Dracu Riot English Patch Download

Firstly, I would like to apologize that the first Dracu-Riot! patch’s estimate of very roughly two months was not as accurate as it could be, depending upon one’s definition of “very roughly.”

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Dracu Riot Visual Novel Download


Dracu Riot English Patch

On the plus side, however, the calendar has now calendated to such an extent that I (Fiddle), while previously having forecast working on translation checking at this time, am now available to work on the other aspects of the project that will need to be completed first and that have been in progress for the past couple months. So, translation and editing/proofreading―whichever requires assistance depending upon which is completed first along with my assistance―will move along more quickly; I should begin with translation, as I now am not quite busy like translator Nosebleed, or quite busy and quite incapacitated like translator Clephas. My assistance accompanies the admirable efforts of Decay, Tiagofvarela, Clephas, Nosebleed, and Aizen-sama whom we’ve recently recruited for additional proofreading.

Dracu-Riot!, Visual Novel » Posted by: Mark Iseldi 7 Feb 2014 Cerita ini terjadi di pulau buatan manusia Aqua Eden, di mana perjudian, seks dan pencurian dianggap legal oleh pemerintah. Latest Dracu Riot English Patch mediafire links free download, download [Staircase]Dracu Riot Cirno Patch 1 1, [Staircase]Dracu Riot Cirno Patch 1 2, [Staircase]Dracu Riot Cirno Patch 2 0 (2013) - latest dracu riot english patch mediafire files. Free Search Engine for Mediafire. We do not have any downloads for a Dracu-Riot patch. 1 Fiddle reacted to this Share this post. Link to post. English Patch Breaks IT! A full english translation of Dracu Riot is now available at Eroge download. This is the 'rough draft' version of the patch, a later, more edited version should be coming along later. “And the future never comes. What comes is always here now.”-Osho.

We would like to appease you with a patch for Dracu-Riot! in the meantime. This patch does not contain any of our progress, except for the utilization of a program we created that automatically converts Staircase Subs’ British English to American English, and that we’ve also abused to make many desirable additions to the text. The patch furthermore includes some embellishments that will manifest themselves soon after opening the game.

Dracu Riot Routes

Here you go! http://www.mediafire.com/download/5n1cb960thoixlj/Antwon+Patch.zip