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Installation Guide: This guide will walk you through using my ROMs_20111214.rar, MOV_20111214, and Sounds_20111214.rar downloads to patch your fresh installation of FFXI. All screenshots were taken on 64-bit Windows 7. If you are not running the same OS, your directories may vary slightly. Final Fantasy XIV Pro. Forum » FFXIV » General » FF14 Patch downloads. FF14 Patch downloads. It gives a list of files to download (as follows) and I. Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 4.4 Now Live With New Quests, Raids, Gear, Fan-Designed Items. A new hairstyle based on a Final Fantasy XIV Hair Design Contest entry is now. Then download this. Square Enix has released the latest update version 4.5 for Final Fantasy XIV which added the new main scenario quests in the game. Advertisement The update version 4.5 arrives today along with the trailer titled with ‘A Requiem for Heroes.’ The patch notes included some information on new features such as the very first limited job, [].

Pretty easy to do just do the following:
[[ Firstly, Download uTorrent here ]]
Ff14 Latest Patch DownloadWorld of warcraft patch download1. Open the FFXIV client patcher so that it creates the file (do not close the patcher)
2. Navigate to where FFXIV is originally downloading that file to, usually:
* C:UsersNAMEDocumentsMy GamesFINAL FANTASY XIVdownloadsffxiv48eca647metainfo
* C:UsersNAMEDocumentsMy GamesFINAL FANTASY XIVdownloadsffxiv2d2a390Inmetainfo
3. Pay attention to the date in the file name, just to make sure it is the right patch. Example of file name: D2010.09.18.0000 (This date is Sept 18, 2010)
4. Open that file with utorrent (usually by just double clicking it after you have installed uTorrent)
5. After the download has been opened with uTorrent then you can close the FFXIV patcher
6. When the torrent download is finished you need to Copy/Paste the file you downloaded with utorrent, into the same spot that FFXIV was downloading the original file (with the FFXIV Patcher): Usually in the file path below
* C:UsersNAMEDocumentsMy GamesFINAL FANTASY XIVdownloadsffxiv48eca647metainfo
* C:UsersNAMEDocumentsMy GamesFINAL FANTASY XIVdownloadsffxiv2d2a390Inmetainfo
7. Run the FFXIV patcher and it will now install the patch
Thats it. If you need further info the complete guide is here: http://www.ffxivcore.com/topic/20414-torrent-patching-guide/

Players can now journey to the Forbidden Land of Eureka.

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Square Enix has rolled out a new update for Final Fantasy XIV. Patch 4.25 is now available to download on PS4 and PC, and it introduces a variety of additional content to the MMO, including a new area, side quests, mounts, and various bug fixes and gameplay adjustments.

The biggest addition in the update is the Forbidden Land of Eureka, a new instanced area that up to 144 players can explore at the same time. Players will have to 'contend with raging aetherial energies and strengthen Eureka weapons and gear in order to progress through this untamed land,' Square Enix says.

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Eureka is available to those who've purchased the Stormblood expansion and completed its main quest. To reach it, players will need to speak to the NPC Galiena in Rhalgr's Reach. Unlike other instanced areas in Final Fantasy XIV, players can stay in Eureka for up to 180 minutes and use party functions. It also features an exclusive progression system called elemental levels. You can learn more about the area on the developer's blog.

In addition to the new instance, patch 4.25 introduces new minions and bardings for your chocobo, as well as a cool new dinosaur mount, which you can see above. The update also buffs and nerfs a number of PvP actions and resolves a long list of bugs. You can find the full patch notes for update 4.25 on Final Fantasy XIV's official website.

Final Fantasy XIV's next seasonal event, the Easter-themed Hatching-tide, returns on March 20 and runs until April 2. In the meantime, players still have a little more time to take part in the Little Ladies' Day event, which is set to end at 7:59 AM PT on March 14.

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