Half Life 2 Non Steam Patch Download

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How To Install Mods For Half Life 2 Non Steam

This is an incredibly simple tutorial, which explains how to manually install Half-Life 2 mods, which don't come with an auto installer. This tutorial is only designed to act as a guide, if you run into any difficulties - please see the readme / instructions which came with the mod, or contact the team who made the mod.
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Non Steam Ro

Half Life 2 Non Steam Patch Download
  1. Download The Mod (usually comes in .zip or .rar [Click here to get winrar(free)]
  2. Extract it somewhere (i do it to my desktop).( Extract to button:)
  3. Then click My Computer
  4. Goto this folder:
  5. Copy All Files To The Above Folder ( usually a readme of what files! )
  6. Then Restart Steam:

  7. Should Show Up In Steam Games List: