Forged Alliance Patch Download

About this mod. Here is the latest patch that will update to version 1.5.3599 of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. This patch will fix memory allocator bugs, the searphim ACU overchange reload time, the build rates of the Engineering Stations and changes to the air units for all factions.

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Available Addons::Supreme Commander: ForgedAlliance
Developer:Gas Powered Games
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GPGnetUpgrade (37MB)
Update1.0.3189 to 1.1.3280 (36MB)
Update1.1.3269 to (7MB)
Update1.1.3260 to 1.1.3269 (5MB)
Listof Changes in this patch
Update1.1.3255 to 1.1.3260 (3MB)
Listof Changes in this patch
Patch 1.1.3255
Update1.0.3189 to 1.1.3255 (25MB)
Update1.1.3254 to 1.1.3255 (1MB)
Update1.0.3189 to 1.1.3254 (25MB)
Update1.1.3251 to 1.1.3254 (1MB)
Listof Changes in this patch
Update1.0.3189 to 1.1.3251 (25MB)
Update1.0.3223 to 1.1.3251 (11MB)
Listof Changes in this patch
Update1.0.3220 to 1.0.3223 (1MB)
Listof Changes in this patch
Update1.0.3189 to 1.0.3220 (15MB)
Update1.0.3217 to 1.0.3220 (1MB)
Update1.0.3189 to 1.1.3217 (19MB)
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Forged Alliance Factions

Enable cheats in the skirmish/multiplayer screen. Then during game-play press one the following key combinations:
CTRL + K - Kill Selected Unit
ALT + F2 - Spawn Any Unit
CTRL + N - Name Your Unit
CTRL + SHIFT + C - Copy Unit/Structure
CTRL + SHIFT + V - Paste Unit/Structure
ALT + LEFT CLICK UNIT - Change to Enemy Perspective
ALT + N - God Mode No Damage
CTRL + ALT + B - 10000 Mass/Energy/Storage
ALT + T - Teleport Selected Unit
Typed cheats
Press ~ (tilde) to display the console and type one of the following codes:
Kill - Kill unit or building with death animation
Destroy - Kill unit or building without death animation
Quit - Return to main menu
WLD_resetsimrate - Set game speed to default
Show act - Show/hides extra information at the left edge of screen
IN_DumpKeyNames - Shows all key bindings
SetFocusArmyPlayer <-1 to 7> - Take over other player; -1 is spectators.
Teleport - Teleport selected units to pointer location
Nodamage - Toggle all units cause no more damage
SallyShears - Toggle full map
PopupCreatUnitMenu - Unit creation menu
ai_freebuild - Units and buildings are immediately build, research immediately completed
ai_instabuild - Units, buildings, and research do not cost anything
KillAll - All units and building on killed with death animations
DestroyAll - All units and building on killed without death animations
IN_BindKey <key or combo> - Assign console command to key(s)
WLD_gamespeed <-10 to 10> - Change game speed
Sim_gravity <number> - Change gravity; 4,9 is default.
SetArmyColor <name> <r,g,b> - Change the player color
DamageUnit <number> - Damage indicated unit; use negative value to heal it.
WLD_decreasesimrate - Decrease game speed by 1
Exit - Exit to Windows
RenameUnit <name> - Give name to selected unit
WLD_increasesimrate - Increase game speed by 1
BlingBling - Increase your storage capacity for all raw materials by 10,000 and fills camps completely
Enable cheats in Campaign mode
To enable the above cheats in Campaign mode do the following:
In your game.prefs file (C:Documents and Settings{username}Local SettingsApplication DataGas Powered GamesSupremeCommander Forged AllianceGame.prefs) where {username} is your username, add the following entry:
debug = {
enable_debug_facilities = true