Dayz .59 Patch Download

Project Reality: ARMA 2 v0.15 to v0.16 BETA Patch Patch 308.84mb ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead patch 1.59 Patch 528.8mb ArmaSeriesLauncher Other 53.38kb.

  1. Dayz 59 Patch Download
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All credit goes to Cortez for all the hard work to make this mod available.
Special thanks to .=QUACK=.Major.Pain for his Github!

  • PBO tool which can be found in the tools folder.(PBO Manager is the better of the two)
Dayz .59 Patch Download
  • You need to have MySQL version 5.5 and up. Work great on 5.5.31-0+wheezy1 (debian). Older version have problem importing the .SQL file
  • Import sqlfiledayz_origins.sql into your database

(NOTE: If your having issues installing the functions, and get a message saying you don't have permission to install, you must install the functions as a 'root' user)

  • Install the latest OA Beta Patch (
  • Create a new folder copy the files from the OA folder into it. (This help retains your original files if you have to start over)
  • Copy the Addons folder from the Arma 2 folder into the same folder.
  • Copy the map (@DayzOrigins) into the same folder. (Downloaded from Dayz Commander or other tool)
  • Edit the following files:
    --- (More Details Below)
    --- (More Details Below)

In /Debug/player_spawn_2.sqfLook for 'DayZ Origins' on line 390 and change it to your liking.

In init.sqf Look for:

In /Camera/loginCamera.sqf Look for:

In /admintools/Activate.sqf Look for:

In /admintools/AdminToolsMain.sqf Look for:

  • Edit
  • Look for:
  • Default is currently 4hr day/night.
  • Other examples:
    --- [4,true,true] execFSM 'core_time.fsm'; (3hr day/night)
    --- [3,true,true,12] execFSM 'core_time.fsm'; (4hr day / 1 hr night)
  • To disable completely, just add a double slash to the front of the line '//'
  • Edit file: MPMissions/
  • Look at lines 81-88.-If you would like DMR's to have the same damage as they would in chernothen keep or delete lines that are commented out starting with ' /* if(_unit player) then { ' if you want the new style DMR damage thenuncomment out the code.
  • Edit look for:
  • Edit the values to your preference.
  • Copy all the files from your git download into your folder. (Make sure to maintain the same file structure)
  • Run Start Server.cmd and cross your fingers!

Optional:If you want to modify files in the dayz_server or folders

  • Install your PBO tool if you haven't already (PBO Manager is nice)
  • Modify selected files.
  • Use the PBO tool to pack the folder.
  • Use the PBO tool to pack the folder.
  • Run Start Server.cmd and cross your fingers!

Dayz 59 Patch Download

Admin Tools
Color Corrections / (Clear Contrast, will test others later) - //Commented out in init.sqf
Air Dropped Cars - (South island only so far)
Auto Refueling
Sarge's AI / (Modify /addons/SARGE/SAR_config.sqf to your liking.)
Self Bloodbag

Implemented but not working:
Lift/Tow / (Needs Survival Vehicle modifications) - Don't see any options
Fast Rope / (Needs testing) - Works for Pilot, Passanger doesnt see option

Working On:
Air Dropped Care Packages - I might not be good enough to implement
Heli Crash Animations - I might not be good enough to implement

House loot disappears, bug has something to do with lag when choosing to unlock house twice. - Possibly fixed
Logout Animation - This Server pack doesnt have Cloud Sync or Logout Animations (Temporary)

Dayz Download For Pc

(NOTE: Folders inside the MPMissions folder don't have to be packed to .pbo format)