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Adjust Font Size
Increase by Increment (set in Preferences)Cmd-Shift->
Decrease by IncrementCmd-Shift-<
(add Option to the above keystrokes to make them Increment x 5)
Adjust Leading
Increase by Increment (set in Preferences)Option-down arrow
Decrease by IncrementOption-up arrow
(add Cmd to the above keystrokes to make them Increment x 5)
Revert to Auto LeadingCmd-Option-Shift-A
Adjust Kerning / Tracking & Word Spacing
Increase by Increment (set in Preferences)Option-right arrow
Decrease by IncrementOption-left arrow
(add Cmd to the above keystrokes to make them Increment x 5)
Increase between wordsCmd-Option-Shift-
Decrease between wordsCmd-Option-Shift-Delete
Clear all manual kerning, tracking, and word spacingCmd-Option-Q
Adjust Baseline Shift
Move Up by Increment (set in Preferences)Option-Shift-up arrow
Move Down by IncrementOption-Shift-down arrow
(add Cmd to the above keystrokes to make them Increment x 5)
Scaling Pictures
Make sure the picture content is selected (not the frame that it's inside)
Scale 5% BiggerCmd-Opt->
Scale 5% SmallerCmd-Opt-<
Scale 1% BiggerCmd->
Scale 1% SmallerCmd-<
Fitting Content & Pictures
Fit Content ProportionallyCmd-Opt-Shift-E
Fill Frame ProportionallyCmd-Opt-Shift-C
Center ContentCmd-Shift-E
Fit Frame to ContentCmd-Opt-C
Nudging Objects
Move by Increment (set in Preferences)Any arrow key
Move by Increment x 10Shift-any arrow key
Move by Increment x 1/10Cmd-Shift-any arrow key
Flowing Text
Multi-Page Autoflow (creates additional pages)Shift-click
Semi-autoflow (keeps text in cursor so you can continue flowing)Option-click
Fixed-Page Autoflow (does not create additional pages)Shift-Option-click
Styling Text & Working with Styles
All CapsCmd-Shift-K
Edit Style Sheet without Applying itCmd-Option-Shift-Double click style
Redefine a Paragraph StyleCmd-Opt–Shift-R
Redefine a Character StyleCmd-Opt–Shift-C
Working with Paragraph Styles
To remove local formatting (non Style changes)Opt-click Style Name
To remove local formatting and Character StylesOpt-Shift-click Style Name
Working with Master Pages
Override a single master page item on a document pageCmd-Shift-click it
Override several master page itemsCmd-Shift-drag a marquee over them
Override all master page items on pages selected in Pages panelCmd-Opt-Shift-L
Insert Special Characters
Indent to HereCmd-
Right Indent TabShift-Tab
Discretionary HyphenCmd-Shift-hyphen (-)
Nonbreaking HyphenCmd-Opt-hyphen (-)
Type in Single Straight Quote (Foot Mark)Ctrl-'
Type in Double Straight Quote (Inch Mark)Ctrl-Shift-'
Current Page Number (Auto Page Numbering)Cmd-Opt-Shift-N
Insert White Space
Em spaceCmd-Shift-M
En spaceCmd-Shift-N
Nonbreaking spaceCmd-Opt-X
Thin spaceCmd-Opt-Shift-M
Insert Break Characters
Column BreakEnter (on keypad)
Frame BreakShift-Enter (on keypad)
Page BreakCmd-Enter (on keypad)
Forced Line Break (or “soft return”)Shift-Return
Moving Text Cursor
Move cursor to beginning or end of lineHome or End
Move cursor one word to the left/rightCmd-Left/right arrow
Move cursor to Previous paragraphCmd-Up Arrow
Move cursor to Next paragraphCmd-Down Arrow
Selecting & Working with Text
Leave Text Frame and switch to Selection toolEsc
Select from cursor to beginning or end of lineShift-Home or Shift-End
Select from cursor to end of storyCmd-Shift-End
Select from cursor to beginning of storyCmd-Shift-Home
Select whole wordDouble-click
Select lineCmd-Shift- (or Triple-click)
Select one word to the left/rightCmd-Shift-Left/Right arrow
Navigating & Scrolling Through Documents
Scroll using Hand toolOption-Spacebar-Drag
Go to the First PageCmd-Shift-Page Up
Go to the Last PageCmd-Shift-Page Down
Go to Page (then type in page number)Cmd-J
Switch between open DocumentsCmd-tilde(~)
Get the Zoom in tool without selecting itHold then Space
Get the Zoom out tool without selecting itHold then Space and Option
Zoom In or OutCmd-plus(+) or Cmd-minus(-)
Fit Page in WindowCmd-0 (zero)
Fit Spread in WindowCmd-Option-0 (zero)
Access zoom percentage box (so you can enter a zoom level)Cmd-Opt-5
Toggle between current and previous zoom levelsCmd-Opt-2
Find / Change
Insert selected text into Find What boxCmd-F1
Insert selected text into Find What box and then Find Next instanceShift-F1
Find the next occurrence of Find What textShift-F2 or Cmd-Option-F
Insert selected text into Change To boxCmd-F2
Replace selected text with Change To textCmd-F3
Replace selected text with Change To text and Find NextShift-F3
Working with Panels
Highlight the first option in the Control panelCmd-6
Toggle Control panel between Character & Paragraph optionsCmd-Opt-7
Apply a value but keep it highlighted in panelShift-Return
Show/Hide all Panels including ToolboxTab (while not in a text frame)
Show/Hide all Panels except the ToolboxShift-Tab (while not in a text frame)
Expand/Collapse Panel StacksCmd-Opt-Tab (while not in a text frame)
Create new (style, swatches, etc) & display options dialogOpt-click New button
Working with Dialog Boxes
Rotate down through section of options displayed on the leftPage Down
Rotate up through section of options displayed on the leftPage Up
Jump to section of options displayed on the leftCmd-1 for 1st, Cmd-2 for 2nd, etc.
Choose Yes, No, Don't Save, or SaveY, N, D, or S
Miscellaneous Good Stuff
Select frame hidden behind anotherHold and keep clicking frame stack
Increase/decrease a value in a fieldClick in field, press up/down arrow
Highlight the Last Used Field (in a panel)Cmd-Option-tilde(~)
Tabs panel: Move Left Indent (triangle) without moving First Line IndentHold Shift while dragging the (bottom) triangle
Select all GuidesCmd-Opt-G
Select an Individual Table CellWith Type tool, click in cell and hit Esc
Quick ApplyPress Cmd-Return. Then start typing a style name, menu item, text variable, etc. Then press Return to apply.
Sort Menus AlphabeticallyHold Cmd-Opt-Shift and click on Menu
Toggle Typographer's Quotes preferenceCmd-Opt-Shift-'
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