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  1. Spore collection on sale @ gog.com. Submitted 2 years ago. In any case, GOG spore is immensely more stable than Origin spore. It also works far better with mods than steam spore does (at least for me). EDIT: Ah fuck it, I went ahead and purchased the gog version. I also got the Origin version through the provided keys.
  2. Jul 18, 2011  Remember The Keys Are Free! AV99-PTK6-9FJP-59FJ-TRLD S4B3-9CGX-8ZEL-X8Z6-QRLD 2ZKK-B2BH-RQ2F-ERQS-JRLD S5BK-6777-N9EB-DN96-FRLD A9R9-RGCW-CQ2G-YCQ2-LRLD And Then Just Download The Crack And Paste.
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As you mentioned Spore is a used copy, I don't think you will get provided with another key by EA. The code was used by the original owner of the game most likely and if they didn't use it they should provide you with the code.

Spore serial key

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