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Find Office 2013 product key instantly with a product key finder Product Key Finder is a program that designed to find product keys for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio and other software.

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You can use any of the following tools to extract the Product Key from you computer. These tools report on many installed programs on your computer, not just Office.

PS: you should keep a copy (printed and/or file copies on external storage devices) of the report(s) generated by these tools so you have all of your product keys / registration numbers available for future re-installs

FYI: I (Rohn) have not tested these tools in Windows 8 (just haven’t had an excuse to make/waste the time), but I don’t expect any problem. The underlying mechanics of Windows 8 are essentially the same as Windows 7 if you ignore the Metro User Interface. Think of metro as “lipstick on a pig”. The pig is not changed by adding a little paint on the surface.

Normally you have several resources to find your Retail Product Key.

oYour original package or purchase confirmation e-mail

oOnline download account

oYou can extract the Product Key from the machine itself

oImage copy backups of system with Office installed

oActivation backup utilities

From what I’ve read, MS uses a file called TOKENS.DAT to store encrypted product activation keys:


C:Windows.OldProgramDataMicrosoftOfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatformTokens.DAT (if you did an in-place Windows Upgrade)


After you extract the Product Key, make sure to write it down and keep it in a safe place. Burning a copy of the installation file to a CD would also be a good idea if you don’t have the installation disk.

NOTE: OEM (factory install and activated) licenses use a different key than the one reported.Only the factory can use the PK from the original factory activation. You would have been provided with a separate piece of paper with a Product key for reactivation.

I have tried the first 6 in this list with various degrees of success: not only does Belarc extract product keys, it reports on a WHOLE BUNCH of other stuff you want to know. Printing the report, or saving it is probably a good idea.
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Download Office 2013 With Key

ProduKey may be able to extract product key information from a registry file saved externally. This is useful if you’re trying to get the key details from the backup of a now defunct machine. Try the /Regfile option.


After installing on my system, I ran the program --> AS ADMINISTRATOR <-- and then clicked on File --> Select Source. Once in this menu it may appear a little overwhelming, don't worry it's not that complicated and your not going to break anything else. Select the circle next to 'Load the product keys from external Software Registry hive'. Now from here you may have to browse to a slightly different location depending on where your windows.old folder is located, but you want to basically browse to the following and open this file:


After opening this file select ok; you may have to wait a few minutes for it to load the hive and give you your keys, but if they're there you should see them and be able to fresh install your MS Office.

Please note that this did work for my Office 2007, it also gave me my Vista Home & Personal Key, and Internet Explorer... lol! I hope this helps someone else too! And remember backup before you do any upgrading/downgrading/or destruction to you PC.

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