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Asphalt 8: Airborne On PC & Mac Correctly. By Abod 41k Views. How To Download Asphalt 8 For Windows PC & Mac. First of all, Asphalt 8 is a game for mobile devices, so why do you even try to play it on a Windows PC or Mac? Asphalt 8 Airborne Free Tokens Without Hacks. What's your reaction?

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  2. Asphalt 8 Free Download For Mac

Asphalt 8 is a popular Street racing video game which was published by gameloft as a part of the asphalt series. It was officially released for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. After the Game getting more and more popular in iOS and Android Asphalt 8 has finally been released for Macbook air, Macbook Pro, Macbook, and iMac.

Asphalt 8 for Mac OS has got similar gameplay as its previous Asphalt 7:Heat. Asphalt 8 for macbook has got a traditional WASD keyboard scheme for Mac OS devices. Asphalt 8 for Macbook which is a street racing where there is a five star rating system for each race you race where you are awarded stars as you complete primary and secondary objectives in every race. The Primary objective may help you recieve upto 3 stars as first place gives you 3 stars, second place gives you 2 stars and third place gives you one star. The Secondary Objectives are like number of stunts preformed or knocking down enemy cars which awards the players upto 2 stars.

In Asphalt 8 For Macbook air the career mode is split into eight seasons which becomes more difficult as you progress through the season. In Asphalt 8 for mac there are new racetracks and new cars added as a new feature. Customize the car the way you want and improve your cars performance as you upgrade the engines, brakes, tires,

Asphalt 8 for macbook can be played online and it is also a offline multiplayer game where you can play against other players online or in a same device in a split screen. Asphalt 8 for macbook pro has got 120 licensed car available in the game. Play the game and unlock cars and buy them using the in game money you have earned. There are different types of cars depending on the class which is divided into five types. The Player starts with one car from the lowest class (Class D) and players move to the highest class (Class S) as they win many races.

Asphalt 8 Free Download For Mac Pro

Download the sphalt 8 :AirBorne for Macbook and imac and enjoy the street racing experience as you drive some of the most expensive and fastest cars and attain achievements like medals as you complete the race. Downloading Asphalt 8 for macbook pro takes about 2 hours or more depending upon the internet connection you have.

Asphalt 8 free download for windows 7

Asphalt 8 Free Download For Mac

The time you wasted on downloading Asphalt 8 for imac won’t go to waste you as you can play you favorite Street Racing game in your macbook with superior graphics, Amazing Landscapes, New cars, New Racetracks, and New Locations.Asphalt 8 for Macbook can be easily downloaded online; So, Hurry up and download the game for your macbook and imac .