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Where to download Kodi 17.3. The Kodi 17.3 download is available here. Just click on the platform you use and then select the release build. The Kodi team said users can just install the current build on top of their previous Kodi installation with no need for a reinstall or cleanup. May 29, 2017  This Kodi 3rd party Build is one of the best builds for Kodi 17.3 Krypton June 2017 and compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick! A Top Kodi 17.3 build, with lots of the best. Kodi 17.3 By XBMC Foundation. XBMC Foundation Kodi 17.3. Safe to Download. This APK is signed by XBMC Foundation and upgrades your existing app. (we currently have 3). Consult our handy FAQ to see which download is right for you. Arch Architecture. Version Minimum Version. DPI Screen DPI. 173000 May 25, 2017. Kodi Download Kodi is currently present of millions of devices and supports popular operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac etc. To download Kodi on any of your devices, follow the links below. We will be updating the links to download any new kodi build releases. Kodi 17.3 Download Latest Stable Build for all OS []. It really left all the Kodi users very Sad. But the Developing addon, Covenant Kodi is considered as the best replacement for Exodus Kodi Addon as it covers almost all the features of Exodus Kodi. Here in this article, We will see How to Download and Install Covenant Kodi Addon on Latest Version Kodi Player 17.3 & 17.4 and also on Kodi Jarvis 16.1.

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  • 1 Very Important Kodi 17.3 Update Released
    • 1.1 As you can see this is a very important update and would recommend all users update as soon as possible.
  • 2 Very Important Kodi 17.3 Update Released

Following on from our tweet we sent out on Tuesday regarding a Secruity Flaw found in Kodi Krypton, Kodi have been very busy patching this flaw and have released Kodi 17.2 and now today 17.3 to fix this issue. Read more on this in our blog below

New version of kodi 17 3

Very Important Kodi 17.3 Update Released

Good Morning Guys Hope you are all well, Just a quick blog following on from our tweet we sent on Tuesday. Kodi have now released Kodi 17.3.

New version of kodi 17 3

The main reason for this update was to Fix a major security flaw found in Kodi Krypton. Which allowed Hackers to get full control of your device through Subtitle addon.

We were first made aware of this issue on Tuesday from our friends at Torrent Freak. We tweeted their blog on this issue.

The issue did not only effect Kodi but other streaming software like VLC,Popcorn Time. Checkpoint estimate over 200 million devices are vulnerable. Kodi have been very quick to patch the flaw.

So what did they have to say on the matter?

Researchers from Check Point, who uncovered the problem, describe the subtitle ‘attack vector’ as the most widespread, easily accessed and zero-resistance vulnerability that has been reported in recent years.

“By conducting attacks through subtitles, hackers can take complete control over any device running them. From this point on, the attacker can do whatever he wants with the victim’s machine, whether it is a PC, a smart TV, or a mobile device,” they write.

“The potential damage the attacker can inflict is endless, ranging anywhere from stealing sensitive information, installing ransomware, mass Denial of Service attacks, and much more.”

To read Torrent Freak’s full blog please click HERE

As you can see this is a very important update and would recommend all users update as soon as possible.

What Kodi had to say on the update

Fixes done in this release:

  • Fix selection after channelgroup switching in PVR guide window
  • Fix handling of gaps that caused eradic behaviour in EPG grid
  • Allow backing out of fullscreen pictures by mapping longpress gesture
  • Quick fix for wake up command not being called in PVR power management
  • Use alternative method to check if platform updates have been installed on Windows
  • Set the minimum version in the code which is currently OSX 10.8
  • Fix possible security flaw which could abused .zip files which try to traverse to a parent directory
  • Use the correct ttc font from the video file for subtitles on Windows
  • Detect and delete zero-byte database files which causes crashes


You may have read in the news that malicious subtitle zip files could potentially infect and harm your media player including Kodi. When Check Point researchers uncovered this flaw they contacted us up front to let us know about this flaw. Our developers fixed this security gap and have added the fix to this v17.2 release. As such we highly encourage all users to install this latest version! Any previous Kodi version will not get any security patch. We have began the roll out of this version and Android Play Store as well as Windows Store have this update pending and will roll out as soon as possible. Please be patient if you are using these store versions. Our official download page of course has the regular install files available for the supported platforms.

Very Important Kodi 17.3 Update Released

Kodi 17.3 is now being made available gradually to the various platforms, with Android being one of the first versions to be updated. If it seems like you only just updated to version 17.2, you probably did, but the developers felt the need to push out Kodi 17.3 because of some serious bugs that were in version 17.2. As such, version 17.3 contains mostly bug fixes for problems that users were encountering in the previous version.

Why the quick bump up to Kodi 17.3?

In their post on the Kodi 17.3 release, the team explained that version 17.2 “had a slight issue due to packaging certain binary add-ons like PVR, visualisation and Inputstream.” However, they didn’t discover the problem until after 17.2 had been pushed out to users. The Kodi team also found a problem which caused crashes “on the older distros like Ubuntu 14.04 in combination with the available GCC 4.8 compiler,” which they also fixed in version 17.3.

Apparently the issues with 17.2 were bad enough to warrant an upgrade to Kodi 17.3 instead of just sending out the bug fixes via a small patch. As such, this newest version doesn’t contain any cosmetic changes; it’s all about fixing the big problems that existed in the previous version. Kodi 17.2 was also focused on bug fixes, so there weren’t any big cosmetic changes in it either.

Where to download Kodi 17.3

The Kodi 17.3 download is available here. Just click on the platform you use and then select the release build. The Kodi team said users can just install the current build on top of their previous Kodi installation with no need for a reinstall or cleanup. They explained that all the add-ons and installed skins should keep working.

Kodi 17.6 Adult Download

They’re also updating the versions that are available in the Google Play Store and the Windows Store, although it may take a bit longer for them to be updated to Kodi 17.3. So it’s best to check back soon to make sure your software is on the latest version if you want to go that route instead of using the download from their website.

Android and security issues with Kodi

The Kodi team also addressed the reports about the malicious zip files containing subtitles, which have been found to be infecting and harming media players equipped with the popular media center software. Check Point discovered the vulnerability, and the Kodi team fixed it in version 17.2. They also advised that the vulnerability is only there if users enable a download add-on for subtitles and then download zipped subtitles.

“Any subtitles that you already have as text file, are embedded in the video stream or are” in DVDs or Blu-rays should be safe, they added.

New Version Of Kodi 17 3 How To Install Addons

Unfortunately, some Android users may still be encountering static noise during playback, but the Kodi team said this is a bug in the Android 7.0 Nougat update pushed out for select phone ranges from select manufacturers. They said this is a bug from the manufacturer’s firmware, so they advise users to contact the manufacturer of their device and tell them to fix it. The issue isn’t present in Kodi 16, although that previous version doesn’t have all the security patches contained in version 17.