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I'm downloading the patches from Krizz's website (I love you for putting those up btw XD <3) after FF14 refused to update.
It gives a list of files to download (as follows) and I'm wondering whether I need to download all of them and put them into their respective folders (bca2a8ae and d96437e6) or whether I only need the latest ones?
I'm going to guess that I need all of them, but I'm just looking for some verification before I download all of them if I don't need~ =)
The files:
C:UsersKrizzDocumentsMy GamesFINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Versiondownloadsffxiv-betabca2a8aepatch
H2010.08.04.2000.torrent - Direct Download (5.2MB)
D2010.08.04.2000.torrent - Direct Download (5.1MB)
D2010.09.05.2000.torrent - Direct Download (4.64MB)
D2010.09.05.2001.torrent - Direct Download (92B)
D2010.09.10.2001.torrent - Direct Download (5.22MB)
C:UsersKrizzDocumentsMy GamesFINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Versiondownloadsffxiv-betad96437e6patch
H2010.08.30.2000.torrent - Direct Download (4.7GB)
D2010.08.31.2000.torrent - Direct Download (9.5MB)
D2010.09.01.2000.torrent - Direct Download (5.8MB)
D2010.09.01.2001.torrent - Direct Download (4.7MB)
D2010.09.02.2000.torrent - Direct Download (4.7MB)
D2010.09.02.2001.torrent - Direct Download (4.7MB)
D2010.09.03.2000.torrent - Direct Download (4.6MB)
D2010.09.04.2000.torrent - Direct Download (4.9MB)
D2010.09.05.2000.torrent - Direct Download (4.67MB)
D2010.09.06.2000.torrent - Direct Download (9.52MB)
D2010.09.07.2001.torrent - Direct Download (9.76MB)
D2010.09.08.2000.torrent - Direct Download (4.72MB)
D2010.09.09.2000.torrent - Direct Download (5.80MB)
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  • If you have an antivirus or Firewall. It may be worth checking the exclusions list and making sure that the 'is added to the URLs section.
  • * C: Users NAME Documents My Games FINAL FANTASY XIV downloads ffxiv 2d2a390In metainfo 3. Pay attention to the date in the file name, just to make sure it is the right patch. Girlie: I'll be back on as soon as I download yesterday's patch on hubby's computer. My computer just exploded. As in, blue sparks out the back.
Ff14 Patch Download Stopping

So after scouring the web for a while because me, my girlfriend, and my friend all had the same issue 'Unable to download patch files [30413] [25008] [20495]' while trying to install ff14 i finally came upon a fix that wont take forever like using a free vpn will. It is fairly simple you just change your dns to Level3 dns and This fix worked for all of us and i'd figure i should post it so others can easily find it on here as it seems to be a relatively common problem judging from the tons of other posts trying to find a solution and the only solution really being thrown around is to use a free vpn to patch that specific file. Anways hope this helps and all credit goes to /u/stuke00

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Ffxiv Patch

Feb 22, 2014  Unable to download patch files [30413] [20495]. Every single patch since the first ive had the same problem on every single patch download. Ive seen all these codes atleast once. 1 0 9 10019 5. FINAL FANTASY, FINAL FANTASY XIV, FFXIV, SQUARE ENIX, and the SQUARE ENIX logo are registered trademarks.