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Name Artist Rating. Contributor Effect unit; iron maiden lead guitar tone: iron maiden / lead guitar tone By_sanalritim.n. Start patch- Haax.

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  1. {'skuCount': '4','productUrl': '/marching-band/sound-percussion-labs-marching-snare-drum-with-carrier' }
    Product Price $149.99Regular Price $169.99On Sale Now!
  2. {'skuCount': '4','productUrl': '/marching-band/sound-percussion-labs-high-tension-marching-snare-drum-with-carrier/k48273' }
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  3. {'skuCount': '4','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-competitor-high-tension-marching-snare-drum' }
    Product Price $387.99
  4. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '12','productUrl': '/marching-band/yamaha-9300-series-sfz-marching-snare-drum' }
    Product Price $509.99
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    {'skuCount': '4','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-championship-maple-ffx-marching-snare-drum' }
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  6. {'skuCount': '4','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-competitor-traditional-snare-drum' }
    Product Price $237.99
    Open Box From:
  7. {'skuCount': '2','productUrl': '/marching-band/yamaha-power-lite-marching-snare-drum' }
    Product Price $249.99
  8. {'skuCount': '2','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-junior-marching-snare-drum-and-carrier' }
    Product Price $259.99
  9. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '16','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-championship-carboncore-varsity-ffx-marching-snare-drum-fade-top-finish' }
    Product Price $781.99
  10. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '15','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-championship-maple-varsity-ffx-marching-snare-drum-fade-bottom-finish' }
    Product Price $724.99
  11. Sale
    {'skuCount': '1','productUrl': '/marching-band/sound-percussion-labs-high-tension-marching-snare-drum-with-carrier' }
    Product Price $249.99Regular Price $409.99On Sale Now!
  12. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '8','productUrl': '/marching-band/yamaha-9300-series-piccolo-sfz-marching-snare-drum' }
    Product Price $579.99
  13. {'skuCount': '1','productUrl': '/marching-band/mapex-qualifier-deluxe-snare-14-x-12' }
    Product Price $399.99
  14. {'skuCount': '1','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-sound-projector-for-14-snare-drum' }
    Product Price $41.99
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    {'skuCount': '1','productUrl': '/marching-band/ludwig-ultimate-marching-snare-drum-14-x-12-in-black' }
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  16. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '21','productUrl': '/marching-band/tama-marching-maple-snare-drum' }
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  17. {'skuCount': '4','productUrl': '/marching-band/mapex-quantum-xt-snare-drum/j02976' }
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    {'skuCount': '1','productUrl': '/marching-band/ludwig-14-x-12-in-ultimate-marching-snare-drum-14-x-12-in-silver' }
    Product Price $578.99
  20. {'skuCount': '1','productUrl': '/marching-band/tama-marching-starlight-snare-drum' }
    Product Price $399.99
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    {'skuCount': '1','productUrl': '/marching-band/tama-marching-starlight-marching-snare-drum-with-carrier' }
    Product Price $554.99
  22. {'skuCount': '1','productUrl': '/marching-band/tama-marching-starlight-marching-snare-drum' }
    Product Price $379.99
    Open Box:
  23. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '15','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-championship-carboncore-varsity-ffx-marching-snare-drum-burst-finish' }
    Product Price $739.99
  24. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '2','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-championship-maple-ffx-marching-snare-drum/j24153' }
    Product Price $627.99
  25. {'skuCount': '4','productUrl': '/marching-band/mapex-quantum-agility-snare-drum' }
    Product Price $505.99
  26. {'skuCount': '1','productUrl': '/marching-band/mapex-qualifier-snare-13-x-10' }
    Product Price $229.99
  27. {'skuCount': '1','productUrl': '/marching-band/mapex-qualifier-snare-14-x-10' }
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  29. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '1','productUrl': '/marching-band/ludwig-ultimate-marching-snare-drum-14-x-12-in-white' }
    Product Price $578.99
  30. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '16','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-championship-carboncore-varsity-ffx-marching-snare-drum-fade-bottom-finish' }
    Product Price $739.99
  31. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '16','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-championship-carboncore-varsity-ffx-marching-snare-drum-spiral-finish' }
    Product Price $708.99
  32. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '16','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-championship-maple-varsity-ffx-marching-snare-drum-spiral-finish' }
    Product Price $609.99
  33. 36 Month Financing*
    {'skuCount': '16','productUrl': '/marching-band/pearl-championship-maple-varsity-ffx-marching-snare-drum-fade-top-finish' }
    Product Price $724.99

Considered one of the most important parts of a marching band, the snare drum is a versatile instrument that's continues to grow in popularity due to rise of the modern drumline. With a full sound, an easy-to-carry design and effortless projection, these drums produce a variety of different sounds depending on how they're struck and are known for their unparalleled precision. Basically, if you want to stand out in a marching band, you want to be playing a marching snare drum.
Before making a decision though, it's important to notice all the different drum sizes. Every player has a different preference in terms of comfort and sound, so paying attention to things like dimensions, construction material, shape and make are definitely a necessity. For example, if you're searching for something lightweight to learn on, start your search with the Dynasty Wedge Lite Series Marching Snare Drum. Crisp in sound and made for fast action, it has a gutty sound that won't be overpowered by other instruments. On the other hand, if you're here for the best quality drum you can find to dominate the field, turn your attention to the Pearl Maple CarbonCore FFX Snare Drum. Crafted with a 6-ply maple shell and a floating design to maximize resonance, this drum has an aircraft aluminum frame to reduce the weight and a quick-release strainer for fast head changes. As well, it has the widest tuning range on the market, allowing you to achieve the exact sound you're after. The variety of drums in this section encompass every possible need, so it's just a matter of time until you find your perfect drum.
Made for beginners and experienced percussionists alike, marching snare drums are a dynamic and essential part of any marching band. So whether this is your first time picking out a drum, or you're looking to upgrade your current instrument, you're sure to get years of enjoyment out of the drum you pick out here.

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Posted by3 years ago

With Christmas approaching, I just wanted to warn you all about DigiTech product's (lack of) compatibility with your computers.

DigiTech hardware and software may not work with Windows 10. It also may not work with OS X El Capitan, but I have not personally tested that.

DigiTech has no release date or ETA for updated software and drivers, either. The response I got from them regarding this issue is 'We're working on it.'

This means that if you plan on using your DigiTech products with a new Win10 PC or a new Mac, or if you have one of those computers with a modern OS and plan on buying DigiTech gear for yourself or a family member, it probably will not work.

I was burned by this a week ago, when I tried updating my pedal's firmware via the Nexus software on Win10 and it nearly bricked my pedal. I had to use my fiancee's work PC and install the software and drivers in order to complete the update and get the pedal out of Update Mode. If I hadn't had another computer, the pedal would be essentially bricked. After completing the firmware update, the Nexus software still does not communicate properly with the device for patch editing or routing the audio into the PC for recording.

Digitech Rp355 Patches

I called support about this issue and they had a few troubleshooting ideas, none of which worked. They also said 'there's a warning on the website, you should have read that first.' The installer does not prevent you from installing on Win10, nor does it warn you of any compatibility issues.

Things I tried to remedy the issue:

  • used compatibility mode: I tried Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 compatibility mode, none of which had any effect.

  • tried different USB ports: I unplugged all other peripherals and tried every port, both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.

  • ran the installer in compatibility mode, no dice.

  • tried all the above running the software as administrator.

Just a warning guys, yes I'm pissed about this, especially since Windows 10 has been out since April(?). I don't want anyone else to get burned like I did. I love my pedal, it is really a great piece of hardware, it's too bad DigiTech can't get their shit together for the software side of things.