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Why is my Neverwinter download taking so long? Hi, I recently found out about Neverwinter and started downloading it however, I noticed it downloading rather slow. Anyways I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or it's just me. Well it's a 20GB download, so it's probably going to take awhile. I had to leave my computer on overnight just for it to complete. Sadly the servers are having some issues, so once you do get it downloaded it'll be quite lucky to get past character creation. Elder Scrolls Forum; ESO Downloading Slow?

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With Windows 7 and the upgrade to Windows 10, I could install & play the game: Elder Scrolls Online. Up to build 9926, ESO had some files missing but doing a repair would fix this issue. When my PC was upgraded to Build 10041, ESO wouldn't run. I ran the game's Repair tool and it always said that there was at least one file that couldn't be accessed. I tried to figure out which one but was unable to. I decided to uninstall the game then try to reinstall it. The installation process has 2 parts, the initial launcher then a secondary launcher, which will first install the Game Launcher and Uninstaller. It's at this point that the process automatically quits at 62%. I've tried running the launcher in compatibility mode for Windows 8 and Windows 7, but with an without Admin privileges.

World Of Warcraft Patch Download

Fortunately I was able to go to the ESO folder and manually continue the installation process. What I'm curious about is what changed that caused the installer to crash and will this affect other games/people?