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Xda-developers LG Nexus 5X Nexus 5X Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting How I can apply Security Patches on a Rooted Rom? By rumbitas XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Android Security Update for January 2017 Released for Supported Devices. Aamir frequently helps people get the best out of their budget smartphones through generous use of custom roms.

If you were waiting for the arrival of Android 7.0 Nougat on your GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012), then here is a good news. Those who were wondering to install the latest Custom ROM Firmware on your device, can now rejoice as they can flash the latest software on their device. The Android 7.0 Nougat is predecessor to the recently released, Android 8.0 Oreo software. The Official Nougat Firmware comes with the various Bug fixes, Security patches, and improve overall stability of the device.

GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012) comes with the powerful internals, including featuring a 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen which is a Full HD device offering 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution and 401 ppi pixel density. The device was launched with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system out of the box, which can be upgraded using this tutorial. The device has a 4GB of RAM, and runs on 3130mAh battery which provides 38.5 hours of talk time.

So, if you own a GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012), you can install the latest update for your device, which is based on Android 7.0 Nougat. The update often aims to increase system stability and increase the performance of the device, as well as adding new features.

All GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012) owners may already received the OTA Update notification on their device. You might be already aware of the fact that Android Team fixes the vulnerabilities found in the operating system time to time, and releases the updates on timely manner. The OEMs, then push the Security Updates with patched/ fixed Android vulnerabilities in the form of OTA and Custom ROM updates. Updating your smartphone through OTA Firmware update do not delete the data.

In the below guide, we will be guiding you step by step process to flash/ install latest Android 7.0 Nougat on GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012) . The download link for this Custom ROM has been added to the pre-requisite section. You can simply flash the Custom Firmware .zip or .img file manually through SP Flash Tools, if you have not received it through the OTA update.

Firmware Details:

Android Version: Android 7.0 Nougat

UI Version: AOSP (ROM is ported from Condor ROM)


Model: GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012)

Release Date: December 2018

Android security patch level: November 2018

Country: NA

Status: – Custom ROM Released

Disclaimer: covers although everything in a very neat and a processed manner so that our readers get exactly what they want, still there are meager chances of basic issues that may arise out of the listed steps here. Hence it is in sole interest of the user to follow the steps very cautiously so as to stay away from any mishappenings with your device.

Updating or flashing the Custom ROM firmware or Custom ROM firmware updates certainly without any doubt comes with risk to brick device. If you brick the device, while upgrading the firmware of your smartphone, then kindly be in touch with the Official Service center of DOOGEE near your location. in no way will be held responsible for warranty void or your bricked device.


Ensure to check your model number, which must be:

  • GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012)

You must have to ensure that prior to rooting your phone , you have read thoroughly the disclaimer and you agree to proceed further on your risk.

  • Phone Should be Charged

Your phone must be 70% charged atleast else, it may lead to complications sometimes while experimenting. Why to take risk, try to charge it fully.

  • Back Up

If you are either going to root your phone or install a Custom ROM, it is a good habit to make a back up of your phone. Make a back up of all your media like images, videos and all on your PC and your contacts on Cloud.

  • Enable USB Debugging

You must enable USB debugging option by going in to Settings, Applications and Developer options.

Downloads For Updating GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012)

Custom android rom download

Download MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers here (MT6xxx_USB_VCOM_drivers. zip)

Download Latest Android 7.0 Nougat Custom ROM for GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012) from here (Login required)

Download Latest version of SPFlash Tool for Windows here.

How to update GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012) to Android 7.0 Nougat via OTA (Over the air)

Note: For this method, you won’t need to download any file mentioned in pre-requisite section of this article. You can directly follow the below steps, if you prefer the OTA method.

You can directly check the latest version of firmware/ software available for your device, GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012) by navigating to:

Settings > About Device > Software Updates

When a new software update is available for your device, the notifications panel will display the software update message. Just you need to pull down the notification bar, and then press ‘Software Update’, and this will begin the upgrade process of device DOOGEE-X20-Android7.0-20180109, based on Android 7.0 Nougat.

If in-case you have not received the software update, then just follow the below guides, to flash firmware manually through either below guide. No matter which method you prefer, however, OTA is safer method to upgrade your device. But in case you prefer upgrading your device manually, then just carefully follow our below guide step by step.

How to Manually update GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012) to Android 7.0 Nougat Firmware

Step 1: Begin with downloading all the files mentioned above in the prerequisite section.

Step 2: Browse through the files downloaded, and then Right click on the zipped file MT6xxx_USB_VCOM_drivers. zip and extract the same. Then navigate to the extracted folder and then click on the file InstallDriver. exe. This will install the Preloader VCOM in your system.

Step 3: Assuming that you have downloaded SP FlashTool (Win) from the provided link above, Then simply click and extract the archive. Then, browse and run the file flash_tool. exe

Step 4: Once the SP Flash Tools opens up, you will see the tabs like ‘Welcome’, ‘Format’, ‘Download’, ‘Readback’ and ‘Memory Test’. Just click on ‘Download Tab’ to select the same.

Step 5: Now, at this stage, on the Download Tab, you will notice the options ‘Download Agent’ with folder icon right next to the file path, as well as ‘Scatter-loading’ underneath. Just click on the folder ‘Download Agent’ and navigate to the folder of Flash Tool and then open the folder SP_MDT, and click on MTK_AllInOneDA.bin file.

Step 6: Now, click on the Scatter-loading button, and find the Scatter File from the downloaded Custom Firmware zip file, which you have downloaded. The name of the file should look like MTxxxx_Android_scatter.txt [XXXX Stands for Chipset/ processor number of MediaTek i.e. 6753 etc.].

Step 7: After selecting and loading the MTxxxx_Android_scatter.txt file under ‘Scatter-loading file’, simply click the ‘Download’ button.

Step 8: Now, remove the battery of your device, if it is removable, and re-insert again. You should connect the phone to computer in Download Mode only. To do the same, just hold down the Volume Down+Volume Up buttons simultaneously, and then connect the device to computer via USB Cable. Make sure that Volume Down+Volume Up buttons are pressed until the device is detected by PC.

Step 10: Now, hook up/ connect your GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012) to the computer via USB slot. Connecting your smartphone will begin the flashing process automatically, and it requires simply a few seconds to complete.

Step 7: At this point of the latest Custom Firmware Android 7.0 Nougat on your GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012) device has been flashed. Now, you may disconnect the device from computer. You will see the message with ‘Green Check mark’ with ‘Download OK’ message.

Step 8: Now, you may disconnect phone from computer, and also close the ‘SP Flash Tool’, and turn on the phone, and enjoy the latest firmware.

Congratulations, you have successfully flashed Custom Android 7.0 Nougat on your GIONEE S6 Pro (GN9012) device. If you faced any issue while flashing, then do not hesitate to let’s know in the comments section below.

Before downloading one of our builds, ensure you have read and understood the installation guide, that your device is supported (see supported devices). If your device requires a specific build, if will be noted below. Failing to follow these directions may cause serious damage to your device!

Note: Please ensure when verifying checksums you are verifying the extracted .img file, not the compressed file, or they will not match.

EMUI 9-based Builds:

NOTE: These builds are to be used ONLY if your device is running EMUI 9, whether it came with it or if you upgraded your device to EMUI 9. If your device is NOT running EMUI 9, then please use one of the many EMUI 8-based builds below, as the EMUI 9-based builds WILL NOT work on your device.

OmniROM Beta 5

Released July 21, 2019 - 780.51MB

md5 Checksum: 7f4bce971874b9ab6b7f7ad2a2bf4321

DownloadView Changelog
  • Security patch update (July 2019)
  • Remove broken Widevine L1 support
  • NEW: Variant without GApps. This build comes without GApps built in – just straight OmniROM. MD5: 5f4d75bb1ebeccec7f9e64c4b6cfa50

OmniROM Beta 4

Released July 04, 2019 - 780.5MB

md5 Checksum: 51fd111bcc9242d453ce314216b6daa5

DownloadView Changelog
  • New security patch (June 5, 2019)

OmniROM Beta 3

Released May 27, 2019 - 780.47MB

md5 Checksum: 95746914680f75333276a15ad487d951

DownloadView Changelog
  • Security patch date fixed (now correctly reads May 2019)
  • Audio fixes for Kirin 980

OmniROM Beta 2

Released May 12, 2019 - 780.3MB

md5 Checksum: 2049ecc3a724c2f6e14ef16d5a23284b

DownloadView Changelog
  • Minor sepolicy changes
  • Device model now properly showing up (instead of “piegsi”). If installed as an update, your device name won’t change (it will still say “piegsi”), but most other places in the UI which display the device name will show the correct model.
  • All OmniROM updates through May 12. (EDIT: Build says security patch is April, because of a glitch in the build process. Actual security patch is May.)

OmniROM Beta 1

Released April 20, 2019 - 777.09MB

md5 Checksum: 0998291356a37433a9c90177a583bb2f

DownloadView Changelog
  • Initial release
  • Supports OTA updates: see System / System Updates.
  • Included GApps, stock Huawei camera (uses your device-specific build if available). SafetyNet passes out of box. Requires EMUI 9 vendor.

Resurrection Remix OS 7.0.1 Beta 1

Released April 13, 2019

md5 Checksum: fd09b33dedd4f3ba528a2587e40f1a50

DownloadView Changelog

* initial release

Notes: inlcudes GApps, stock Huawei camera and passes SafetyNet out of the box. For EMUI9 vendor only.

EMUI 8-based Builds:

OmniROM Pie Alpha 5.2

Released February 08, 2019 - 637.08MB

md5 Checksum: 73b13d478babac116a9dfca97ed6bff6

DownloadView Changelog

Samsung Custom Roms Download

  • Changes from Alpha 5 to Alpha 5.2 are marked with NEW
  • OmniROM Pie changes through Feb. 8 with February security patch (NEW: Was Feb. 5 with January security patch.)
  • Fixed crash in Smart Key settings on Honor 8. (NEW: Derp on my part. This is now saving it’s value properly.)
  • Added persistent toggle to device settings for disable HW overlays; defaults on for hi3650 devices.
  • Camera: fixed save to external SD card.
  • Camera: hi3650 tweaks (beauty mode causing app crash should be resolved)
  • Minor tweaks to sd card support (exfat seems to work a little better now)
  • Bluetooth tweaks for Huawei BLE timeout error (NEW; Thanks @Hackintosh5)
  • Tweak to libc for dealing with certain Huawei vendor libs; fixes crashes on certain devices [Mate 10 Pro exhibited this] (NEW)
  • Note: If you are using Substratum, please disable overlays before updating.

OmniROM Pie Alpha 4

Released February 03, 2019 - 636.88MB

md5 Checksum: 36b3374ceae0f788065a4a698ac224d4

DownloadView Changelog
  • Updated to current security patch (2019-01-05)
  • Added Google Setup Wizard & restore function. (Minor known issue: if you choose to not restore, the restore step sticks around and leaves a persistent notification until reboot. Reboot or force stop the app from notifications to clear.)
  • Added fast charging toggle in device settings
  • Added smart key support for Honor 8
  • Added extended display size support (Settings / OmniGears / Bars / Enable Scaling)

OmniROM Pie Alpha 3

Released December 22, 2018 - 627.02MB

md5 Checksum: b9979fdf4484c55039f839010b2fa6c2

DownloadView Changelog
  • Hotspot now functional; 2.4GHz only for the moment.
  • OmniROM changes through Dec. 19. System security patch December 5, 2018.

OmniROM Pie Alpha 2

Released November 18, 2018 - 627.17MB

md5 Checksum: 1132ba6942b28ea426b5c6cf5de3f648

DownloadView Changelog
  • Flashlight fix.
  • Gapps updated. Digital Wellbeing included.
  • Face Unlock now working (Settings / Security / Smart Lock)
  • Kirin 950 front camera crash fixed (at least on Mate 8)
  • Kirin 950 blur issue worked around (“Disable HW Overlays” is automatically enabled at startup on these devices.)
  • All OmniROM changes up through Nov. 18; security patch November 5, 2018.

OmniROM Pie Alpha 1

Released October 27, 2018 - 597.54MB

md5 Checksum: abc3215972b6dc7175cce2ed00080408

DownloadView Changelog
  • Initial release.

OmniROM Beta 3.1

Released September 30, 2018 - 647.85MB

md5 Checksum: 67f2205556f88d2a58e26784511b7e65

Windows Security Patch Download

DownloadView Changelog
  • NFC fix for various devices (Huawei didn’t always put NFC configs in /odm, some existed in /product/etc/nfc instead.)

Resurrection Remix OS Beta 3

Released September 27, 2018 - 575.05MB

md5 Checksum: cca8c8cd4cc3da51e14f6fca77d0382f

DownloadView Changelog
  • fixed in-call mute (Thanks to Flex1911)
  • fixed ussd codes (Thanks to Flex1911)
  • fixed network switch on hi3650 based devices
  • added the option to disable fast charging (Settings -> About -> OpenKirin)
  • september 2018 security patches
  • based on final rr 6.2.0 sources
  • REUPLOAD: fixed screen tearing on hi3650

OmniROM Beta 3

Released September 23, 2018 - 647.55MB

md5 Checksum: 1f5b68ff16f2542b3cd450e6318969a9

DownloadView Changelog
  • All OmniROM changes since last release (Jul 22 – Sep 23). Security patch 2018-09-05
  • Attempted fix for in-call audio mute.
  • Attempted fix for USSD codes
  • Tweaked BT stack for use with Sony BT headphones on some device / vendor combinations (if you’ve got a pair of Sony bluetooth headphones and HD audio fails to work correctly, as root: “setprop persist.sys.bluetooth.disable_ldac true”, then toggle bluetooth off / on)

Resurrection Remix OS Beta 2

Released August 12, 2018 - 574.88MB

md5 Checksum: 5edabfbf323953e0572ad8d4e0443e0c

DownloadView Changelog
  • RROS by openkirin is official now.
  • fixed/improved fingerprint gestures (custom actions)
  • added better support for H9 hw keys, the fps gestures now match up with emui gesture behaviour by default – long press fps: assistant – short press: home
  • added support for H8 smart key click (gesture can be customized in OpenKirin settings)
  • added ambient display gestures: pick-up, pocket and hand wave aswell as the regular ambient display notification screen
  • introducing full hi3650 platform support (Honor 8, Honor Note 8, Huawei P9 / P9 Plus, Huawei Mate 8) which includes fully working camera, network switch
  • burn-in protection for oled based screens
  • p20 lite notch support
  • improved GPS
  • fixed DRM
  • fixed Bluetooth keeps force closing issue on some devices
  • august system security patches
  • latest sources from 12/08/2018
  • further improvements i probably don’t remember

LineageOS Beta 5

Released August 11, 2018 - 599.6MB

md5 Checksum: 0d95e778a1b5ad43e5488428bd9ae835


Security Officer Patch

Custom Rom Security Patch Download

View Changelog

Custom Rom Security Patch Download Windows 7

  • Introducing FPS gesture customization (Note: devices with front mounted fps scanners do not have double click, swipe up/down gesture – so they are disabled by default and can’t be customized)
  • Added better support for H9 hw keys, the fps gestures now match up with emui gesture behaviour by default – long press fps: assistant – short press: home
  • Added support for H8 smart key click (gesture can be customized in OpenKirin settings)
  • Added ambient display gestures: pick-up, pocket and hand wave aswell as the regular ambient display notification screen
  • Introducing full hi3650 platform support (Honor 8, Honor Note 8, Huawei P9 / P9 Plus, Huawei Mate 8) which includes fully working camera, network switch
  • improved GPS
  • fixed DRM
  • includes inbuilt support for tablets (e.g. freeform windows, special navbar layout)
  • burn-in protection for oled based screens
  • p20 lite notch support
  • fixed Bluetooth keeps force closing issue on some devices
  • August system security patch level
  • further improvements i probably don’t remember