Black Desert Online Manual Patch Download

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Patch Notes - December 19th 2018 New Ascension quests and Absolute skills for the Archer are waiting for you! Check the Patch notes of this week! Black Desert Online SEA. 'The MMORPG' Black Desert Online Southeast Asia Official Facebook Page. See more of Black Desert Online SEA on Facebook.


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Black Desert Online Manual Patch Download

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After two days and many issues I finally managed the installation and patching of Black Desert. This is what you wanna do :

  • Download the Black Desert Client

down left of the 'Game Start' Button

  • Install the launcher and stop the download client when it starts patching

  • Look for the newest torrent here:

  • Delete your Black Desert folder and copy the downloaded Files to the same path

  • Download Take Ownership and install the regfiles

  • Right-Click on the Black Desert folder and choose 'Take Ownership'

  • Set 'Run as administrator' in your Launcher and Downloader .exe properties

  • Download Softether VPN and install it

  • Add a VPN and connect to a Korean VPN ( you are able to patch without it, but i recognized that it is faster )

  • Open the Black Desert Website Click on 'Game Start' > log in with your Daum Account and the launcher should start ( you must have the Daum plugin installed which should be done during the initial setup process - I ran it in Firefox )

  • Check the box in the middle and down left of the launcher then proceed with the right button

  • If the connection gets disconnected > re-connect to a new one It is no problem if you have to close the launcher, if it´s not downloading further - it resumes itself even if it doesn´t seem so in the beginning

  • Once it´s completed install the english patch and run it as administrator ( I aplied the english beta )

  • PLAY! ( You don´t need the korean VPN in order to play )

( Updated June 7th 2015 )

Gamez Black Desert Online Private Server is now available on Gamez Network. This private server was designed for players looking to progress through the game faster than official without months of grinding while leaving an exciting custom end game content with balanced fair gameplay with no pay to win concept. The Game is now live on and is open for everyone to join freely, pearls are given as you play to spend in shop.
Website -
How to connect -
Exp rates

Monster - 10x
Exploring - 10x
Life skills - 10x
Horse - 20x
Tendency - 5x
Fitness - 5x
Guild - 5x
Skill points - 5x
Drop rates
Monster - 10x
Fishing - 10x
Collection - 10x
Steal - 10x
The game is hosted on a Powerful 24/7 Dedicated Server with no lags, crashes and 99% up time.
We're open to any suggestions to improve game experience and work with players to provide constant quality updates.
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