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Guilty Dragon English Patch Download Free

So I've seen posts about piros mentioning they are already working on the next version of The World. But I have not seen anyone mention Zelkova or Aura's comments that hint another game is in the works.


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Zelkova assures Haseo that he will be present in whatever form the world takes next (cuz he's an AI!?! Was that hinted at in vol 1-3?).

  1. Covering release dates for major and other relevant stuff spanning over a decade of.hack goodness!Eventually! This will only cover North America and Japan regions as I wouldn't even know where ta begin looking up dates for other places.
  2. You know on this subject since I haven't played the English Patch of the game, aren't the A.I. On a different level on complexity than normal ones, I distinctly remember how after Kite was shot the second time, how the character had fallen into a coma, and other things like the A.I. Emailing Tokio and mentioning what they did in the real world (the one that exist for them) yesterday and so on.

Aura in the ending says the world will return or something too I can't remember exactly.

Any wild speculation? VR? Actually online game?


Geoff Embree has released a full English translation patch for 7th Dragon 2020 on PSP.

The 520 MB patch can be downloaded via torrent or

Guilty Dragon English Patch Download Pc

There is a glitch with the name entry screen that forces you to use full-width text, rather than the basic Latin alphabet in the on-screen keyboard, which you can reach by pressing the L button.

Guilty Dragon English Patch Download Full

7th Dragon 2020 is developed by Imageepoch and was released for PSP in Japan on November 23, 2011. It is a spin-off followup to 7th Dragon. Both titles, as well as 7th Dragon 2020-II, were never localized, but the next game, 7th Dragon III Code: VFD for 3DS, is due out in the Americas on July 12. A fan translation for the original 7th Dragon was released in April 2014.