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Game Release Date: USA: October/15/1997
Game Developer: Ensemble Studios
Game Publisher: Microsoft
Game Description: Play one of history's twelve mightiest civilizations! Command the Greek phalanx, the world's best infantry for hundreds of years. Lead the chariots of the Hittites, or Assyrians. Build up the vast agricultural empire of Egypt, Babylon, or Sumeria. Guide the Persians from their small enclave to prominence as a world power. Guide the Shang (China), Choson (Korean), or Yamato (Japan) for control of Asia. Dominate world sea trade as the Phoenicians or Minoans.
Each Civilization has strengths and weaknesses and can researched different technologies.
The Civilization you choose to play depends on the victory conditions of the game and the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. For example, if a world has extensive seas, choose to play a civilization with advantages in ship building or speed (Yamato, Phoenician, Minoan). If you are competing with the Persians, prepare for eventual clashes with War Elephants. More than on player can choose the same civilization. In a multiplayer cooperative game, two or more players can choose the same player number and share control of a single civilization.
Features of Age of Empires:
- Twelve different civilizations from which to choose, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.
- 100-node technology tree; more technologies than can be achieved during a single game.
- Victory conditions include conquest, score, time limit, wonders, exploration and more.
- Robust alliance options allow players to exchange resources and share intelligence.
-Trade between players allows civilizations to build economic wealth and power.
- Robust siege warfare model includes walls, fortifications, towers, catapults and ballistas.
- Fully integrated campaign editor, scenario builder and random world generator.
- Superior computer player AI that does not rely on cheating.
- Multiple levels of difficulty.
- Dazzling animations and graphics for terrain, buildings and units.
- 50,000 word historical encyclopedia.
- Designed for multiplayer competition. Includes a variety of unique multiplayer scenarios.
- Cooperative and Death Match modes.
- Observer mode reveals the entire map to view during game play.
- In-game score displayed for active players.
- Over 50 historical combat units, unit upgrades and building types.
- Massive game maps with true terrain elevation.
- In-game and post-game timeline illustrates the rise and fall of each Civilization over the course of play.
- Strong economic model, including multiple types of resources.
- Buildings upgrade and become more advanced over time simulating the passage of thousands of years.
- Multiple selection of up to 25 units at one time.

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