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Skype free. download full Version for Mac OS X Latest Version. Download Skype Latest Version 2018 to use this software after installing the program, you need to register through the software on the site of the program and create a personal user ID for yourself. Download Old Version of Skype for Mac for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) (Intel) Skip. Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. It's free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers. Skype users can speak to other Skype users for free. Skype also has paid services. Skype free. download full Version for Mac OS X Latest Version. Download Skype Latest Version 2018 to use this software after installing the program, you need to register through the software on the site of the program and create a personal user ID for yourself. This list of Best Free Software for Mac OS now includes 282 applications in various categories. With the advent of 'iDevices', Mac OS has arguably become one of the fastest growing user bases in the last decade. Viber Viber on your Mac Desktop. Skype The phone of the 21st century. Related topics about Skype video chat Voice Call voice chat instant messaging Microsoft Office integration video conferencing. Download Skype OS X Free Download Safe download. FaceTime Video chat done the Apple way.

Try taking the following steps:

Step 1

  1. Quit Skype
  2. Go to Applications Folder in Finder and Right Click on the Skype icon
  3. Select 'Show Package Contents'
  4. Click on Info.plist
  5. Scroll Down until you locate Locate these 3 lines:




Replace with:




6. Then go to File and click on Save, or press Command+S

7. Re-open Skype

Step 2

If that doesn't work, then Remove all of the current skype files from your computer. To completely uninstall, and then reinstall Skype for Mac:

  1. Open your Applications folder and drag your copy of Skype to the trash.
  2. Then open ~/Library/Application Support * and drag the Skype folder to the trash. The ~sign represents your home folder. To find your home folder, open Finder and, from the menu bar, select Go > Home.

Important: If you’d like to keep your chat and call history, skip the following step.

  1. Open ~/Library/Preferences and drag to the trash.
  2. Open Finder and search for “Skype” using the search feature in Mac OS X. Move all of the results returned to the trash.
  3. Empty Trash.
  4. Restart your computer.

Step 3

Download from a safe website Skype Version 6.15 for Mac.

Step 4

Install Skype by double clicking on the downloaded file and dragging the Skype icon to the applications folder and Repeat Step 1.

Then go to Applications, Open Skype and Log In.

Hope that helps :)

Free Skype Download For Mac Os X 10.6.8

If you want to download Skype Installer in 2019, the latest version is, for Windows. The old version, Skype Classic has been discontinued, and Microsoft is forcing all users to upgrade to the new Skype. Currently, an offline installer for Skype is available in Windows, macOS, and Linux desktop systems. The UI of Skype 8.50 is like a responsive web app, yet it is feature-rich and offers cross-platform compatibility in all respects. It may take a few days for you to adjust to the new design of Skype 8 if you are upgrading from the Classic. But I’m sure that will like it for the new features, after the cooling-off period.

Skype offline installer for Windows PC

The initial response for Skype 8 was negative when Microsoft pushed the first Windows version in 2018. Not the change in design but removing existing features and forcing users to download a half-baked release was unacceptable. Thanks to the negative customer feedback, Microsoft now ships Skype 8 with all useful traits of Skype Classic minus the design.

Coming to downloading Skype for Windows, you have multiple options depending on your requirement. The new standalone Skype 8 installer is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. If you already have Skype installed your PC, you may rely on the update process to download Skype 8. Otherwise, click on the direct link below.

Download Skype full installer here

If you don’t have admin or installation privileges on your computer, download the portable version of Skype 8.50. Apart from this, Microsoft has a Windows 10 only version of Skype up on their App Store [LINK]. Customers need a Microsoft login ID and password for downloading Skype from the Windows Store. When Microsoft launched Skype 8, they wanted to push the Store version instead of the offline installer. However, this requirement was lifted after a few weeks.

Where is the download link for Skype 64-bit?

You don’t need a 64-bit Skype as most of its functions operate smoothly under a 32-bit PC configuration. If you need to Skype for large-scale group video calls and meetings, consider subscribing to Skype for Business, which offers a 64-bit installer.

Skype MSI (8.50) standalone setup, download here

Network admins may want .MSI Skype Installer, to deploy the application through Windows Configuration Manager. At this time, an MSI installer is not officially available for Skype version 8 and above. However, if you want, you may create a Skype 8 MSI installer from the regular .EXE file.

Download Skype Free For Mac

Some third-parties have already built Skype 8 in MSI format using online instructions; It works well with Windows GPME for updates over a network and is a safe file as per VirusTotal.

Credit goes to the author at for the above build. You may visit their website for old and forthcoming releases of Skype’s MSI Installer.


Skype Classic full installer for Windows

Skype Download For Mac 10.6.8

Skype Classic, the previous edition of Skype is no longer supported by Microsoft, the download link has also been removed from the official website. Microsoft has disabled all means to login to Skype Classic- so now its worthless to download the application on Windows platform. However, if you are interested, you may visit our page discussing old classic version of the Skype.

Get Skype 8.51 beta setup [preview] for Windows, here

Skype Preview program is designed to push the beta builds of the Skype app to the developers. Dev community helps Skype programmers to polish the app and fix bugs before its launch to the mainstream users. Regular users may also download Skype 8.51 Preview if they would like to test new feature additions before it is publicly available. Some features of Skype Preview may not work if the person on the other side is not using the same build. Also, there may be security issues with Skype preview builds, but it is rarely reported.

Download Skype for Business Windows (32-bit or 64-bit), here.

Skype for business is a special edition of the IM with more advanced tools that are useful for enterprise customers. Microsoft had a product called Lync until 2015, until Skype for business replaced it, by combining the best of two software. Elements of Skype for Business is tightly integrated with Office tools like OneDrive, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. The application allows clients to do online meetings with hundreds of users at the same and supports full HD video calls, screen sharing, or to do collaboration work. However, the features of Skype for business on Windows depends on whether you are subscribed of Office 365 or not.

Although there are limitations, the basic version of Skype Business for Windows also supports audio/video calls and small-scale meetings.

Sign-in to the Microsoft online portal with your business account to download the version you need. As shown in the screenshot, you can download Skype for Business 2015 or the basic edition for Office 365. Skype for Business is available for both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows editions.

There won’t be any major release for this app in 2019 as Microsoft is migrating all it’s features to the Teams app, which would eventually replace Skype for Enterprise. It is possible to download and upgrade to MS Teams right now by logging into the Office portal, but it is not easy to go back and downgrade if you proceed.

Install Skype on Windows 10 without app store or Microsoft account

Sometimes, on Windows 10, Skype shows an error message, ” Please install Skype from the Windows store for the best experience. ” The Skype offline installer that you download from the link above won’t work. Instead, it quits and opens the Windows Store page listing the Skype app. Check the video below to fix this error and make the Skype setup file working.

Microsoft wants customers to use the Windows Updates or the Store to get Skype on Windows 10. However, it is little difficult for a System-admin or a person who wants to run Skype on multiple machines to download the full installer repeatedly.

  1. If you see the dialogue box saying to install Skype from Store on Windows 10, just close it.
  2. Download the Skype full installer 8.50 (link above) and save it to the desktop.
  3. To install Skype offline, right-click on the installer and select Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and find the Compatibility Mode section.
  4. Choose to run Skype on compatibility for Windows 8 as shown in the image and save.
  5. Restart the installation.

Now you would be able to run Skype for Windows without using a Microsoft account.

Skype 8 for other platforms

The good thing about Skype nowadays is that it gets equal attention on all desktop and mobile platforms. Skype is now one of the best IM apps in Linux operating system like Ubuntu; that is a good sign. Check below if you wish to get a copy of Skype on Windows alternatives.

Download Skype for macOS

Skype 8 for Linux: Download Deb, RPM installers or alternately if you are using Ubuntu, try SNAP for installation.

Apple iOS and Android mobile users may directly search the respective App Stores to get the Skype 8, Skype for Business, Skype Preview and Skype Lite (version designed for a low-speed network).

Skype For Mac Os X

Advantages of the Skype 8 for Windows

  • Skype 8 follows a fresh and flat design concept. Most of the UI elements are the same across mobile and desktop versions.
  • The re-design is more mobile-focused and modern. It offers quick access to contacts, chats, and calls.
    Skype 8 brings a new notification tab for updates and alerts with the app.
  • Option to customize color and theme.
  • Send larger files and documents up-to 300 MB.
  • Skype 8 adds several tweaks to the messenger tab. The one I like most is the Gallery, which stores all your media files.
  • The feature to quote, forward, and react to chats, share the location, insert GIFs from third-party services, get read receipts, etc. are new for Skype.
  • Skype’s USP is the group calling and messaging. In version 8.0, you get 1080p HD video support for calls, for up to 25 people.
  • Participants in Skype group chat now have the option to use @ to mention specific contacts. It is also possible to generate group invite links, and share screen across devices.
  • Skype 8 has end-to-end encryption to make your calls and chats more secure.
  • Finally, if you download Skype 8, you get native call recording, and a new facility to enable subtitles during conversions.

Disadvantage of the Skype 8 for Windows

If you ask me in August 2019, I would say none. Except the new design, which some people dislike, everything is positive about Skype 8.