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On every Deepin releases, they always impress me with the good looking of this distro. As a new Linux users, I was thinking that Ubuntu 18.04 is the best looking, the easiest Linux distribution. But after trying this new Deepin 15.8, my judgement was changed. This is the best looking, the easiest and user friendly Linux for new user. I don’t really care about the technical stuffs behind the distros I try. As long as it is stable, nice looking and easy to use, then I choose the distro. Deepin has put a new standard for the modern Desktop.

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Enjoy Download and Install Deepin 15.5 on VM (Easy) 2018. For MAC OS/X. All files are uploaded by users like you, we can’t guarantee that Download and Install Deepin 15.5 on VM (Easy) 2018 For mac are up to date. We are not responsible for any illegal actions you do with theses files.

The new version of Deepin 15.8 is now available for download. This new version brings some great features update. If you are new to Deepin, this is the Ubuntu based Linux distribution for Desktop. It comes with their in-house built desktop environment called Deepin Desktop. Deepin Desktop is one of the most beautiful desktop environment. Deepin 15.8 is a user-friendly Linux distribution, good for a new Linux users.

The Desktop

Gnome, KDE Plasma, Pantheon and Cinnamon are beautiful, easy to use desktop environment. Personally, I love them all. But, when I try this new Deepin 15.8, those desktop looks obsolete. The Deepin Desktop is modern, lightweight and beautiful by default.

The dock at the bottom makes the Deepin desktop looks awesome. I am pretty sure that the Mac users will also love this dock. In this new release, the notification area is now integrated in the dock. We can hide or expand the notification area with a little arrow button next to it.

The Control Center

Experience a new way of managing your system settings. The Deepin Control Center is an easy way to access all the system settings without leaving your Desktop. The new Deepin 15.8 features a new Control Center design which is more organized, and easier to access any settings you want.

Application Launcher

I love the way I open my applications. The App launcher is modern, so easy to use, and beautiful. It reminds me to the Mac OS X app launcher. We can also choose the full screen or minimalist mode. And to be honest, both are awesome.

App Launcher in full screen mode

If you don’t like the full screen mode, you can easily switch to the minimalist or traditional mode.

New File Manger

Deepin 15.8 features an updated file manager. You can easily switch to dark mode directly from this File Manager.

Great Deepin Applications

Deepin Screen Recorder

There are many native applications built by Deepin team. I do love the Deepin screen recorder software. You will have this software by default and I am pretty sure that you will also love it. It is so simple and easy to use. We can choose to record in MP4 or GIF mode. My only complain about this software is that we cannot change it’s quality. Usually, it records video in high quality and will end up with a pretty big file size.

Deepin Screenshot

Want to take screenshot? The Deepin Screenshot is a special application to take screenshot of your screen. It supports full screen, window or region screenshot. You can also add text, box, blur some areas without leaving this application. Deepin Screenshot is way better than Gnome Screenshot tool.

Nice Multimedia Player included

Watch your favorite videos or movie with this stylish Deepin Movie or you may want to play your music with Deepin Music. Both app offers a great experiences to play your multimedia files. And, you can also switch to dark mode directly from the app.

Deepin Desktop Download For Mac Free

There are a lot more interesting stuffs you will find on Deepin 15.8. Likely, I will ditch my current Ubuntu 18.04 for this new Deepin 15.8.

Final Thoughts

I found what I need and what I expect from a Linux distribution in Deepin 15.8. Simple, lightweight, lightning fast and also super beautiful. Easy access to thousands of great software via Deepin Store will save my time on software installation. Get your own copy of Deepin 15.8.

Deepin is a Debian based Linux distribution. Deepin uses its own desktop environment which is really pretty. The desktop environment of Deepin has blurred transparency effect where possible. It’s a lot like Apple’s Mac OS. The default software that comes pre-installed are also made by the Deepin project, so they are well integrated with the Deepin operating system and works flawlessly.

At the time of this writing, the latest version of Deepin at version 15.6. In this article, I will show you how to make bootable USB drive of Deepin 15.6. I will also show you how to install, configure and customize Deepin Linux. Let’s get started.

First go to the official download page of Deepin Linux at and click on Download as marked in the screenshot below.

Your download should start. It’s a big file. It may take a while to download.

Making a Bootable USB of Deepin Linux Using Rufus:

Once you’ve downloaded the Deepin Linux ISO file, you must make a bootable device from which you can boot from and install Deepin Linux.

On Windows you can use a utility called Rufus to make bootable USB drive of Deepin Linux using the ISO file.

First go to the official website of Rufus at Once the page loads, scroll down to the Download section and click on the Rufus Portable download link as marked in the screenshot below.

Rufus should be downloaded.

Now that Rufus is downloaded, run Rufus and you should see the following window.

Now insert your USB drive that you want to make Deepin bootable. Rufus should detect and select it right away.

Now click on SELECT.

Windows File Picker should show up. Select the DeepinISO file you’ve just downloaded and click on Open.

Deepin Linux ISO file should be selected. Now click on START.

Now click on Yes.

Leave the defaults and click on OK.

If you don’t have any important data on your USB drive, click on OK. If you do have important data on it, now is the time to move it somewhere safe. Once you’re done, click on OK.

Your USB drive should be formatted and Rufus should make it Deepin bootable.

Once the process is complete, click on CLOSE.

Booting Deepin from the USB Drive:

Now insert your USB drive to your computer and select it from the BIOS of your computer. The process to do it depends on the manufacturer of your computer’s motherboard. Check out the manual of your motherboard for more information.

Once you’ve selected your USB drive from your BIOS, you should see something like this. While Install Deepin is selected, press <Enter>. The Deepin Installer should start.

Installing Deepin Linux:

Once the Deepin Installer starts, the first thing you have to do is, select your Language. Once you’re done, click on Next.

Now enter your personal details and click on Next.

Now click on the map to select your Time Zone and click on Next.

This is the most important part. You have to select where you want to install Deepin Linux.

If you want to erase the entire hard drive of your computer and install Deepin Linux, select the hard drive and click on Start Installation.

But I am going to show you how to partition disk manually. If you’re going to dual boot Windows and Linux, this is what you want.

To do that, first go to Advanced tab and select your Hard Drive where you want to install Deepin.

From here you can create new partitions and delete existing ones.

Now to create a new partition, select the Freespace and click on the small icon on the right as marked in the screenshot below.

NOTE: If you want to install Deepin on BIOS based motherboards, then you need at least the / (Root) partition. If you want to install Deepin on UEFI based motherboards, then you need at least an EFI partition and a / (Root) partition.

I am installing Deepin on UEFI based device, so the first partition should be an EFI partition. Set the following settings and click on OK.

The final configuration should be something like this. Once you’re done, click on Start Installation.

Click on Continue.

The installation should start.

Once the installation is complete, click on Experience Now.

Your computer should restart and you should be booted into your new Deepin Linux. Type in your password and press <Enter> to login.

This is the beautiful Deepin Linux.

Configuring Network on Deepin Linux:

To configure the network, first click on Settings1icon and then click on the Network2 icon.

From here you can configure the network. I have a wireless adapter installed, so I clicked on the Wireless Network.

Now click on your Wi-Fi network to connect to it.

Now type in your Wi-Fi password and click on Connect. You should be connected.

Configure the Deeping Desktop UI:

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To customize the Deepin desktop user interface, go to Settings and click on Personalize.

From here you can change your Theme, Fonts and you can also enable or disable Window effect.

Deepin comes with a dark and light Window Theme, many Icon Themes

And Cursor Themes.

Changing Desktop Wallpaper:

To change the wallpaper, right mouse click on your Deepin desktop and click on Set Wallpaper.

Deepin Desktop Resource

Then select any wallpaper you like from the list. You can also press the Only desktop or the Only lock screen button to select a wallpaper for only the Desktop or the Lock Screen respectively. By default, a wallpaper is applied to both.

Updating Deepin Linux and Configuring Auto Update:

First, go to Settings and click on the marked Update icon.

You should see the Update settings.

To update your system, click on Update.

Deepin Linux should check whether new updates are available and if available, it should update your operating system.

You can also auto update Deepin Linux as new updates are released.

To do that, click on Update Settings.

And click on Auto-download Updates toggle button to enable or disable auto update. By default, auto update is disabled.

Installing Software on Deepin Linux:

Deepin is a Debian based Linux distribution. So you can install any software you want from the command line using the apt or apt-get command.

Deepin also has a Deepin Store, from where you can install softwares easily using the graphical user interface.

Deepin Desktop Download For Mac Download

From the sidebar of Deepin Store, you can click on a category and browse the software on that category.

If you like any software, just hover over it and click on Install.

Free Downloads For Mac

If you want to know more about the software before installing it, just click on it. You should find a lot of information about it. If you like it then, just click on Install and it should be installed.

To install a software using the apt or apt-get command, just right click on the desktop and click on Open in terminal

Install Deepin Desktop On Debian

Deepin Terminal should open.

Now you can install any software package you want.

For example, you can install the Apache 2 web server with the following command:

Parallels Desktop Download For Mac

Apache 2 web server should be installed.

That’s how you install, configure and customize Deepin Linux. Thank you for reading this article.