphone that can open all media. If you intend to use Kodi as just on its basic form, it would be such a waste given its add-ons and many other features.
  • Kodi supports add-ons that connect to your favorite website that provides free media content.
  • As a media center, Kodi can access your local network storage and provides all of it on your device. This feature is not limited to a single device. In fact, you can use multiple devices to access the same local network storage so you can all watch different shows or movies using only a single source.
  • There are currently devices in the market that has Kodi pre-built into them. The most common devices are Android boxes. These devices have a TV function that can work alongside Kodi to provide live TV stream for free.
  • If you are familiar with how Apple synchronizes a person’s media files and other content from different Apple devices, Kodi can do a similar task. It is able to sync media content across devices with Kodi and have all your devices show the same list of media at the same time. This is possible through some specific add-ons.
  • You can also record live TV or shows that streams on your device so you can watch it for later.
  • There are also devices that Kodi supports such as Smart TVs, projectors, and some speakers as well. That is why it is a media center in the first place.

In Conclusion

Kodi is developed by good people with the intention to bring the best user experience for all its users. It was never intended to cause harm, do illegal stuff, or make the lives of other people bad. We can prevent that from happening by using the Kodi ecosystem responsibly. It is us, the users that define what a Kodi is as a tool. So if you decide to make Kodi as your all-around entertainment station, make sure to only use it as intended and designed.

So what do you think about Kodi? Do you think this is the entertainment center that you have been looking for? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section. We would be happy to learn what you guys think.

If you have other questions, you may ask it by leaving your messages in the comment section. We will try the soonest possible to answer all your queries. We will be more than happy to assist you in guiding your way to using Kodi in your personal lives or your homes.