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This may not be the case for many people, and it's not a knock against the game. But I wanted to warn anyone who is contemplating not patching the game before playing.

I couldn't get the patch to download last night. Unlike what I normally do, I didn't start up the game to get any possible patch when I got home from work. I always do that. For some reason I didn't yesterday. When I finally sat down to try and play at 8:30 EST, I wasn't surprised to see v1.01 available. But then I freaked out. I knew it was release day and the patch would probably take forever to download. But I hoped.

That hope was met with disappointment. After repeated failures to even start the download, it finally started the relatively small 125MB download. The timer said it would be finished in 500 minutes. After multiple failures and retries, it eventually said it would take 2 hours. But when it hit 10% the download failed.

So I decided to try it unpatched, if it would let me. Sure enough it did, but it signed me out of PSN and didn't connect to the DS2 servers. I knew that might happen, but I figured I could at least play a little and enjoy the game for an hour and I'd plan on starting over a proper game once it was patched.

I wasn't prepared for was how awful the game looked. Textures were dull and lifeless. Dynamic lighting was nonexistent. Enemies looked awful. I know I know, graphics aren't everything. But I've played well over 100 hours of Dark Souls and 60 or so in Demon's Souls, and they look fantastic. An unpatched DS2 doesn't hold a candle to either of them. Needless to say after 45 minutes of being frustrated trying to download the patch, I was still left disappointed after playing an ugly game for an hour.


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Thankfully when I got to work a coworker showed me a video of him fighting the ogre in the tutorial area. I was shocked at how good it looked. Even looking at videos of the game again this morning, that isn't the game I saw. Apparently the patch contains all the graphics config info (which I noticed load when I started up the game this morning)! So I'm relieved! I made sure the game was patched this morning, and it was. So I look forward to starting over tonight and having a proper DS2 experience. :-)

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Dark souls 2 sotfs hexer

Dark Souls 2 Sotfs Hexer

All that to say, if you can't download the day one patch for any reason, I would wait to play until you can. You'll probably be left feeling disappointed.

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