Dragon's Crown Ps3 Patch Download

Dragon's Crown patch enables Cross-Play between Vita and PS3.Obligatory quote about the Amazon's anatomy goes here. A News about Dragon's Crown and its co-op game features.

  1. Dragon's Crown Ps3 Patch Download

Download for BLUS30767 / NPUB31235 :

All DLC Fix

Download for BLES01950 / NPEB01836 :

DLC Content :


Dragon's Crown Ps3 Patch Download

  1. Storyteller Voice Pack, Amazon Voice Pack, Dwarf Voice Pack, Elf Voice Pack, Fighter Voice Pack, Sorceress Voice Pack, Wizard Voice Pack.
  2. DLC Packs offer to players the ability to customize their story with different narrator voices from each of the six playable characters in the game: Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Fighter, Sorceress, Wizard.
  3. These character voices replace the game's original narration with their own distinct voice.