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Entourage Today 2004 Description:

Entourage Today is an add-on application for Microsoft Entourage that puts your upcoming calendar events, tasks - and also unread messages if you wish - into one window, to give you a bird's eye overview of the day or days ahead. Unlike Entourage's own Calendar window that fills its Tasks panel with every incomplete task you have from today until the end of time, Entourage Today shows you only your immediately approaching events and tasks: today's and any number of future days that you wish from 1 (today) to 7.
Entourage Today has been designed to integrate with Entourage seamlessly. It is modeled after the similar feature Outlook Today in Outlook Windows, but designed to blend with Entourage 2004 and Mac OS X. It is a Macintosh-only Cocoa application programmed in AppleScript Studio and Objective C.
This is the version for Entourage 2004: Entourage Today X is also available on this site.
What's new in this version:
New in v1.0.5 (050621):
* Fixes (works around) the Cocoa bug in Tiger which left an empty space in the Entourage Today window if you display only two columns (e.g. Calendar and Tasks). All sub-views of the main window are now displayed correctly again, without any need for adjusting the 'dot handles'.
* Keeps the correct sub-views only when changing Display pref (Vertical, Split, Horizontal).
* Applies the Tiger fix for re-opening windows to the main window and Progress window.
* Opens the main window if you had closed it when activating ET (for example, by clicking it in the Dock).
* Allows a much smaller minimum size (height, particularly).

Operating System Support: Entourage 2004, Mac OS X 10.4, 10.3 (and 10.2.8)

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